Importance of AI

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Day by day algorithms are increasing, and the AI is getting smarter and more capable. Development of AI can be solution for the most of social issues but misuse of AI should be very serious. We humans control the earth. This does not mean that we are the fastest or we are the most powerful species on earth. If the smartest controls the Earth, does it mean one-day AI robots will control us? Do we program AI robots to be smarter than humans? 

Machines, computers, and algorithms are helping to make our life easier and simpler day by day. In addition, we are developing AI faster than ever. Scientists are worried about AI because it can get smarter, faster and more powerful than humans if we program AI to be self-aware. AI should continue developing; maybe AI is the only way to find new planets, check the Wormholes, Black Holes and clean Earth’s pollution. Basically AI is software with bunch of complex codes and algorithms written by high level programmers. AI can be autonomous and semi-autonomous. People think AI is superintelligence robots which can stand against humans. Unfortunately AI is not at that level yet, but it is developing faster than ever. Google can be good example of AI. In several seconds it shows you millions of results for one word. The Google Company created Google home which speaks with several kind of voice, and it finds the right information, also it can translate to several languages. You can ask your google home anything; even it can make a phone call for you and talk with places to make appointment for you. It is fully autonomous AI and no one have control on it. Semi-autonomous AI is device or software which man can activate or deactivate. Tesla cars are good example for semi-autonomous machine. These cars have bunch of sensors and software which can drive the car but the driver has control on it all the time. Every year Tesla is upgrading its semi-autonomous program and the company is trying to make it safest as they can to the public. 

Also there are levels of semi-autonomous software which is option for man to choose. Soon we may have fully automated cars which do everything by itself and they can be in the category of AI. AI is good source of information in a lot of ways. Google is a simple AI which capable of many things. It has all kind of information and day by day it is earning more skill. It is able to show you any kind of information, pictures, videos and etc. You can ask it to show you the directions, play music, make orders, search for specific location or specific information. Several months ago Google Company announced that google homes can make phone calls and talk instead of humans. Now Google is only software and imagine that one day google have actual body and it turns to intelligent AI robot like Sofia. 

Sofia is one of the intelligent robots we have today, which talks and acts like humans. When Sofia made her public appearance for the first time in 2016 it had only head but today in 2018 she have body and senses. Also she has AI visual data processing and facial recognition function which can recognize actual human face. When people see Sofia they realize how accurate she is. Being smarter and faster is the reality about AI. Self-aware and intelligent robots which we saw on movies are little bit far away. If they become self-aware are they going to have over control on humans because of they are smarter? NASA is doing it is best to find life out there in space. The researchers and scientists are sending AI robots to other planets for exploring, analyzing, and other important missions (NASA is sending a robot to Mars). These AI robots are finishing their missions successfully. We have satellites and space telescopes, which work with the help of AI, and they are doing their jobs perfectly. Over all these AI technologies are making scientists and researchers job faster and easier. In addition, there are new planets, Wormholes, and Dark holes which we want to explore and see if that life is possible out there or not. It is hard for man to go to these explorations and missions because of the conditions out there. However, if we have AI super robots maybe it will be easier than we think. Government militaries trying to build an AI weapon which sounds horrific. AI Drones which exist today are being used by USA military can reach to the target with no help of humans. Some of AI drones can recognize a bad guy and shoot. New York Tines published that “Israel is using air-defense system which can detect any kind of rockets and destroy it. Also in the border of South and North Korea autonomous equipment are being used to detect any kind of movements and probably destroy them.” What happens if these weapons reach to the group of bad people? Who are guilty if these AI machines kill innocent people? As the representative of Austria Thomas Hajnoczi said, “You are delegating the decision to kill to a machine but a machine does not have any kind of moral judgment or mercy.” 

The number of people, factories, and machines are increasing but they are making the pollutions as well. Water pollution is increasing and the ocean animals dying, also level of CO2 is increasing that trees cannot help to balance it anymore. Population is increasing but Earth can not provide people with enough food. However, AI can to Earth to live longer. How? We can build AI which floats in the ocean and it cleans water from plastic materials. We can clean up the atmosphere with the help AI technology and grow food easily. It is very difficult problems to solve but by the help of AI is not. Maybe it is the only way mankind can survive on Earth. There is possibility that AI can be self-aware. Whenever AI starts to think, train itself and write algorithms for itself to function than humans are probably in trouble. As the author Arend Hintze, computer science and engineer professor said: Fortunately, we need not justify our existence quite yet. We have some time – somewhere between 50 and 250 years, depending on how fast AI develops. As a species, we can come together and come up with a good answer for why superintelligence should not just wipe us out. However, that will be hard: Saying we embrace diversity and actually doing it are two different things – as are saying we want to save the planet and successfully doing so (What an Artificial Intelligence Researcher Fears about). 

The reason AI matter is simple. Already we have huge issues on earth. The only way to keep the environment clean, make people safe, and explore new planets, is with the help of AI. The future of our generations is going to be AI. Let us use them to accomplish to good things and just make them efficient for people. 

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