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Henry ford was the founder of the ford motor company in 1903 with very few people working in it earlier days as established And later as the years of hardship from 1903-1920 ford was trying to make its name in the united states by manufacturing new models in the market. As the years past ford became one of the best car company in the united states and later gradually entering into the global market in the economical world and becoming one of the most trusted automobile industry in the world. This company had its own vision, mission and values as rest of the other company’s did which helped this company to judge its own performance which in common business term is known as ‘our vision’, ‘our mission’ and ‘our values’. Henry fords vision was to make the company world’s leading in the automative lines in both its in products and its services. His mission was to make the company a globally diversed with great honour and pride in the top lists with totally committed people working with them. And lastly the values were to do excellent things for the people taking into consideration the environment factor in the world of science and also to keep up with their customers satisfaction. Ford dint only found the automobile company he also was the innovator of the assembling of the car manufacturing system. He introduced the way to manufacture new cars in a short period of time thus saving the time factor in world of business which made the ford company one of the king of highlights in the earlier days and even today. In addition to this part from automative lines ford the enterprenuer also had made a great changes in the working hours of the workers, he started to make the company run full day by making shifts for the workers which helped in making a good profit for the company. Well talking about the ford motors in united kingdom as the chosen topic by myself the research made by me showed that ford motor company is at the top five best selling company in this country over the past years making its place in the peoples mind over the years. Some of the names of the models over here are Ka, Fiesta, Fusion, Focus, C-Max, Mondeo, S-Max, Kuga, Galaxy. Talking about the organizational sectors this company plays the role as public sector as it is globally established and the main reason of mine behind chosing this organization is that as we all know that ford was the first car company in the world to come up with automation and also adopted new innovative ideas in its field for example introduction of new way of assembling the car,change in daily working hours system, which encouraged me to take up with the project as the enterprenure of the company Sir Henry Ford is known for his new invovative ideas that is active manufacturing,assembling and the way he handled the business structure og his orgnisation in which I will also gain loads of knowledge in doing the project. ( ) ( ( Task 1 b) As in recent years recession had badly effected most of world’s major as well as other companies right from banking to educational sector of organization, most of the companies went in loss but there were some few companies which survived in this crucial environment.

Ford motor company was also one of the victim of the resesion period in which the company had to go throw loss for a certain period of the time like GM or Chrysler, bmw etc and as a result of this the company had to really do some great thinking and had to go throw some of the reenginnering processes which would helped them to overcome the current situation. The critical and anylytical thinking of the company’s people working under them made up its new plans and strategies in such a way that The company could even survie in the crucial situations like recession and crisese situation and be its best among all the other compititors. Some of the major changes of the company were their marketing, introduction of new type of car in the market, customer services offer etc. So as a result of this Ford took the iniciative to walk alone in its way as there were other compititors also facing the same problems nad this one wanted to be different from the rest once, as said above some of the examples off the major strategies of planning they had taken was in terms of Strategic marketing planning :- The marketing process applies the same for all companies as advertisement. The ford motor company had to restrucrture its advertisement policy in order to gain the more number of customers for example:- eco friendly car like ford fiesta with less co2 emmision etc they had to come up with new form of advertisement which the people will get attratted too better than the rest of the others by adding the feature or the pillars of its quality,eco friendlyness and safety point in the minds of the people.the company not only have to telivesion advertisement they had to tpo online advertisement also, pamplets advertisement with load of of creativity in it.Ford had to also expand its business towards the different regions of the globe as a result of the highly skilled marketing strategies. Introduction of the new cars:- The company had to find new ways in terms of production of good quality of cars with improved engine, good performance, and with great satisfaction of the people for this the company had to introduce good types and variety of cars right from the economic to the high class people. And the company mainly made the market in the most of the Europe countries inlcluding uk,usa etc. For example:-te car ford fiesta fr economic people with features of high class cars with low carbondioxide emission by sacrificing little bit of its performance.great design with stylish looks of royal cars,qualitative pats with maximum protection towards them.

