Build a Career, your Childhood is Behind you

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The moment you never thought would come is finally approaching you instantaneously, as if you could almost hear footsteps creeping up behind you. Your childhood is now behind you, like a blink of an eye, and the age your relatives have been reminding you of is finally here. Turning eighteen is the moment in life where things become very intimidating, bitter sweet, and where pressure rises the most. The decisions you make at this age are so important because they are what ultimately steer the direction of your entire life. You are now your own responsible adult and have the power to make some serious changes to not only yourself, but for the world. When I graduate High School and turn eighteen, I plan on attending Pima Medical Institute, helping the community by making a difference in people’s lives, and make healthy changes to my body both mentally and physically.

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“Build a Career, your Childhood is Behind you”

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Pima Medical Institute is a very small, yet affective college for future students like me who want a career in the medical field. Students who have a desire to help others will have the opportunity to earn a decent salary, receive great benefits, and have a potential career in less than 2 years. My goal to earn this certificate is to always pay attention to the instructor and to stay on top of my grades and assignments as much as possible. The key to becoming a responsible student is to make sure that you take clear well-written notes, stay off your phone, and always in a clean, organized environment. I plan on having a strong bond with the staff at Pima Medical, my instructor, and with my classmates to be able to have as many resources as possible. I will soon graduate from college in May of 2020 and leave the stage as a certified Sterile Processor.

Acquiring a career that in the end benefits the world, makes all the difference to me. The career I plan on entering is Sterile Processing. This is the process of what goes on behind the scenes for the millions of operations that happen every day. It’s what allows surgeries to become a possibility because it assures that the surgical tools are sterilized and in working condition. As well as making sure all the tools needed for a particular surgery are arranged and locked away in a sterilized case, ready for surgery the next day. It is an extremely important position in hospitals because it confirms that patients receive the care they need in a safe and bacteria free manner. Coming home from this field will not only make me feel honored, but provide hundreds of people to accommodate surgeries throughout the week.

Fitness, healthy lifestyles, and Anatomy, have always been something i’ve been fascinated by. It’s important for me to better myself by forming healthy, reachable goals not only to feel good, but for my overall health. By performing physical activities and eating well balanced meals, it lowers the risk of cancer and countless diseases. I plan on challenging myself to make healthier alternatives and stick with a persistent workout routine. Forming good habits is also beneficial for having well mental health. My goal is to make time for myself consistency, drink more water, and get plenty of sleep. Starting to form these habits early while still in high school prepares myself to not become as overwhelmed and reduce the weight off my shoulders while entering this new adjustment.

By attending Pima Medical Institute, making a difference in people’s lives, and make healthy changes to my body, confirms to me that this is how I want to live my life. Eighteen is a year that really challenges you and makes you step out of your comfort zone. It takes you places you’d never of going and grows you as a person in numberless of ways. I strongly believe that any job is a decent job as long as you work hard at it and do your ultimate best. Always be grateful with the job you have, push yourself to step out of your comfort zone, and always be mindful of your decisions. 

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