Mistakes that Real Estate Agencies Make about Create Website

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There are many mistakes that real estate agencies make about their website, but there are some that affect more than others. Let's analyse them to make sure that - if you're still on time - you don't make the same mistakes as your colleagues. However, even if the omelette is already made, you can always remedy it thanks to some tips that you will read in this article.


Create the site according to your personal taste rather than for the usefulness of the customers who have to use it.

The risk of this attitude could be that, although the site is suited to the owner of the agency, this is of little use to potential customers, the people for whom the site should have been created.

Do you want an example? An animated introduction, with spinning logos, music and, above all, endless uploads. Do you think it is functional to the needs of those who are looking for a house and just want to see real estate ads?


Writing advertisements with little care, with incisive texts and low quality images

What it means to have a 'first impression' right away?

At that moment, people judge your agency for what they see and, if what they see is an ad with poorly maintained texts and low-quality photos, imagine what the prospect's judgment will be. Most likely it will be a customer already lost at the start due to a bad presentation of your ad and, indirectly, a bad image of your agency.

That said, on real estate portals, there are limits regarding the length of the description and the number of photos. On your site these limits are not there, you can give more details both as regards the description of the property, and by inserting more photographs and other multimedia elements, such as a video, a floor plan, rather than a google map or a virtual tour. Why not take advantage of it?


Rely on those who have not already created sites for real estate agencies.

The advantage of turning to those who are already aware of the needs and problems that a real estate agency must face on the web is quite evident. But it's not just this. Those who have solved the same problem several times are certainly more prepared and faster in finding the best solutions. In short, the specialist beats the generalist. It is a reasoning that we do automatically in everyday choices because 'specialist' is often synonymous with 'better' in solving a problem.

Why is it important for the web agency to specialize in the real estate sector?

The site of a real estate agency requires very specific technical specifications compared to the sites of other product categories. For many product categories, a product/service catalogue, a company presentation, contacts and so on are sufficient.

In short, if the web agency you are addressing is used to making sites with the classic sections: who we are, where we are and what we do, it will probably encounter various difficulties in creating the website for your real estate agency.

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