And also ford focus which made highest sale in uk as per the survue made by me personally going to the most of the londons showrooms and also by surfing net. Ford galaxy Montero were some of the cars which were for hight class people with all the features in it which helped them to take up the market of the company even in the crises. Some of the pasrts improverment like dashboards of the car, engine upgradation,etc really helped the company to cope up wtj the situation with the following cars. bettere customer services:- as we all knowe that seving customers is the first priority of any of the company Ford has always been execellent towards their customers right from the first the research made by me showed that the company had to make some necessary arrangement in maintaining their customers and also to give good services to their customers.for example introduction of online purchase of cars from one place to another and also within theier area. If a person wants to buy a car he he has no time to see the car personslly he will just go to throw the website c the car features his range wise select the car and book the car and pay online this lead to increase of online customers also and saved their as well as ompanies time inturn the company people use to also call the customers up time to time for their satisdfaction report etc. Task 1 c) Ford Motor Company Ford Motor company marketing innovative ideas customer satisfaction Task 1 d) The tool which I would like to take to Describe the strategies of the company will be greatly done with swot analysis. As we all know that we can measure the strengths , weakneses,oppurtunities and threats of any particular company and come to a conclusion towards the company’s working structure. Coming back to the topic from my point of view I would like to give some pointsa and explain them in brief of the swot anaylsis. Strengths: According to the survey made by me me the major strength of the ford motor company is its goodwill as it was the first in its own to manufacture automobiles, another is that it has made a largest sales in Europe as per the survey made by me. The website designed by the company also comes in the lime light for the attraction of the customers, the quality of the products, its globaly estailised market also plays a very important role,the technology they use is higly profilled. For example :- as we all no that ford was the first in its own to produce a car it has its own name in the market inspite of gradually falling down in the market in back 90’s n tahan increasing its sales back to great extent in the market in the coming years.

Say if I want to buy a car I will see throw its previous history its name in market, its management skills in market etc and than take a decision to buy the car this all will be strenghgs weaknesses : Starting of the weaknesses about the company it was seen that the company went throw a oug profit in the inicial stages than went in severe loss as the competitor were doing really great on its own side. Due to some unknown diversity factors the company had also lost its focus in someof its lines. It had also sold out some of its collibrating companies such as jaguar and landrover at earlier stages which the other competitor took the advantage of making sale of this one had also lost its management structuring for some point of time by removing the . Opportunities: The major parts of expansions the company wil b going is thorw making of good and efficient in fuel car engines in the upcoming years, also to produce a car working on solar energy that is sun and also some hybrid cars in future, some collibration with some of the major companies in the world, try to manufacture cars at lowest price possible with same quality nad also to take the manufacturing units in low cost countries like india Africa etc.lending charity to was also one of the advantures of the company. Threats: Some of the factors which effected the success of the company were the changes in the prices of fuel and government structure in the parts of us.,te change inn the currencies,recesion hitting it badly over a long period of time made to bag the investors on its parthreats Task 2 The term marketing in general refers to advertisement of the any of the given product to the customers / audience so that they get attracted towards it. And marketing strategies refer to the plans made out to reach the goals that is the people by various ways such as collibration, television, media etc.. Coming towards the topic ford motors have taken the marketing polices/ strategies as five p that is 1) product 2)price 3)promotion 4)place and 5) process 1) product:- When talking about the product of ford motors they are designed from consumer point of view that is taking into consideration the quality, efficiency etc of the product, It may be from car to the service points of view. The company desingns its product with the standard of quality what their customers demand throw the research made by them. Each and evert part of the ford cars are designed uniquely.

