Apple Inc.: American Multinational Technology Company

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“Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. The company’s hardware products include the iPhone smartphone, the iPad tablet computer, the Mac personal computer, the iPod portable media player, the Apple Watch smartwatch, the Apple TV digital media player, and the Home Pod smart speaker. Apple’s software includes the macOS and iOS operating systems, the iTunes media player, the Safari web browser and some professional applications like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and XCode. The online include services like the iTunes Store, the iOS App Store and Mac App Store, Apple Music, and iCloud.

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“Apple Inc.: American Multinational Technology Company”

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Apple Inc. Company was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in April 1976 to develop and sell Wozniak’s Apple I personal computer. It was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc., in January 1977, and sales of its computers, including the Apple II, and the company grew fast. After few years later, Jobs and Wozniak had hired a staff of computer designers and they did a production line. Apple had a big impact in the market and successed to the public in 1980 instantly. The next few years, Apple shipped new computers featuring innovative graphical user interfaces. However, the high price of apple products and limited software titles caused problems to the apple’s company. In 1985, Steve Wozniak stepped away from Apple In., while Steve Jobs founded a new company. In July 10, 2018 marked the tenth anniversary of the launch of the App Store, which made its debut with ten million downloads in its first week. The apps back then were designed for Apple’s second-generation iPhone 3G, the first to use mobile apps. Steve Job conceived the last product called Apple Park, he suggests that the facility itself is an Apple product. Apple has a list of products: – iPhone-is the Company’s line of smartphones including Siri, an intelligent assistant, and Apple Pay, Touch ID and Face ID. In September 2018, the Apple Inc introduced three new iPhones. The iPhone Xs and Xs Max featuring a super Retina OLED display, and the screen is stainless steel and glass designed, faster processors and enhanced cameras, and it came out to the mark in September 2018. iPhone XR features a Liquid Retina LCD display in an all screen aluminum and glass design and was available beginning in October 2018. The Apple Company’s line of smartphones also includes the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 7, and 7 Plus models. The smartphones work with the iTunes Store, App Store, Book Store and Apple Music for purchasing.

iPad- is the Company’s line of tablets and based on its iOS operating system. The Apple Store has a multi-purpose of tablets, which includes iPad Pro, iPad and iPad mini, iPad includes Siri. Mac- Apple’s Company have a line of desktop and portable personal computers. Mac includes Siri and have the Apple Pay and includes Touch ID on some qualifying devices. The Company’s desktop computers include iMac21.5inch, iMac 21.5-inch with Retina 4K display, iMac 27-inch with Retina 5K display, iMac Pro, Mac Pro and Mac mini. The Company’s portable computers include MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. In October 2018, the Apple Inc introduced a new MacBook Air to the market featuring an amazing Retina display and Touch ID, and a new Mac mini with upgraded performance. iOS- is the Company’s mobile operating system that serves as the foundation for iOS devices. iOS are compatible with both Mac and Windows personal computers and Apple’s iCloud services. In September 2018, the Company released iOS 12, which includes improved performance and responsiveness, new augmented reality capabilities and expressive communication features, and introduces Siri Shortcuts, enabling Siri to intelligently pair with third-party apps. The iOS is incredible, and people can do a lot with these features.

MacOS- is the Company’s desktop operating system and is built on an open-source UNIX-based foundation and provides an intuitive and integrated computer experience. Supporting the iCloud and is built into macOS, so its users can access the contents and information from Mac, iOS devices and other supported devices and access downloaded content and apps from the iTunes Store. WatchOS- is the Company’s mobile system of the Apple Watch. It was released on September 2018. Apple Inc, released watchOS 5. The WatchOS helps its users to stay connected with new features like exercising, walking, advanced running features, and get messages while the user is busy. tvOS- is the Company’s for the for Apple TV system. The tvOS operating system is based on the Company’s iOS platform and enables developers to create new apps and games specifically for Apple TV and deliver them to customers through the Apple TV App Store. tvOS incorporates Siri capabilities that allow searching across apps and services. In September 2018, the Company released tvOS 12, which supports enhanced sound quality and provides additional 4K high dynamic range HDR content. Digital Content and Services The iTunes Store is available for iOS devices, Mac and Windows personal computers and Apple TV allowing its customers to purchase and download or stream music and TV shows. Digital Content rent or purchase movies and download free podcasts. The Mac App Store, available for Mac computers, allows customers to discover, download and install Mac applications. The TV App Store allows its customers to access to apps and games specifically for Apple TV. The Book Store, available for iOS devices and Mac computers, features e-books from major and independent publishers. Apple Music offers great features and its user can buy plans to have on their smartphones.

