It’s Time to Say no to Zoos

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          It’s time for a change. It’s time to work together and say NO to zoo’s. Animals are just in to big of a pain already and I will show you the reasons why they are suffering in zoos around the world.

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“It’s Time to Say no to Zoos”

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Animals are in just to small of enclosures. There is just too small of a space for the animals to happily roam around in. Research has shown that lions and tigers have 18,000 times less space in a zoo enclosure then in the wild. Research has also proven that a polar bear has 1 million times less space in a zoo than in the wild. Those two examples show how much land animals that live in the zoo are missing out on. Instead they spend almost all of their lives in a much smaller zoo enclosure which is very sad. There is no freedom for animals that live in theses compact madhouses . Most of the day they just sit there and watch human beings smile and take pictures of them.

One also big problem is that animals are still taken from the wild. In 2003 the UK government gave permission for people to capture 146 penguins from a British territory down in the South Atlantic ocean. Zimbabwe in 2010 made a plan to capture two of every species that lived in Hwange National Park for example cheetahs, rhinos, lions, and more and send them to a North Korean zoo. Later the plans were stopped after international organizations pressured Zimbabwe not to do this act. The reason why capturing animals from the wild is bad is because they are untrained giving zoological gardens the high risk of zoo keepers or visitors getting attacked, animals from the wild can also contain a certain disease or illness that could spread to human beings. However if a menagerie decides to release a animal back to the wild due to their old age the animal will most likely not survive, due to the fact that now they had to hunt their own food down,find their own water source, and more. The animals with their long stay at the zoo already forgot how to live independently because for the past years of the certain animals life the zookeeper’s provided the animals water and food.

Lastly, zoological gardens kill animals. In 2014 there was a huge global outrage when the Copenhagen Zoo killed a young giraffe named Marius. The zoos spokespeople even admitted that thousands of animals are killed on purpose for no reason. One time in a German menagerie three tiger cubs were slaughtered after recent lab tests had shown that they were not a certain type of pure blood species of tiger. In a study the E.A.Z.A or the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria said that member zoos were actively being forced to kill animals on purpose because other member zoos did not want to take new animals into their enclosures. If the animals were a hybrid species, zoos would take no interest in them because they only want rear, fancy, and pure blood animals. Sometimes zoos would also not except new animals fearing that taking care of new animals would take up more space in a enclosure and there would have to be more labor or work for the zookeepers.

Overall I think that killing poor innocent animals due to the fact that other zoos don’t want to except them into a enclosure of theirs is a very unnecessary thing. I think that the governments should set up a backup sanctuary were the animals all share one space, happily roam around, but still the government will provide every animal shelter, food, and water. The reason why I think that there should be a backup sanctuary is because it has been proven that most animals will most likely not survive if released back into the wild, so if we let the animals free on a huge plot of land they can be free but still there will be food and water provided for them.After all living in a zoo for years now they are completely incapable of hunting down their food.

Now after providing you with three reasons to say no to zoos think about it. Make a change. End the suffering of thousands of animals that have to live in zoos with a fear of them one day getting slaughtered for no necessary reason. Say NO to zoos.   

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