For example :- the cars of ford may vary throw the customers like galaxy which is build for higher class people where as festa for economy people, it also wants to manufactuer a car which will work on solar system in future. Some ecofriendly cars with less fuel effiecincy etc. Ford also likes to tgarget theier their customers throw their likes for example its mergeing with the football teams as they know throw the research that most of tehn people watch football and throw which they can promote their cars. 2) price:- The price of ford cars varies according to the taste of their customers as they design the models according to the customers point of view taking into consideration their tastes, ford’s price range starts right from economic to high class rates such as galaxy, mondeo which are high class cars of very high rates and featured with best of the luxuries in it whereas cars like fusion tec are for the economy people who cant afford to buy other luxurious cars in it. 3) promotion:- Promotion is one of the biggest thing which all the other companies to as regards to familiarizing their product to the has revised the theories and done very inovately the promotion of its cars. They have used the technics like television, local newspapers, internet etc to advertise its products happily, thorw their research they have also noticed that loadz of the people watch football so tehey did sponsorship with one of the very good team in football that is UEFA and astarted doing their advertisement with them when the mactches add use to come 4) place :- The company have taken this point into consideration the most it see’s where its car sale’s will be going high, it is targeting those arears where the cars will be sold very fast like Europe countries etc.. where ford is in the top 3 position in salling its cars. its colliberation with football teams also makes it globally recogonised as football is a globaly seen match by the peopleas a result many people from many countires like this brand as it reaches the different places. Ford has its manufacturing plants and many of its showrooms in Europe almost more than 100’s and more tan 80’s in the Asian countries. 5) process:- Ford manufacturing processes refer to the upcoming improvement processes in its own field like its colliberation with other big companies like range rover and rolls Royce in its lates helped them in making its own status in the market, their sponsherhip with the football team UEFA also helped them up in the same and made its cars favorite to the viewer’s, other improvements like making up eco friendly cars and solar system cars are also in process which made good publicity of the company. This lead all p’s lead to the marketing of the companies cars.– The advantages and disadvantages of these are:- 1)By using the five p’s there comes good publicity of the product. For example Seens ford is sponsherer for the football team many peope watch sports so whenever there will be break they’l put their adds thus making its publicity nad gaining customers 2)Helps in easy understanding the customers and thier demand for the product. due too the research made by the company people from different pales and having iots plant and showrooms in different places of the world they can very well know where there is more sales an all and better unbderstand customer needs what they want etc. 3)helps in maintaining good relations with others. seens there are colliberation and sponcership propgrams adopted by the company with other major companies like range rover and rolls Royce , UEFA it helps to maintain healthy environment in the market. 4) increase profitability of business loads of colliberation with major and the good companies increased the profit of the company since there were people getting attracted towards them. Disadvantages Lots of cost involved Since there is colliberation of major companies there is loads of coast iknvolved in it. 2) Risk factor increases due to the large cost involved there is no gurantee that the business will make a gian only so there is a risk factot involved. Task 2 (b) Stakeholders are the people behind the hold of the hole organsiation they may sometimes not be actively taking part in the day to day working of the organistion. There are many types of stakeholders internal and external stakeholders. The major people involved in the develpment of ford motors are Indivisual customers , Employers, institutional investors 1) Indivisual customers :- Here the customers in the sense common people invest in the companies shares and company inturns give them some percentage of profit in doing so,the company utilizes this people’s money in expansion of its business and do some other projects which will help in companies expansion. 2) Employer:- employers come under the internal type of stake holders, the companies CEO, managers , people working in the company all come under this category, All this people help in the development of the company in all the senses that is right from marketing to saling of its cars and products and also responsible to give services to its customers. 3) Institutional investors:- major institutional investors of ford motor compaant are a) Evercore Trust Company, N.A. which invests in the ford company and helps them to carry on their business.

Evercore is a national trust bank which is subsidiary of evercore partners who provides investments to the othet companies and get some benefit son it Another example of such type of investors is: (b)State street Corporation which also invests billions of money in the ford and hel[ them in expansion and development plansand get some profit from it (c)one more same type of functional investor is Alliance Bernstien LP which also does same function as the above investors. Task 2 (c) Ford has adopted new types of strategies right from the time it was born and perhaps has been adopting it for its improvement and development of the company. Recently ford has adopted new stagtegy of making less number of vechiles in the market in the coming years and will deal more with the parts sharing with the same ford logo to other auto companies worldwide and making its products globally established as the company feels that it will be bring a good deal to them. They dint say that they will stop producing cars but they will produce cars but less by 40 percent as it use to produce. Ford has also planned to increase the sales of its colliberated companies that is of land rover and jaguar in the coming years side by side and also have planned to look after the sales of volvo’s in the market. The stakeholders over here will really play a hero role as the company will need loads of money investment in making of the parts and its didribution to the other companies and aslo in the publicity of the cars like land rovers etc,. there will be ought investment invoved as the ford itself will be manufacturing royal types of cars in his name. Task 2 (d) As it will be quit a tought job for the senior management to conveince the employees as we humans at starting don’t like to change in simple terms resisitance towards change senior level should explain the benefits in regards to the plan in doing so, they should first give explaination of the idea to the managers of what are the advantages involved in it,where will be their position in the coming years after imploimentating the idea than also tel him the disadvantages like there will be less work of production as a result less employment but they should not remove any instead they should shift them in another department from production to sales or else in some another so that the workers are also happy and the company is also with healthy environment. As a result the manager in turns should pass the information to its employes and explain the benefits and help he company in implementing the idea. Task 3 (a) The term vision mission statement, values and objective of the company can be defined as follows: (a) Vision: – it is the permanent direction in which any of the company should go which are put forward for better understanding. “If suppose I am opening an organization and there are some people working under me so I should put in their mind the vision of mine company that is where the company should reach after certain period of time.” (b) Mission:- It is the temporary thing or the work what the company is going to do and where it should reach. ” if suppose I have a company and also have a vision and have some work to be done it is my mission to complete it within that given time. ” (c) Values: – It is the culture to followed and gained from the company in simple what the company will provide you.and also the gradual feeling got by the people from the company. for example if I join working in a company it will have its own values like (d) Ojectives:- In short it is the goal put forward by the company. The terms can also be explained from companies point of view that is :- Vision :- The companies vision is to be on the top most position on the globe in regards to te production of its products and its services. Mission:- Its mission is to provide excellent services and products worldwide as it is globally diversed company. Values:- most importantly to do good thing and in very good way to its customers, their society and our environment. Objective:- the companies objective is to produce quality products and services to the world and to maintain its goodwill in the market by serving its customers. Task 3 (b) Shortly explaining the stratagies that I have chosen for the organistion is the further expansion of the ford motors by introduction of new types of cars that is eco-friendly solar system cars , the company wants to concentrate more on the production of parts and services to its customers and also some colliberation with some major auto companies. So the vision and the mission statement plays a key role in such matters. Both this factors that is vision and mission statement will help in implementing this idea in a very developed way.the vision will help the company to cope up with their strategies that is mentioned above and the mission statement will help in the completion of the strategies taken. Here the information also plays a great role along with the vision and the mission statements as it is essential for better understanding the above both statement and aslo helps in effectiveness of this. Task 3 (c) Defination of organizational culture “A pattern of shared basic assumptions that the group learned as it solved its problems that has worked well enough to be considered valid and is passed on to new members as the correct way to perceive, think, and feel in relation to those problems.” Edgar Schein( And the definition for the ethical values is : The term ethical values refers to the ideas or the values bought in the persons behavior towards working of the company and in himself in the organization. Coming towards the second part of the question that is the fords culture after meeting them personally I came to a conclusion that the ford culture is very formal the way they address their customers, seek their advises and do something or the other for the betterment of their customer, serving their customer is the main purpose of the organization.

