Correct Spelling of Narrative Paper

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Throughout many generations, stories have told and passed down. Their purpose was to entertain and teach people about life. Writing a personal narrative is one of the many forms of storytelling and was effective in reaching our message to our audience.

When choosing our story, my group came up with the idea to tell a story about a college student. We chose this topic because we knew well enough about the struggles of a college student and it would be relatable to our audience. Throughout the process of creating the story, we wanted to include the many struggles that come as a college student. Our purpose was to show that one is not alone when feeling stranded during the transition period for most college freshmen. We also wanted to include some tips that would be helpful to use when running into these situations.

We wanted to reach to a relatable audience, thus, we choose our peers as our audience. Mainly, our story is to reach out to anyone who is experiencing their first time in college. My group and I know how challenging it was during our first few weeks, so we decided to appeal to our peers. Having our peers as our audience made the story more relatable and meaningful.

As for our choice of media, we chose to present the story through video. Since our story is about a college student, we decided that the best way to reach a youthful audience was through video. Today, mostly all young adults are on the internet and using it to watch online videos; Thus, using video as our media was one of the best options to appeal to a younger audience. To make the video, we used Powtoons, which was a cartoon video creator website. Cartoons made the video fun to watch, and we want to captivate our audience with a story that was fun to watch.

The video was one of the more complicated tasks for our narrative. During the process of bringing the story to life, we pitched many ideas to put into the story. It ranged from scary stories of failure to comedic exaggerations, but the challenging task was to fit all the content into the video. I had the task of creating the video, while the rest of my group created the storyline. My group mates created a wonderful story; however, I could not fit a two-page story into a five-minute video. While creating the video, I could really relate to the character because we both were in stressful situations. I could say the same for my teammates as well because they had to create the story on one document. Overall, we all finished our work and the video was better than we expected. We felt like our character at the end of our video, where she had everything together and enjoyed the fruit of her labor.

After many trials and some miscommunication, our group was able to bring our story to life and reach our message to our audience. Our audience easily received our message through our choices creating a story that was relatable and our fun video.

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