iCloud- is the Company’s that stores music, photos, contacts, calendars, mail, documents and much more, keeping each of them up-to-date and available to multiple iOS devices, Mac and Windows personal computers and Apple TV. The iCloud services include iCloud Drive, iCloud Photos, Family Sharing, Find My iPhone, iPad or Mac, Find My Friends, Notes, iCloud Keychain and iCloud Backup for iOS devices. – AppleCare is the Company that offers a range of support options for its customers. Which include assistance that builds into software products, and electronic product manuals. The online supporting including comprehensive product information as well as technical assistance. AppleCare + AC and the AppleCare Protection Plan APP. AC+ and APP are fee-based services that extend the coverage of phone support eligibility and hardware repairs. AC+ offers additional coverage for instances of accidental damage and is available in certain countries for certain products. Furthermore, AC+ with theft and loss protection is available now for iPhone in the U.S. Apple Pay Apple Pay provides services to its customer to pay by this awesome app, which is an easy, secure and private way to pay. The Apple Pay allows users to pay for purchases in participating stores accepting the apple pay payments and to pay for purchases within participating apps on qualifying devices. Apple Pay accepts most of credit and debit cards through major card networks and also offer reward programs and store refund credit and debit cards. In December 2017, the Company released an update to iOS 11 and watchOS 4 introducing Apple Pay Cash in the U.S., allowing its customers to send payments using Apple Pay.

Apple TV connects to consumers’ TVs and enables them to access digital content directly for streaming video, playing music and games, and viewing photos. Content from Apple Music and other media services is also available on Apple TV. Apple TV allows streaming digital content from Mac and Windows personal computers through Home Sharing and from compatible Mac and iOS devices through AirPlay. Apple TV runs on the Company’s tvOS operating system and is based on apps built for the television. Additionally, the Apple TV remote features Siri, allowing users to search and access content with their voice. The Company offers Apple TV and Apple TV 4K, which supports 4K and HDR content.

Apple Watch Apple Watch is a personal electronic device that combines the watchOS user interface and technologies created specifically for a smaller device, including the Digital Crown, a unique navigation tool that allows users to seamlessly scroll, zoom and navigate, and Force Touch, a technology that senses the difference between a tap and a press and allows users to access controls within apps. Apple Watch enables users to communicate from their wrist, track their health and fitness through activity and workout apps, and includes Siri and Apple Pay. In September 2018, the Company introduced Apple Watch Series 4, with a new design including a larger display and thinner case and featuring new health monitoring capabilities. Apple also sells Air Pods, Beat products, Home Pod, iPod touch and other Apple-branded and third-party accessories. Air Pods are the Company’s wireless headphones that interact with Siri.

Apple iPhone XS Max is the biggest iPhone since the iPhone 6 plus and it is the most expensive model phone that people ever had, starting at $1,099 per 64GB. It is a ridiculous price, but people still buying the newest phone on monthly payment plans. There is two types XS and XS Max, they are the same phone except for the screen and the battery. The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch, 2,688-by-1,242 screen, as compared with the 5.5-inch screen in the iPhone Plus line. The Max’s body is a little bit smaller than the iPhone Plus, though. In the internet there’s a big debate whether the Max is too big. Apple has had a phone this size since 2014. Apple macOS Mojave: Mojave is an excellent macOS upgrade, with new conveniences for managing documents and media files, iOS-style apps for Stocks, News, and Voice Memos, and significant new security and privacy protection. This new mode displays white text on a dark background in the Finder and apps, and lets you work on your document without bright-colored distractions from the app and the operating system that you’re working in. Dark Mode is one of many improvements in Mojave that help pay more attention to the work and less attention to the computer. Mojave is available only on the desktop, so it will not work in a Finder window.

Additionally, Stacks lacks some customization options. For example, shortcuts to apps, Zip archives, and other assorted icons get grouped by default in a Stack called Other. If people want customized stacks with unique names, they need to use the Finder’s Tag feature to organize a set of items, then choose the option to group stacks by tags. People should consider upgrading to Mojave because the Dark Mode has use dark colors, so it will not hurt people’s eyes, at the end of the day people will feel the difference. Since late 2016 and the introduction of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has been cranking up iPhone prices and the ASP has followed. In 2017, the iPhone 8 ($699) and 8 Plus ($799) were both priced $50 higher than their predecessors were a year before and a new $999 slot was introduced for the iPhone X. That brings us to this year. Apple has eliminated the $649/699 price slot for a new iPhone model altogether, replacing it with a new phone at the very top of the price list. Instead of offering $699, $799, and $999 models, it’s offering $749, $999, and $1,099 models. Back in the day, at least in the United States, most people didn’t pay full price when they bought an iPhone. Instead, they paid a lump sum that was sold along with a 24-month contract to a wireless company. The wireless company was essentially subsidizing the overall purchase price of the phone by locking you in to a two-year contract, with part of your monthly bill going toward paying off your phone.

