The Importance of Cyber Security in our Lives

Cyber security has started to influence all ways of life as we grow in the world of technology, if you see everywhere around you technology plays an important role, May it be the lights in your bedroom to the sprinklers in your garden, everything is going towards automation. From a programmable logic unit to an application a software plays a very important role. Now that software is the soul of the device without which it won’t operate. But software’s need to be made secure that where cyber security analyst come to work to see where the system has a loop hole are precautions being taken to prevent the software from crashing and if the software is being intruded what secure steps should be taken to maintain integrity of the software. Cyber security personal duty is to protect the system that data does not get leaked. 

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“The Importance of Cyber Security in our Lives”

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 Commercial / High Tech sector: In the world of Amazon / Facebook type of environment there is an extensive use of cyber security operators for the reason of the data of customers that is in the data base. Continuous monitoring of the database has to be done to see that unusual activity or changes are not taking place. A leak in the system can cause leakage of customer data which can have overall effects to the organization by loss of customers, personal information of customers like credit card number, residence info, likes that can be used in social engineering attacks etc. 

Financial Sector: With the increase of rapid change in hacking technology, as a bot attack can close a bank for several days. What I feel is I can assist with my cyber security skills is that Create data vaults where encrypted customer data can be restored after an incident, which halts the customer facing services of a financial institution. Banks will collaborate with each other to provide operational support and increase customer security. In financial sectors the dealing is all wealth mostly and hackers try to attack these organizations first. Due to financial gains. To also prevent DDOS attacks 

Defense Sector : In the defense world it is now not only about rockets and fire power it’s about cyber warfare as well , well the thing I believe in cyber security in the defense world is that protecting confidential data , analyzing attacks , protection and then retaliate. We cyber security analyst can make such applications that can help monitor and trace network activates solution to endpoint security, application security, content security, cloud security, and wireless security solutions. These solutions can make a strong defense for the defense and security sector. Help to prevent Ddos , zero days attacks . Day by day hacks are mutating with that cyber security analyst need to upgrade their set of skills to counter them. 

Health care: In the health care system the databases need to be secured that data cannot be stolen and miss used of customers in fraudulent way, this is were cyber security analyst come and make the information secure. Issue that take place is that when data is breached your medical records your personal information and insurance information can be leaked in which through social engineering the information can be used in the wrong way like ransom ware , Denial of service can affect the medical system. 

Power/Utility: With advancement in technology, gas sectors and electricity providers are advancing in the field of technology. There interconnected sensors and software are providing real time information to the control room. But cyber security has its own role to protect these power sources to deliver there functionality. If light or gas goes out in a certain important sector e.g an industrial sector imagine operations stop and the amount of losses and back log the organizations will go into. Let’s take an example of the incident that took place in Ukraine at 3:30 PM DEC 23rd 2017 the hackers had hijacked the control room software and the cursor of the system was not responding on the commands of the operator. They had penetrated the system and it was in there control. They had even logged of the system administrator from the system and changed the login id. Around 230000 residents were without electricity. It’s on the cyber security analyst to analyze and see where the issue is and how to prevent it from happening again. Cyber security analyst are a need everywhere. 

Manufacturing Sector: These days manufacturing has evolved from manual labor to automatic robotic arms or PLC units that are governed through software. These software’s give commands to PLC units due to which functionality takes place. If wrong commands are given it can generate losses to organizations by giving countless hourly delays in operational and even cause fatalities of humans in the work area. If an intruder enters the system and gives wrong commands to machines it can lead to multiple losses to people. In this situation the cyber security analyst monitor the systems or provide standard operating procedures to the organization such that a worm or Trojan cannot effect the operations of a manufacturing company. E.g. for instance a worm is logged into Toyota industries and makes its way to the manufacturing plant and corrupts the software it will give countless hours of delay to the production line or will make the robotic arms do damage to the environment. The age is coming where cyber security professionals will be needed in all walks of life.  

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