Ford Motor Company Strategic Effectiveness Management

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There must be only one full page and only three full paragraphs. (2) Company Overview: sections must be full pages of material content. (3) Strategic Analysis Five-Force Model of Competition Chart: Excellent Example and Required! (4) SWOT Analysis: Each section should be 'boxed," with at least six bullets per box. (5) Strategic Analysis: Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Environment: Must be at least one to two pages. (6) Strategic Effectiveness Analysis: Must be at least one to two pages. (7) Strategic Effectiveness Analysis Organization Structure and Strategy: Display an excellent chart. (8) Conclusion: This section must be at least one or two pages in length and must clearly answer the three tests of a winning strategy found on page 9.

However, the Amazon Research Project Example is an 'excellent' example to follow! Executive Summary Company Overview-Organizational. Overview Ford Motor Company is one of America's oldest and most beloved brands. It has a rich and diverse history dating back to the 1800s. To be exact, in 1896, Ford's namesake Henry Ford produced his first concept car in his backyard. He never stopped imagining the day he would create his first automobile. He continued to improve upon his original concept, and his determination paid off in a huge way. Years later, in 1903, the Ford Motor Company was founded. The same year, Ford assembled his first car, which took the world by storm, and Henry Ford became well-known for the famous model T automobile.

Henry was a leader, a visionary, an industrialist, and an innovative pioneer. His contributions changed the landscape of America's economy and its social behavior. He was the first to revolutionize the industry when he created new mass production methods for manufacturing and the first moving assembly line, which made his cars more accessible to the average citizen. Henry was quoted as saying, "I will build a car for the great multitude," and he did. (Cite) Although Ford has experienced booms and busts since its inception, it still remains one of the key players in the automobile industry. Today, Ford's corporate structure Company Overview: Mission and Vision Statement Ford Motor Company's mission and vision statement are the same. Initially, its vision and mission statements were "One Team, One Plan, One Goal, One Ford."

However, in recent years, it has changed to "Go Further" in an effort to show the direction Ford intended to go. Company Overview: Internal Leadership Strategic Analysis: The Ford Five Forces Model of Competition Chart Strategic Analysis- SWOT Analysis Strategic Analysis—Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Environment Strategic Analysis: Corporate Culture and Superior Strategy Execution Strategic Analysis: Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Environment Ford are very intentional about its impact on local communities, its raw material usage, and its overall effect on the environment.

The "Ford Company Fund" is Ford's response to its social responsibility and is the philanthropic arm of the company that focuses on the improvement of local communities and people's lives. Jim Vella, President of the Ford Company Fund, states, "Our mission is to strengthen communities and help make people's lives better. This is rooted in the timeless wisdom of Henry Ford, who believed that a sustainable company goes hand-in-hand with a sustainable society." ( Since its inception, the fund has donated $1.5 billion to various civic organizations around the world. The fund focuses on three areas: community, education, and safety.

In its community efforts, Ford partners with its local dealerships using an innovative approach called Operation Better World. It invests in community life programs that provide hunger relief, health care support, and cultural activities, to name a few. One-third of the fund goes toward its educational efforts, which include scholarships and programs that support new ways of learning. The remainder of the fund goes toward its award-winning safety program called Ford Driving Skills for Life, which is geared toward providing hands-on driver's training, a web-based curriculum, and state-of-the-art equipment for new drivers, who are primarily teenagers.

Ford chooses to address its commitment to sustainability and the environment by driving change. Transparent go to reduce emissions, promoting the use of more sustainable materials like bamboo as the new carbon fiber. Strategic Effectiveness Analysis: Organizational Structure and Strategy Strategic Effectiveness Analysis: Organizational Chart Strategic Effectiveness Analysis: Corporate Cultures and Strategy Conclusion: The Three Tests of a Winning Strategy.

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