Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

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If one of my student’s parent came up to me asking why I don’t correct his child’s spelling errors in the draft his daughter took home, I would explain how there is a process for everything. Writing a paper has a total of six steps which are prewriting, drafting, sharing, revising, editing and publishing. And that the drafting step is when students gather their ideas and put them together and that it is very important for the teacher to let the student write as much as they can and want without having to focus on their spelling and grammar.

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“Grammar and Spelling Mistakes”

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Checking the students spelling or grammar errors during the draft stage is one of the things that teachers should avoid doing during this step as well as prewriting because they should be considered as a risk-free exploration towards the final essay. Each one of these steps are very important after a child has its ideas straight they must share what they have wrote with another person to get not only their feedback but to recognize what people understand from their essay which will help them in the revising stage. After, comes the editing stage which is where the students correct all of the grammar and spelling mistakes. To finish it off comes the publishing stage where the student may recopy their essay polished and ready to share with their classmates, teachers and parents.

As the book states, technology and education go hand in hand and there are numerous amounts of websites that can help students with their literacy. Teachers, parents and students must take advantage of it especially now that technology is available almost everywhere. As a future teacher, who has nine third graders who are English learners in my third grade classroom I would encourage them to read e-books to write with word processors, practice on their keyboarding skills and to create presentations such as PowerPoint, Sound-slides or Photo Story. Some technology websites that support literacy are Kid Works II, Kidwriter Gold, and MacWrite Pro.

Some examples of formative assessments are anecdotal notes or checklists that teachers create while observing the children during class or specific lessons while summative assessments are tests which present a final grade or raking of where the child stands knowledge wise. The whole point of assessing the children is to check how much they know and in what sections do students need more help consequently both formative and summative assessments are very important. Formative assessment helps the teacher recognize her student’s weak points and will be able to help them day by day and summative assessments check for end of school or semester progress to see if the CCSS are being implemented.

When I think of myself as a teacher and having my own classroom I imagine a room full of color and enthusiastic images around the walls about different things like the alphabet, colors, shapes, vowels, numbers, classroom rules, math signs, motivational quotes, days of the week, the months, and seasons. The components I believe my classroom should contain for a comprehensive literacy program is to definitely have a library station, reading station and writing station where students can go whenever they have free time and practice writing and reading because they want to not because they have to.

For a student to become a successful reader they must first be invited by an adult to the reading world. As many of us know children love to imitate and if they see that adults enjoy reading they probably will give reading a try and try to love to read themselves by exploring different genres until they reach the point where they find the topic of their choice.

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