Gamification in Education

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Digital technology has revolutionized virtually everything and is, therefore, the architect of entertainment. It has made everything easier for education to carry out daily activities. It is common knowledge that with the technological innovations learning turns out to be much simpler and easier for many people.

It is therefore prudent to give thanks to the internet and the technology that has brought these significant changes in the lives of many people. Being that in life knowledge and entertainment happens to be an essential part of almost everybody’s life. Digital technology has brought it; it can be concluded that surely technology is shaping the lives of people both now, and it will continue to do this in the future due to the numerous innovations that are still being brought. However, many argue that the technology has brought more harm than good to the citizens. The most recent issue raised is that the technology has brought gaming in education which has made learning hectic.

It was argued that most of the children concentrate and spend much of their time playing games instead of studying. It is quite absurd to argue in that way for I believe that it is through this gamification introduced in education that learning has been improved.

The bone of contention now in the society is whether gamification is education is effective and essential, or its addition to education software improves educational outcomes, or it is just a waste of time to kids. I sincerely believe that gamification in education is not a waste of time but it is a means that is used to improve educational outcomes. I use to be your typical hard-core gamer back in middle school, and I’ve always wondered how far gaming would go. Will it ever be more than, what most people would say, a waste of time? Well, you might be surprised at how far gaming has come and the concepts it can carry within its complex infrastructure.

We can now make games that include core concepts; this is called gamification in education. You might ask,Does add gaming elements to educational software improve learning outcomes or does it just keep kids wanting to play more in an addictive sense? The truth is playing these kinds of games can improve learning outcomes. What is being learned through gaming is directly proportional to the concepts learned in the lecture. Some of these games encourage deep thinking. It helps you understand a more profound understanding than just the concept itself and can even encourage students to work with others.

It is true that people are not the same hence have different grasping abilities in class. Not all concepts can be taught and handled by individuals in the same way. Technology through gaming has introduced another valuable way in which people can be taught concepts/ research has it that the concepts that the students get through gaming become permanent that those read directly. It was argued that when the concepts are learned through the games that are played, the students can just recall the steps that they went through and upon reflection get what is asked or required of them.

However, it should not be forgotten that parents are very worried concerning the time their kids spend playing the games. The games are addictive and can lead to too much time wastage. Gamification has also helped kids to improve their concentration span. It is known that kids are the most unsettle people and cannot concentrate for long in doing a particular thing. Gamification that was brought by technology has brought gaming software that has been used to improve the education outcomes for children.

It has been in a position to achieve this through capturing the kids; concentration. It is alleged that through this concentration expansion that it creates on the children, the kids can improve their concentration abilities making them think critically besides growing to be very attentive people in the society.

Other researchers argue that the gamification that is brought by technology to be introduced in education is ultimately a waste of time and that it should be made done away with and children to be allowed to learn manually in class through reading their books. Does this make sense? For how long can kids concentrate on their books? Moreover, why were the internet and digital technology brought? The sole purpose for these was to help in entertainment and education. And this is what gamification in education is doing. It is making the kids to learn and be entertained at the same time.

Alternatively, most f the time people do use the internet to entertain themselves or in playing games online. It is for this very reason that gamification in education to help other people to learn and to be entertained at the same time. Carr in Is Google making us stupid? Say that the use of internet has made everything virtually easy for him to the point that he cannot think straight. All that requires his thinking he ends up googling which makes feel he is losing his mind. Besides, as a writer, he says that the use of the internet has made his life much more comfortable because he does not spend a lot of time thinking so far thinking; all he would do is to google the ideas and write them down very fast.

He goes ahead and calls the internet a godsend platform to him for the significant benefits he attains from it. However, he points out that he feels that the internet is making him either lazy or stupid being that he cannot do all that he used to do without the internet. Alternatively, he says that the internet has made him addicted that he can barely concentrate on reading like he used to read in the past.Now my concentration often starts to drift after two or three pages. I get fidgety, lose the thread, and begin looking for something else to do.

