Texas and Illegal Immigration

Deep in the heart of Texas, we find a melting pot of all different ethnicities. The United States of America is also a mixture with historical influence from many different countries as well as immigrants that help make this country great. However, it is when the balance of law-abiding citizens gets thrown out of whack by individuals entering the country illegally that we begin to experience issues. The rapidly growing Latino population within Texas is threatening to dramatically influence politics within the state to further their cause of allowing the invasion of undocumented immigrants. This, in turn, threatens the country that we know and love into the uncertainty of whether or not the American people’s rights and homes will be protected.

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“Texas and Illegal Immigration”

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The population is changing in Texas due to the increase of Latinos, primarily Mexicans, within the state. Currently, Whites are the majority in Texas with Latinos running in second place in population. In the year 2050 Latinos are projected to be the bulk of the population in Texas with Whites as the runner-up (Champagne 31). The political implications that may arise from this drastic shift in the population are that Latinos will be able to outvote whites when it comes to beliefs and their preferred policies. The increasing Latino population in Texas will sway voters and citizens to further Latino causes when it comes to unlawful immigration.

Legal immigration is great for the state of Texas, however, those individuals who take part in illegal immigration should not receive a free ride into the country. I agree with Dan Patrick on his views compared to Julian Castro’s assertions. Dan Patrick, who is currently the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, states that we need to enforce border security, prevent America from contracting third world diseases and that those who illegally enter should wait until they can enter legally (Selby). When an individual enters the country illegally, they become a criminal that is overstepping the law of the United States of America. These unlawful trespassers must be sent back immediately to their country of origin with no ability to acquire a pathway to citizenship. We cannot reward criminals for breaking the law, therefore, as a nation, we must hold our own and deport. It is unfair to allow those who trespass onto American soil to obtain a pathway to citizenship before those legally applying due to the proper paperwork, fees and time it takes for legal immigrants to lawfully enter the country.

There are positives and negatives when it comes to the effects of undocumented immigrants on the Texas economy. The economic positives are that those that enter the state offer cheap labor for skilled professions such as agriculture work and construction. The low-cost in labor benefits businesses. This also helps with keeping construction and produce such as vegetables and fruits low in cost. Illegal immigrant negatives effects are that they do not pay taxes, do not have the proper identity verifications and they may be able to receive state and government benefits due to having children born in the United States. This way the family receives benefits without the parents being legal documented immigrants. This is highly unjust to those American citizens that pay taxes and are unable to receive benefits of any kind. Overall, illegal immigrants negatively affect the economy of Texas. There is a burden on school systems, underpaying illegal immigrants affects pay in occupations and they are a financial burden due to wearing state benefits thin (Top 10 Pro & Con Arguments – Illegal Immigration).

When it comes to immigration policy Texas should stand its ground, not compromise, and deport those that break the law for the safety of its citizens. We cannot as a state, nor as a country, reward those who do not follow our laws by giving them citizenship or benefits that our taxpayers pay for use by citizens. Texas should stand its ground and deport all undocumented immigrants and their families that enter the state illegally. To avoid backlash for separating families they should send every undocumented immigrant back as they come. In Texas, we have obligations towards own citizens. We have homeless people on the streets, military veterans struggling and issues like families going without food and necessities. In January 2018 there were 554,000 homeless people in the United States with 193,000 living on the streets (Benedict). When it comes to deportations and the possibility of amnesty, I side with deportations. We have our own people in Texas to care for and as great as it would be to be able to assist those in need we cannot.

Lately in the news there has been the issue of the caravan full of migrants attempting to cross the border of Mexico into the United States. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto created the program “You are Home” to assist those in the migrant caravan with shelter, healthcare, schooling and jobs to those individuals who agree to stay in Chiapas or Oaxaca in Mexico (Sherman). Majority of the migrants rejected the offer from Mexico and decided to carry on to the United States border. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to be expected to provide welfare and assistance to all that enter illegally. Texas is a great state and the United States is a phenomenal country but we cannot save everyone. It is unjust to the citizens of the United States and those who have entered the country legally to be bypassed by undocumented immigrants when it comes to needs and safety. Texas must remain strong and stick to its immigration policies to protect its citizens and the country of the United States.

When it comes to Texas’s immigration policy, we must stand our ground for the betterment of the United States citizens. It is time for American citizens to take back their country and the only way we can do that is by protecting Texas and our borders. Unfortunately, the negatives in the economy due to illegal immigration outweigh the positives. There should be no availability of a pathway to citizenship, no compromise and deportations only. In Texas, we will continue to experience difficulties in controlling undocumented immigration due to the increasing Latino population in which voters will vote for policies and belief that will further their causes especially when it comes to illegal immigration.

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