Challenges myself are the Fastest Way to Enhance me into a Successful Person


Times passes so quickly, I have been studying in the USA for almost two years. Currently, I’m studying Business Management because I hope one day I can run my family business successfully. As a child, my father used to tell me that “Starting a business is hard, maintaining and keeping the business is harder”, which has inspired my whole life. Thus, I’m applying to transfer for the next coming year.

As a freshman, everything was new for me and I didn’t know how to start. As time went on, I learned to be confident and not afraid to ask a question. As a result, I built a network in college which is vital both to future career growth and will last a lifetime. Also, the professors not only taught the learning material, but offered me many precious bits of advice for my future job. They are very professional which makes an international student like me able to keep up with the pace. As I look ahead to my sophomore year, I found that everything stayed the same and I want to make my college life different, more challenging, and more competitive.

Although I enjoyed study in South Carolina, it still limited the opportunities to explore many new things both on and off campus life like in the big city. Actually, there is some career fair events organized in school but they lack choice for me to choose the internship that is suitable for me. I always believe that competitions will bring improvement to life and I like to challenges myself. When I have a competitor, I push myself because anything others can do, I can do better. In addition, I have fear of the hurricanes that happened every Fall semester. They cause flying glass from broken windows or lose electricity and water.

As a transfer student, I would like to use the remaining two years of college to prepare and experience the next step in my life. At the University of San Francisco, I will continue my current major which is Business Management as I want to keep and grow my family business. Because of the rigorous requirements of the University of San Francisco, I can have more of a chance of discovering, and improving myself to be ready for my future career. The more I practice the problem, the better and the more successful I am. Also, San Francisco is a big city which has more job opportunities, and I can build greater networking.

Significantly, I know that having a University of San Francisco degree will help me in the future in finding a good job after graduation because I want to gain new experiences and explore the new challenge in different businesses before I officially run my family business. The first two years in the University of South Carolina was amazing and it was a basic step and a great time for me to adapt to life in America, and the next two college years is important to decide my future path and who I am in the future. I’m now ready for my next challenge and am really excited about the new opportunity.Internship

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