Illegal Transportations of Substances

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For preventing the uneducated inmates of the United States of America to stay uncivilized, unprepared and unbeneficial to our modern day society. When you think of America, you think of one of the strongest nations of all time. It would bring great sadness to go walking down the streets in your very own city or town to see crime and poverty happening right in front of your eyes. You look to the left and you see an ex-felon who is robbing a convenience store on the corner.

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“Illegal Transportations of Substances”

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You look to your right and you see a young ex-inmate begging the people who pass by her for money or food in order to survive. Their tattered clothing, ink imprinted bodies, and negative demeanor radiates off of them. As you look all around you, you see these people growing greater in numbers as the days, weeks, and months pass. These ex-convicts instead of being employed and working for their money, are put out on the streets to survive the only way that they know how to; to commit uncivilized acts. It is seen that these felons are overtaking the nation and causing a disturbance among the American people.

Robberies, illegal transportations of substances, and hijackings of vehicles distort our everyday lives abruptly. It is up to the policy makers and prison authorities to step up and reform the education system for these individuals to become modeled everyday citizens; until then will this nation prosper socially and educationally. Society as a whole, is deteriorating due to the epidemic of lack of formal education that America seems to endure nationwide. The convicts, once released from incarceration, are most likely to fall into their bad habits and find themselves back into the prison system once again.

My intention is not only for the prisoners wellbeing but for the wellbeing of our citizens as a whole and how this issue overtakes us altogether. Without the ex-prisoners around us becoming educated, it will ultimately lead to more problems thus, slowing down the process to prosper societally. As to my own part, having contradictory thoughts relating to the matter of this issue, and weighing out appropriately the pros and the cons that come with it, I have come to agree in the reformation of this societal situation.

It is said to be true, that an offender once dropped off from the prison facility with no educational purpose, will reside back to his or her actions that incarcerated that individual in the first place, more properly known as the recidivism rate. (McCarty ?- 7) Instead of these prisoners being out of their jail cells running amuck among the casual people of the United States, they should be put back into the workforce in order to decrease the amount of unbeneficial people living in the slumbers around the nation. However, this cannot be done effectively and efficiently due to their lack of work experience or proper education needed in order to acquire a job or profession. (Anders & Noblit ?- 5)

There is likewise, another advantage in my reformation, that it will prevent the convicts uncivilized behavior, and that disturbance among the peace that the nation has from little to nothing left. It is too usual that among us, the citizens, become close-minded and ignorant to the problems that affect us indirectly rather than directly, in order to merely avoid that our social eloquence is liquidating in front of our very own eyes. The amount of individuals being affected by this issue is more than what we would expect for it to be.

Two point three million heads are counted, thirty four thousand heads are figured to be youth, one hundred ninety seven thousand are in Federal Prison, six hundred thirty three thousand are in local jails, and one million three hundred thirty three thousand are found in State Institutions. The United States makes up four point four percent of the worlds population thus, meaning the United Statess houses twenty two percent of its population is incarcerated. I realize the number of the people who are incarcerated in America is 1 out every 110. (Watts, ?- 7) The question therefore is, why are so many of the individuals who live in the United States are in prison? Why does the United States of America house the greatest percentage of prisoners not only nationwide but world wide?

As I have previously mentioned before, this reconstruction of the situation is completely unimpossible if we choose to not act upon it efficiently. For we cannot physically or literally force every single inmate to take a course in a higher education program, we can however, imply an option to the program if they ever wish to partake in it. Although I must admit that not every single person within the prison system will take advantage of this opportunity, those who do will spread awareness of the advantages these higher education program bring to their everyday prison lifestyles.

I am positive that the exposure of the higher education program expanding within the prison system will create a more stable and calmer environment within the prison staff and the outside world. With the help of this program it will not only increase civil unity but an increase in the educational people being amongst all of the other citizens. Pursuing this further, I shall now therefore modestly propose my own perspective and thoughts according to this issue, in which I aspire will be presented humbly and exhibited in a formal manner. It has been a known controversy regarding the issue of having a higher education program in prison institutions, that this can cause danger a mayhem including the prison staff, college instructors, and the inmates.

There have been instances where accidents or scares have happened within the face-to-face higher educational program thus leading to these controversies. However, we live in the twenty first century making it more accessible for various alternatives close to the curriculum given with these courses. I do therefore humbly offer this solution to be taken into consideration, within the public view, that of the two million twenty two thousand and three hundred and one of the prisoners within the prison walls, a vast majority will rejoin our society.

Within these individuals, the higher education program will help model these uncivilized delinquents in order to help shape our society rather than cause mayhem. I am assured that a solution for these millions of thousands of inmates that are incarcerated would be to brainwash them and the entire world population in order for them to all be alike in their own mindsets. It is said to be true by a very knowing Professor in Carolina that has proposed this idea through means of electrical brainwashing.