The dress code in the company is also very formal for everyone working for them as it’s a multinational company. ethical values of this organization are also some what similar to the culture of the company it is implimantation of the cultural activities of the organization what ideas are learned by the people working and what the customers gain after lokking at the people and also the services provided by the organistion. Dagenham Motors Ilford (micheal manager of the showroom) Task 3 (d) Explain the terms ‘core competencies’ and ‘critical success’ factors. State whether these are necessary to the success of the organisation of your choice. “A A core competency is fundamental knowledge, ability, or expertise in a specific subject area or skill set”.,,sid183_gci214621,00.html In simple it is the ability of the company success from the beginning towards its operational work and so on. Even the other companioes cant be in its term, this things come right from the start of the company till its working. The critical success factor is : Critical Success FactorsA (CSF’s) are the critical factors or activities required for ensuring the success your business. The term was initially used in the world of data analysis, and business analysis. that is it is always necessary to have critical success factors as it is very much necessary for the success ofrthe organization. In general this two factors that is core competence and critical success is very much necessary as it is required for the success of the company without it the company cannot give good performance its For example if ford company has its own way of thinking for its growth and expansion plans and they they are totally unique from other companies that is first factor and will surely come up with a good thing and do it a slo very well with customer satisfaction. And they also need some activities that will help them in implementiong some of their plans easily that is the second factor. Task 4 (a) The ford has gone to a drastic change it its own as it has introduced more fuel effiecient engines with great quality without compromising their customers expectation that is speed/power as there was a price hike in the fuel rate and also some government changed the price of the raw materials as a result there was a price hike for almost all parts inspite of this external force ford kept its promisree by giving good quality cars and parts at reasonable rates and also giving their customers fuel effeiceint cars and also eco friendly cars which use to work on batteries (BEV) and also some of them’s on solor system for making this types of changes ford had to go thorw many things like cooliberation with other part makers so as to produce parts for them at a cheaper ratesof good quality. Ford had made recent changes in just 1years back . it focused more on the sales of the economic cars such as focus which was one of the best saling car in Europe and thus saving the economicy of the company. Task 4 (b) As explained briefly in the earlier part that is 4 (a) as the recession had hit most of the major companies ford was also the victim of the same but ford had bravely survived in that condition even now when fuel prices and government had changed the compny had to suffer a great lose but instead of that because of its qualitative management ford invovated some new idea’s like introduction of new type of cars which work on batries and also someon the solar power, it also introduced cars with low fuel effiecy without compromising the customers demand thus saving its market in the company and gaining back its trust in the global market not only this it also calibrated with some of the parts making company for that period to produce parts for them at a cheaper rates than what they do and thus made their parts making business of the cars successful. For exaxple:- ford launched the car focus,fiesta etc with ga skid solution in it improveds its market in the market and thus this plan of the company was very much effective. Task 4 (c) The major fuctional area effecting the ford motor company I would say will be its Research and development (RND). manufacturing area. marketing strategies. I have selected this areas because I feel this three are equally responsible and also the most important player which are crelated to each other in making the company reach at that height even after so many difficulties like recession, change in government rules, hikes in fuel prices etc. Research and development (RND):- research made by the people working under this company helped the company to fight the current situation in the market as the company’s researchers informed that it need to develop its existing products like converting its cars to fuel efficient cars, collaborations with the football teams so as to attract its customers as they made a research that most of the people like football so this type of research helped them to handle the situation in a great ways. Manufacturing area (MA) :- MA because it manufactured really good quality cars in the market over the years as they promised their people,their manufacturing unit also worked very hard to cope up with the market and as a result manufactured good car like eco-friendly cars, solar system cars etc. Marketing startegies :- ford marketing strategy by advertising its cars to the public throw various means of communications the most widely used was internet in Europe countries nad television by collebrating with some football teams thus gaining its consumers . they very well knew what te people watch more throw the research team so they targeted those areas and made their market a very good and the strongest. Task 4 (d) As said discussed earlier the three functional areas that is the research and development, manufacturing area and the marketing have been internally correlated and equally contributed in the development of the company as the three stages went in a line as researchàmanufacturingà marketing . (this is explained in above point 4(c) ) The advantage was that thois company came up first with such type iof innovation in the automation as a result it had a name in market, good investers, helped the company to have name in the market by providing goodwill. Task 5 (a) The research personally made by me shows me that the timetable plays a very important role in implementation of the strategies or the plans of the business as it makes the other people understand the work to be done, in what time it should be completed, how should be done in details etc. it also gives the information to some of the important people in the business such as shareholders,investors in the business etc. According to the ford they had said that they wil be making ecofriendly cars, solar system cars in the year 2007 and than they implemented the plan by making proper precision, plan , accurately and than giving its copy to the people involved in it like shareholders, investors etc. so that they get the clear view of the company where it will reach till the year 2010 and what they will benefit from that etc. timetable prepared helps in better understanding the business and helps to follow up with the routine.

