Texting and Driving: “Must Remain Illegal”

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In today's society texting and driving is one of the serious causes of accidents. eighty percent of teen drivers have the confidence in their driving despite the fact they should not text while driving. About 15% of teens texting problems is that they drive outside of their lane while texting. Eech year about “1,600,000” teens get into accidents because of texting and driving. In U.S. a numerous innocent people lose their lives due to caution driving. Texting and driving is an issue that has been affecting us all; therefore, the government needs stricture consequences with texting and driving.

Texting is one of the most serious destruction in today's time due to the fact texting take the eyes of people off the road: therefore, leading to an increased risk to the drivers and other people on the road. Texting while driving is moving traffic violation and maybe a criminal misdemeanor in certain jurisdiction. Three thousand four hundred forty one numbers of motor vehicle crashes in 2014 that involved texting. Almost nine people killed everyday from motor vehicle accidents that involved distracted driving such as using cell phones texting. The government should do something about texting while driving so many innocent people get kill. They should ban texting and driving it will make a difference and less lives lost a day. The government should have some device they can put inside the cell phones, so when someone try to text while drive the phone will automatically shuts off.

“You see people texting and driving and using cell phones and driving everywhere you go, even in places where it is outlawed like Washington, D.C. We feel a very strong obligation to point incidents where people have been killed or where serious injury has occurred.”

Texting while driving put someone in a situation that endanger the driver , to the point where the driver does not even know the lane or direction he is driving in. the can cause a major collision which will attimitty lead someone putting their self at risk and hurting themselves is selfish because, loved ones will be forced to feel an immense amount of responsibility was not necessary. Someone is not going to hurt him or herself physically, but also mentally, accidents cause trauma for a multitude of years. It is not worth texting while driving because, plain and suffering can destroy the person, so it is not worth putting yourself at risk. Act of texting is the a threat to the safety is the a threat to the safety of people; Therefore, leading to many problems in society such a deaths or extreme and serious injuries which can potentially affect someone for the duration of their life and as a result affect their loved ones who are seeing the relatives in displeasure and discomfort for a mutilation of years. Texting and driving should be banned from all the states, so people does not hurt themselves again and again, and innocent people die like that. Therefore forty six states where texting is banned for all drivers, regardless of age(schmucker). In fact, Ferdinand's team found that texting bans were more strongly linked to benefits among adults, and teens. The law were tied to a nine percent reduction in car-crash hospitalization among americans aged eighteen and older; there was also a decline among younger people, but it was not statistically significant. Texting, the CDC says, is especially dangerous because people have to take their hands off the wheel, there eyes off the road and their minds off of what they are doing.

There are multiple punishments for texting and driving, one of those punishments is that you can find an excessive amount of money which can be determinant to someone's income, especially for those who are blue collar workers, since many of them get paid minimum wage and the two thousand dollar fine will take a toll on their ability to spend in their everyday life. Another possible punishments is that the insurance get raised up and will also cause the same toll as the two thousand dollar fine does on these low income workers.The worse case scenarios is that someone will both get their insurance raised up will also get a two thousand dollar fine at the same time which will cause an immense amount of stress financially for the people getting the penalty.

Harsher punishments than the insurance getting raised up and fines are also possible as a result of texting and driving. Punishments that do only affect someone's financially such as jail time and incarceration do not only affect someone in terms of money but affect someone as a whole. Texting while driving can lead to jail time if someone's dies resulting from an accident chased by texting. Jail time ruins a person's life because, the person does not only suffer financially but also suffers emotional pain as (s)he is out in a age and treating like an animal. Distractions while driving are bad, texting is worst distraction since its takes the quality of the ability to drive away. The vision is the most crucial part of driving and if taken away then, major calamities to the driver and other people are bound to happen.

Future prospect would have to deal with the formation of stricter laws that would force people to follow what has been told. “341,000 number of motor vehicle crashes in 2013 that involved texting.” (schumaker). The government should be more serious about texting while driving, because all the people are dying due to texting and driving. “33% of U.S. drivers ages 18 to 64 who reported reading or writing text messages while driving in the previous month. In comparison, only 15 percent of drivers from spain reported texting while driving in the same period.” (schumaker).

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