Ford Motor Co. is an American Automaker Company

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Ford Motor Co. is an American automaker company that is now moving into the electric scooter business. They recently acquired Spin, which is an electric scooter startup company located in San Francisco. Ford Motor Company is looking to attract more customers that don't want a car because of the area they live in. Ford is focusing on urban dwellers who would prefer the electric scooter over other electrical automobiles.

The deal has not been publicly confirmed. However, there is an estimate that it was valued at around $80 million to $90 million. Ford wants to use Spin to expand its own scooter industry to more than 100 cities in the United States within the next year and a half. Many automakers, such as Ford, are scared that people are becoming more urban and changing their way of thinking about whether they need a car. Many urban dwellers are leaning towards electric scooters, especially in dense areas. Automakers are also scared of consumers slowly moving away from the idea of buying and owning a car because of the popular ride-hailing applications seen today. Ford is one of the more recent companies to approach the scooter industry.

The scooter business began appearing in March, and many companies have missed out on these investments. I think Ford is leaning towards the scooter market because of how easily accessible it is and how affordable it would be compared to owning a car. "The bet is that electric scooters—which users rent for an average of $3 to $4 a ride—will rapidly become popular and replace walking or driving for short trips." (Colias) shows that urban dwellers in dense populations may end up using scooters as their main mode of transportation, and if other cities see how efficient it is, they may start to move towards the scooter industry as well. I enjoyed reading this article because it talked about how something so small could become such a big investment for many companies like Ford. I wouldn't expect scooters to be the main mode of transportation, but they are, and now they've started making electric scooters.

The head of Ford's mobility-service business, Marcy Klevorn, stated, "Scooters are really helping people get around crowded downtowns and campuses," which I can agree on seeing even in New York City. Many people choose easier modes of transportation, such as Citi Bike or riding their own bikes and scooters around. I find this to be more eco-friendly and efficient because cars do create a lot of traffic.

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