This timetable can be produced by one of the member of the company as giving all the brif details in it and than circulating it to the people involved in it. Task 4 (b) In general the reseach showed me that ford had made the decision of making ecofrindly cars in the year 2007 as they had made an research and found that there will be fuel price hikes in future, scarcity of fuel, pollution etc will effect their market so they decided to do such type of cars which are fuel efficient etc. as the strategy was kmade in the year 2007 they had made a timetable that they will out in the market again till the year 2010 with new technology cars, in the mean time they concentrated on their present cars by increasing their fuel effieciny in the market which thhier customers will ilike they also till that made a marketing strategy of advertising their products right from start of the production so that the people get attracrted towards them.for example cars like focus which were made with fuel effeiciency. Colliberation with major companies like land rover, rolls Royce etc plans were included in the TT.

Task 4 (c)

Once implemented how can the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of an organisation’s strategy be evaluated? Once the plan is executed in the market the effectiveness and the effieciency of te organization can be calculated by its acceptance of its product by the customers, the research made from their database can it self show that how many cars have been sold in the market how many people like the services of this company what were their reviews in the market thus making the company globally accepted. the economy of the organistion can be also easily calculated by making a small research in the showroom’s and also throw the people throw internet or the personal interviws taking by going to their customers home Economy can be very well judged throw the sales of its company’s product in the market. Task 4 (d) According to my opinion I feel that once the strategy has been choosen it should always be monitored or been checked till the time it is fully suceesfull because there is ough amount of investment in it, lots of expectation from the people etc. If you want to change the strategy it should be done before implementing it other wise it will create a bad impression on the customers of the company and also other people like shareholders investors of the company . for example :- if i have a one small clothing shop in goa and I have made a plan that I want to make it whole over the goa by opening at least 10 shops in goa within 5 years, here I should make explain to my dad what is my idea since he is the decision maker ( invetor/shareholder ) and than see that the planned is going on in a healthy condition and also see that the plan is on the right track and reach the mine demand.

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