Preserving the Endangered Species

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How would the world react to a certain kind of animal dying out or going extinct? Would the world be better off without them or have a drastic change to the environment? Animals have an important role to the part of the life works. Many of the species produce things that are essential to the people live. In fact, one of the reasons the endangered species are depleting is because the human race. People use animals as art, clothing items, decorations, and jewelry. Endangered animals helps keep the ecosystem and population under control. Endangered animals must be protected because of extinction, environmental change, and their importance to sustain life.

The first reason that endangered animals should be protected is because of change the environment due to their lifestyle. Animals, depending on where they are, can actually change the way things work like plants or other organisms that may be there. For example, bees can change the way a person's garden may look due to pollination. Not all animals may change the way their land looks. But evolve themselves into an animal that the land may need to keep its shape or style. The environment cannot keeps its way if the people of that place or people who are coming for resources destroying the animals homeland. The animals will not have a place to live and reproduce if people keep tearing down their home. The use of things being taken such as trees, rocks, rich soil, or other essentials pertaining the animals lifestyle will decrease the animals population. Not just humans, animals. Animals that lived on after the predator has died population has grown. Creating a food supply issue for the other animals.

Another reason to protect the endangered species is to preserve the animals life and not let them become extinct. Animals major reason to become extinct is that humans kill animals for enjoyment. Humans use animals as target practice or fighters to gamble on whoever loses the fight first. They create pollution in the air the obviously they can prevent for hurting them, but not the animals. The animals suffer from growth of the population of the people. In other words, the more the population grows the more space is required for them to be able to live there. It will limit the amount of room the species have and cause their population to deplete. Extinction can affect other in the process too. In fact, the gazelle population would probably increase because the cheetah species have died out. Making it harder for the other plant eaters to find food for themselves or their group. This would make animals, who are herbivores, fight for food in their area since they never had competition before. Extinction gives some of the prey a higher chance to live and increase their population which would be bad for the environment.

The final reason is that they can stabilize the way of life. They help keep the bad infections or diseases under control so we couldn't get sick. They can help the agriculture in many ways people still can't understand. As a matter of fact, they provided people with transportation when places were too far to walk. The items, clothing and tools wouldn't be here without the help of animals. But, imagine what it'll be like if the animals people used weren't here. They just died off because they weren't important or they would look good on a cute coat. Life isn't just about how things look or how things present themselves. It matters how they help people and give people a chance to live their life healthy and prosperous.

Finally, the importance of restoring or protecting species is to not let them die out due to selfish acts or by wealth. Animals need to be preserved. Endangered species are animals who may be the oldest living species. They can show us the history of their species or how the land they live on affected them. The way to protect the endangered species is providing them a safe environment to reassemble the number of their kind that has died. Help the endangered species; help them live their life they way it should. Help them maintain the human race's ecosystem and suggest someone to not picture an animal as an purchasable item, but as a loved being who has an important role to the way of life.

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