I feel as if I’m always dragging my wayward brain back to the text. The in-depth reading that used to come naturally has become a struggle. (Carr, 2) To him, he feels that the internet use despite the more benefits it has happened to carry with it, it makes him feel stupid as he cannot concentrate to do the things he ought to do to learn. He claims that the internet has made all his work virtually easy. The internet has made life much simpler for him as a writer all used to be hard as he would take a lot of time thinking but thanks to the internet.

It has made all change, and now he can enjoy his career as a writer.The web has been a godsend to me as a writer. Research that once required days in the stacks or periodicals rooms of libraries can now be done in a minute.

He outlines that the internet is the most efficient platform that saves one the energy and time of thinking at all can just be googled and the answers found without any problem. He also calms that the internet is too addictive. It takes the attention and interest of a person preventing them from doing that which is expected of them. It means that the internet comes with a lot of entertainment that disrupt people or that takes people’s time.

Internet, therefore, helps people to pass the time when they are bored, hence is a source of enjoyment. It provides funny videos, films, and songs that can be used to relieve stress. It is for this very reason that Carr says that when he concentrates and his brain switches off, he found himself surfing the internet. In so doing, he ends up gaining more knowledge besides just the entertainment he gets. As Carr puts it, the internet has revolutionized everything.

It has made life much easier by keeping us knowledgeable about being entertained. The internet is just the best for virtually everything that it brings! From knowledge to entertainment, it has made life much easier for everyone in the society. It is has made life to be the way it is today and cannot be done away with or said to have brought more losses than gains. All the gains it has brought are marvelous and cannot be compared with the losses.

It is surely not making us stupid. It is helping us recognize our stupidity and to reduce it through learning the right thing. The tethered self: Technology reinvents intimacy and solitude by Sherry Turtle, she outlines the emergence of personal computer culture that has revolutionized communication and the way people carry out their activities in life. She says that the use of internet has made people come up with a new trend in their relationships that have made it take a fresh perspective. She, however, points out and emphasizes on the fact that the computers have changed the way people view themselves and their relationship.

To her internet has been the architect of people’s intimacies. The internet has made communication much easier and made people trust themselves in a relationship more than they used to in the ancient days.

The new trend that technology has brought has made people be addicted to their computers and phones which has made them be bound together more. In turn, this has strengthened their relationship making their intimacy more strong. Love is the most influential emotion in the world that would conquer all feelings and be that internet can bring it, it is paramount to acknowledge the internet to be very important in building relationship and intimacies. The internet and technology is the architect of people’s intimacies.

(Turtle 3) Most people now spend most of their time being connected to those they love through the use of the internet. They can chat, video call and even remain in the company of each other even if their loved ones are far away from a part.So adults, too, use the internet as a useful place for experimentation-indeed, as an identity workshop. Despite the fact that the internet has brought an addiction that others feel it not good for people, it is a resource that has to enhance people’s lives, and its merits outweigh its demerits. Besides, it has helped people to remain committed to their relationships.people easily admit that they would rather leave a voicemail or send an email than talk face to face.(Turtle 2) It means that they rely so much on the internet for their communications. Some even go a notch hire and say thatI live my life on blackberry.

It further affirms how the internet is beneficial to them and without they would feel that the world has been taken away from them. They believe that the intimacies that they have can only be maintained through the internet and that is why they depend on the internet. All the allegations that are made about the use of the internet cannot be compared to the high value that they receive from the use of the internet to improve their intimacies and relationships.Intimacies are essential and sensitive issues that cannot be taught physically. They require practical examples, and this can only be done through gaming.

It is what makes kids to relate their emotions to what they are feeling. All, in a nutshell, it is evident that the evolution that has been brought by technology and digitalization has made acquisition of knowledge to be much easier and more straightforward compared to the past besides to the children through the addiction it causes through gamification, it has made education outcomes to be improved. Alternatively, through the constant innovations that are made, it is expected to continue in shaping the lives of people in the future.

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