Importance of Teaching Eco-literacy in Texas Schools

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The human population is rapidly increasing at an alarming rate not only in the United States but also in all parts of the world. The United Nations statics show that the world population is currently at seven billion people. "How the world population is changing is of great impact for the humanity's impact on the earth's natural environment" (Roser & Ortiz-Ospina 2017). People ought to understand the importance of conserving the environment in which they live in. In order for people to live in a sustainable environment, they ought to understand ecological systems which further means they must be ecologically literate. According to Capra, to be ecologically literate refers to "understanding the principles of organization of ecological communities and using those principles to for creating a sustainable human community" (Capra, 1996, p.81). Thus, eco-literacy education is vitally important to the society and it should be taught in all school in Texas. Ecological literacy is all about building a sustainable society.

Failure to understand the natural eco-systems that sustain our lives in the society would make life on the planet impossible. Teaching ecological literacy in Texas schools would improve student's knowledge and instill values that would help them solve future social challenges. The future the next generations lies in our own hands and our environment remains to be a critical area that humans should conserve. Destruction of the natural eco-systems puts our life on the planet at risk. Animals such dinosaurs which inhabited the earth decades of years ago no longer exist due to man activities. Rivers are drying up, deserts are being created every day, pollution levels have increasingly escalated making the world danger place to live in. Ecological education is vitally important as it ensures humans understand their relationship with natural eco-systems.

There is an urgent need for the population to be made aware of the dangers associated with destruction of the environment. For instance, most people have never experienced how terrible it is to live in a place where water scarcity is frequent. Water is the most important natural resource that supports life on the planet. Most communities around the world do have access to fresh water. Therefore, activities that may lead to scarcity of this natural resource must be avoided. Humans should learn from the previous generations the importance of making the environment a sustainable place to live in. Animals, plants, humans and other living non-living depend on one another to ensure life on earth is possible. For instance, if there would be no plants human survival on earth would not be possible. People should understand the value of trees and be encouraged to plant more trees. The same tree that provide humans with oxygen act as birds' habitants. Therefore, cutting down trees jeopardizes the lives of the birds that find shelter in those trees.

A sustainable environment is the one that does not risk the lives of its inhabitants. Most of the environmental problems experienced in the twenty first century may be traced to human activities. If measures are not taken, it is evidently true that the world be unfit for human survival in the coming decades. Global warming has become a subject in everyday society people expressing their disappointment and frustrations. Studies show that the impacts of human activities on the environment are worse and take time and affect future generations. If we cut down trees unreasonably, the climatic change may not occur instantly but takes time and would affect the future generations. We live in an environment that was predetermined by our fore fathers and fore mothers. Therefore, we should as well create a sustainable environment that our future generations would live peacefully.

Ecological literacy is thoroughly needed to protect the planet from further degradation. Lessons about ecological literacy would be inspirations to students in creating a better world that would definitely support the existence of both living and non-living things. It opens up students and teachers' ways of thinking enabling them to view the world from a different ecological angle. Ecological literacy education would be important in bridging up the environmental illiteracy gap. Environmental degradation is on the rise and therefore ecological education is necessary before the level things move from worse to worst. If we would not resolve in ways that mean well for the future and prosperity of this great planet, we would definitely be digging our own graves as well as for our future generations. Thousands of tropical forests are cleared every day for social and economic reasons. For instance, logging, an example of human economic activity. Logging should be banned and people who would be caught in such an activity should be punished in accordance with the law. Most people fell down trees carelessly without even thinking about planting others. Any tree fell should be replaced by another or several others.

Logging can have negative impacts and poses biodiversity threats on the environment. Ecological education is important in stimulating students' academic and social growth. Students and teachers as well are able to learn ways of solving real world problems. As a result, they become environmental specialists who educate the society on the needs to value and preserve our environment. Studies have shown that people lack environmental educational. Consequently, these people do not understand their connection to the world. Such kind of environmental illiteracy needs to be addressed urgently. People should be made aware of their relationship with society that they live in instead of paying too much attention on technological issues neglecting critical social issues that contribute significantly to their wellbeing. Ecological education in schools may help in addressing some of the health issues that face children such depression and obesity. To address the above health issues, nature should be treated as a good friend. Teachers should set time off the classes and spent time with students in nature. Such activities may include planting trees, preparing nurseries for new seedlings or may be cultivating in the fields.

These are good physical exercises that may improve student's health. Health issues such obesity may be contributed due lack of exercises. Some students are often reluctant to school exercises such as running in the field. Furthermore, students are exposed to field activities such planting of trees. As a result, they are able to perform such activities on their own at their respective homes. With ecological knowledge, students are able to value the best practices that contribute to the conservation of the environment. Eco-literacy plays a big role in ensuring people connect to the world surrounding them as well as understand the natural systems behind supporting life on earth. The World Health Organization has a been the number one campaigner on the importance of creating a sustainable environment for the present and future generations. People across the world have been aware of the consequences of destroying the environment. The organization which has managed to gather a large audience over the years has been offering free seedlings around the world in a bid to revive extinct tree species. If we do not conserve the environment and protect it from illegal man activities, most tree species would not be present in future.

Millions of tree species have been vanishing over the decades raising serious questions in the social community. Animals too have not been spared. The world is at the risk of losing all its glory. Oceans and rivers have been polluted by spilled oil causing to death of aquatic animals. The fight towards environmental conservation and sustainability can only be achieved if all the stakeholders in the society join hands and say no to environmental abuse activities. However, this could not be completely achieved in a society where hundreds of new companies are being created on daily basis. Industries are the major and worst contributors to the environmental pollution. Shutting down these industries would make millions of citizens jobless. As a result, there would be increase in social vices due to high unemployment cases. The best ways of addressing industrial pollution is by offering ecological education to both the employees and the employers. The industries should be made aware of the serious environmental problems caused by the industries' waste. Employee on the other side should be made aware of their rights to work in a clean and conducive environment that does not pose grave dangers to their health. Basically, eco-literacy is vitally important for the social growth the community. "An ecologically literary society would be a sustainable society which did not destroy the natural environment in which they depend" (The Audiopedia 2013). Destroying the environment would definitely make life on the planet impossible.

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