Even if the overall amount of money you spent on the phone was quite high, a lot of it was deferred into monthly payments, which eased the pain. However, it was often a very bad deal for consumers, because in most plans, after two years your bill wouldn’t go down. Which, in turn, was a motivation to get new phone every two years so you could get your money’s worth. Times have changed. These days both carriers and Apple itself offer monthly iPhone plans with built-in upgrades, structured as loans rather than as wireless contracts. It’s a more transparent system and once you pay off your phone, it’s yours. It’s also led to innovative programs like Apple’s own iPhone Upgrade Program which gives you a monthly fee in exchange for using an iPhone for a year, turning it in for resale, and getting a newer model. Apple is discontinuing the photo printing service after 16 years. The photo printing was launched in 2002, this service supported simple prints like albums, calendar, and photo books. It is final purchase was on September 30 of 2018. Apple offers a cloud storage to its users just in case there is an accident and the files are deleted, with the cloud storage people can back up their important information and their memories, but the cloud storage also helps to maintain the devices sync. Google offers to the apple consumers upgrades to its cloud storage, currently called Google Drive. In 2018, customers can upgrade their plan to a service called Google one after getting the google drive and this service is used for managing your files, etc. So, Google One will be the service, while Google Drive will be one of several products that taps into it, along with Google Photos, Gmail, Google Docs, and more. Google Drive account offers to its customers 15gb free of data space. The Google plans range with many options of memories.

For example. The users can upgrade to 100GB for $1.99 a month or 1TB for $9.99, or if the users want bigger plans, they can buy bigger memories plans. Customers will automatically be transferred from Google drive if they have paid to Google one. Apple customers has a great option with the Google Cloud Storage, because they can storage more marries, and information with the advances plant that Google one provided. Apple provide discounts for students and teacher and payments option which is great to save some money. Apple Music is also available to students is a monthly discount on Apple Music, the first three months is free. Students can get a subscription to the service at $4.99 per month, for up to four years. You’ll need to use the online service UNIDAYS to prove you are enrolled in a university or college. The app will check the status of the student occasionally to check if that person still enrolled in a university or college, and it will automatically swap over to an individual subscription rate of $9.99 if your status changes.

A corporation that has recently emerged as a standard of success in relationship marketing is the company of Apple. Apple is known for its effective customer service, and to have sweet and kind representative to help the customers with their needs. Apple company train its representatives to teach them how to interact with the customers. Representatives are well capacitated to help with customers service in chat, over the phone, or in their stores, to help customer issues on their doubts and case basis Apple has been known to replace products without question, provide adequate customer support, and has a strong focus on making customers satisfied. Specially trained customer service employees certainly cost more to maintain and create, but since they are allowed to make decisions on replacing products and trained with the emphasis on making the customer a happy one, broken products, even without warranties, are almost always replaced by Apple free of charge. Knowing the nature of technology, Apple understands that lemons can come off production lines, and also that electronics sometimes are faulty and break. Since electronic products can be so expensive and default due to no fault of the customer, the customer almost always walks away with a replacement product and very satisfied.

Apple has therefore not only been able to retain customers and attract new ones because of the success and quality of its electronic products, it has ensured to the world that it will stand behind its promises and replace products that malfunctioned, usually even if it is the customer’s fault. This formula has resulted in massive success for Apple. There is widespread word of marketing supporting Apple as a company that cares for its returning customers, and by replacing products, often usually only once in the lifetime of a customer, they retain that customer. The interesting thing about Apple is that they dedicated to make the iPhone to last longer. iOS 12 is also focused on improving performance on older devices. This is not just marketing talk. This is part of a changed global smartphone market. In this new world, the iPhone are costing much more each year they release a new model, but they are lasting longer, and retain more of their value if people decide to sell them or people can exchange the iPhone after a year or two. The people who buys the most expensive iPhone every year, there is no denying that they will be paying a lot more, but maybe they can get a good deal by selling last year’s model to give it in exchange or pay less.

A big part of Apple’s marketing strategy is that they never get involved in price wars. They stick to their pricing albeit it is often much higher than any of the competition. They can do this because they focus on touting their unique value proposition that no other competitor has been able to emulate beautiful products that work straight from the box. Apple also focuses on providing a great user experience with cool features and extensive applications that put it in a product class by itself. Whatever device Apple is offering, they make sure the customer feels like it’s worth paying the higher price. This method of thought can be used to market any product or service environment. Just focus on what sets you apart from the rest of the market. Apple was voted the overall winner of the 2012 CMO Survey Award for Marketing Excellence. yet again. Apple has been selected as the winner or co-winner for five consecutive years by the sample of top marketers.

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