I offer for the public opinion to take this action into consideration due to the fact, that it will help for everyone to stay on the same page and not do uncivilized actions that would jeopardize our prosperity. I call for the electrical brainwashing for the three hundred and twenty three point three million of heads living and abiding in the United States in order for there to be a prevention of civil unrest. The electrical brainwashing is said to work as provided by various psychiatrists and psychology major students that deal with the functions and ideologies within the brains capacity.

This electrical brainwashing will first start in the State Prison institutions where there are more severe cases of law breaking convicts such as murderers, rapists, and other similar or higher degree convicts. We will have the hundreds of thousands of prison system staff administer this electrical brainwashing one by one to each inmate to change their type of mindset. Following the State Institutions, we will follow through into the Federal which will ultimately end with the local prisons, which by the way, holds the least degree of convicts there is comparing it to a State Prison.

The electrical brainwashing will rely on the electrical bolts from the two metal rods at the end of the metal hat which will constitute of fifty five bolts of electricity to administer maximum potential. They will be performed by the most advanced and highly reliable staff members to be able to achieve our ultimate success rate. The tests will be done in an outside building by not instilling fear to the other awaiting inmates in order for them to remain calm and collected to ensure for the results to become an overwhelming success. Just imagine, how the effects of this electrical brainwashing will contribute to our future societal prosperity in order for the world to be as one. People will walk in the streets knowing what the other person is gonna do or what they are thinking.

America would be a perfect utopian society with a zero percent unemployment rate and with no debt to be owed due to our working class being maximized. There would be no more individuals breaking and entering, no more worrying about if you decide to take a stroll to the grocery market and will make it back home in one piece. Peace and order would be restored and all the other countries worldwide would be envious of our successful way of living and work ethic. Our American citizens would be prepared for anything to be thrown at their way by the change in a effective mindset. Our nation, as we know it, would be the best place to live in; our societal and education success would be achieved within this solution.

Firstly, as I have already observed, the higher education program, more formally known as the YOP does not rob the U.S. citizens taxpayers money or contribute in any way. The education program relies on federal money, grants, or donations that are made toward their contribution. Secondly, out of the three hundred twenty three point three million people living in the United States about one out of one hundred and ten people are currently in prison. As of 2015, there were about four thousand seven hundred fifty one people who were either on parole or probation thus, making it a hefty number of people who will rejoin our society that are in need of an education. Thirdly, inmates will graduate with a bachelors or certificates in order to rejoin our society for the better. Fourthly, these education programs effectively aid the recidivism rate for the inmates to not go back to prison due to their life changes of this program.

Fifth, the convicts will become modeled citizens in order to make a positive impact instead of causing mayhem around the environment we live in. Sixth, the higher education will give them a better outlook in life reducing the regression rate overall. The alternative to a safer way and effective program would be the e-learning program to be instilled within the prison systems. The impact of technology on both conventional face-to-face and distance learning higher education environments has been enormous.

In the case of students studying in prison, access to the Internet is highly contentious and, in high security prison settings, generally unavailable, with this mode of study further excluding the already socially excluded. (Runell, ?- 14) Higher education students cannot work effectively without access to modern technologies, and the largest barrier to offender learning is the digital divide. Learners studying in prison, without access to these resources, are likely to have a much more limited learning experience. (Watts, ?- 12) They see a multimodal approach to the design of distance learning materials as an important tool with which to support the different learning styles of a diverse student population.

However, there are some prisons that do not agree with this alternative due to the inmates not being able to acquire and use Internet access. The limited and scarce access to computers and storage media varies widely and is dependent on the culture within each prison. Whilst all prisons have some level of traditional library facility, these are seriously under-equipped and ill-funded, despite the policy intention of DBIS, whose stated vision for prison libraries is to provide offenders in custody with a similar range of services to those found in public libraries in the outside community and that the library service within a prison should be seen as part of the core provision of the establishment. ( Anders & Noblit ?- 9) Alongside this alternative provision, as technology in prisons begins to be used for reform and rehabilitation, platforms are being developed that can offer prisoners safe access to online education.

One example is the implementation of a virtual campus that provides secure and boundaries of the web access using existing systems. Being able to secure e-messaging, via a guardian, is anticipated and this e-innovation should enable students to access both their tutors and the Open Universitys electronic assessment system, representing a significant step forward for not only the inmates education purpose but, for our societal growth into future prosperity. In essence, the controversy surrounding the issue of the higher education program, YOP, on whether or not they provide significant advantages or disadvantages.

As a matter of fact, the YOP education does improve the everyday lives of the convicts by providing them a fundamental education in order to be a modeled citizen. Our nation needs more prosperity and intellectual growth in order to function properly and efficiently. The role that this higher education will play within our society will help us evolve altogether. Whether you believe if you should agree or disagree with the effects higher education has on the prisoners worldwide, you cannot deny the fact that it does improve recidivism, societal growth, intelectual expansion, peace, and prosperity.  

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