The Importance of Space Exploration

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Do you ever wonder about space? It is amazing to be human living at this moment in the history of space exploration. Planet Earth may not last long. Space can teach us something. Others might say it’s far too dangerous to explore in space. However, space can teach us about the unknown. We should explore space because it teaches more about planet earth, our solar system, and the universe beyond.

Planet Earth may not last long. It will happen at some point. There is a 100% chance that this will happen. With enough heat and energy, that’s exactly what would happen to any world, with Mercury, the closest planet to the sun, being a prime example. In another five to seven billion years, this is exactly what will happen to Earth, as the sun runs out of hydrogen fuel in its core. When that occurs, the core will contact, heat up, and begin fusing helium to release even more energy than before. In this state, the sun turns into a helium burning red giant, and nothing on Earth can withstand this. The sun will swell to almost a hundred times its current diameter, and will become thousands of times as luminous as it is today. The Earth will be stripped completely bare, while our planet is being pushed away from the sun in its orbit, while the inner world, Mercury and Venus are totally devoured. The sun will later die being refused to a white dwarf, while the Earth remains just a roasted remnant, floating through space in its orbit around a stellar corpse. This is likely to happen sooner than later and will be the first. “End of the world” for us.

Space can teach us something. There could be another planet out there we yet haven’t found. The space Agency has sent two robots to an asteroid. The name of the asteroid is called Ryugu. The robots got on and went across the old asteroid. Learning about asteroids, rocks, and dirt can tell scientists about the beginning of our solar system. On September 21, Bill Nye tells us about JAXA’s mission on Twitter. He told us learning more about asteroids would get to teach us more about ourselves. Known as the “Science Guy” from TV, Bill Nye is also in charge of the planetary society.

Others might say it’s far too dangerous to explore in space. Others say it’s dangerous because you might never get to go back to Planet Earth. However, space shuttles take 7 people to go to space or take them back to Earth. There are plenty of space shuttles to make sure everybody goes back home. Space teaches us about the unknown things we yet need to discover. Studying about plants, animals, and humans adapting in space. Inspire people to learn new things. There is so many wonderful facts about space. Facts like Neutron stars can spin 600 times per second, the footprints on the moon will be there for 100 million years, one day on Venus is longer than one year, and the sun’s mass takes up 99.86% of the solar system.

We should explore space because it teaches us more about Earth, our solar system, and the universe beyond. Space can teach us so many things. Planet Earth might not last long from dangers, yet to come soon. Space isn’t a bad place to explore. Space is the reason why we are alive today. So it’s not bad as you think it is. There will always be enough space ships to take us back home. We don’t have to worry about anything. With our wonders, they will be answered. 

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