Fortnite is Emerging as the Best New Social Network 

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Fortnite online multiplayer has quietly become one of the largest social networks in the world, but not in the traditional sense, of course. This game includes more than two hundred million users, of whom eight million are at any time on the Internet to play it, and most of its users spend six to ten hours a week playing, and half of the teens say they use it to communicate with friends, according to the Fast Company website on technical news.

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“Fortnite is Emerging as the Best New Social Network ”

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Fortnite Battle Royale is a team shooting game based on the idea of ??”The Last Standing Heroes”, which is especially popular among teens and young twenties. In this game, a hundred players jump from a plane bus to an island, and they are left there to fight using all kinds of weapons, shields, first aid and other tools. Although the game is based on violence, the killing does not include any blood. In the end, the last fighter is crowned victorious.

In general, each round lasts about twenty minutes, but while players wait to take them to the next stage, or even during the ongoing fighting in the game, they chat with each other too.

Fortnite Championship in Los Angeles

The integrated voice chat in the game encourages dialogue between players who can have a one-on-one dialogue or join other friends, and this conversation is not all about the game, but they also talk about other general topics such as their day at school, which leads to the formation of new relationships between users.

From this perspective, Fortnite has evolved into a place that “is neither the home nor the school,” according to the Fast Company, where teenagers come together to socialize on their own terms. Also, out of every four players, there is a female, which is a rare percentage in the world of group internet games. On top of that, the game became like a chicken that lays golden eggs, making $ 3 billion in profits in 2018. Although Fortnite can be played for free, it makes money from potential purchases made by in-game players.

The annual revenue generated by the game is estimated at $ 100 per user. For comparison, this amount is much more than what Google ($ 27), Facebook ($ 19), Twitter ($ 8) and Snapchat ($ 3) combined. In Fortnite, users have found a platform more attractive and more social than most social networks, and therefore it poses a major threat to traditional social media companies that must review their business methods to benefit from the amazing Fortnite experience

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