A History of the Early Years of Ford Mustang, a Ford Motor Company Product

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History of the early years of Ford Mustangs In the early nineteenth century, a farm boy baffled the world by inventing the machine that would get rid of the horse and carriage forever. He invented the machine that would carry people over long distances without needing to be fed, watered, or rested. He also later invented a way to produce products in a new and easier way. He started out as a young farm boy who took everything apart that he could get his hands on. Then he started fixing people's watches, and as he grew older, he started making other things like a quadricycle and a gas engine in the late 1890s. His inventions changed the way that people traveled and the ways that wars were fought, and they captivated a nation.

In my essay, I'm going to focus on Ford Motor Company's Ford Mustangs. Ford Motor Company was started on June 16, 1903, by Henry Ford and some other investors. When Ford Motors first started, it was only one of fifteen car manufacturers in Detroit and one of eighty-eight in the United States. During Ford's first months of existence, Ford Motor Company began to make a profit selling the Model A, and Henry Ford knew that the automobile industry was going to work. Since its beginning in 1903, Ford Motor Company has always strived to make cars affordable and easy to buy for everybody. Ford has a long history of having good cars at a great prices and offers more classes of models so that everybody can have the car of their dreams. Ford Motor Company's first car was the Model A, which started production at a rented plant in Michigan. After a few months of existence, Ford Motors was already making a profit on its Model A car. Automobiles in America were becoming a new trend, and Ford Motor Company knew that automobiles weren't going anywhere.

They had introduced America to a new kind of market. In 1906, Ford Motors merged with Oldsmobile, Buick, and Cadillac to become America's #1 automobile maker. With this merger, Henry Ford became company president and majority owner because he was having clashes with other stockholders about his plan to produce affordable cars for the mass market.

In 1908, Ford Motors introduced the Model T, and its first international sales branch was founded in France. In 1911, the first assembly plant outside the United States was founded in Great Britain. These new branches helped put Ford Motors on the map as an international car manufacturer. In 1913, Henry Ford's biggest achievement was the implementation of the assembly line, which changed the way that products would be made forever. It was a faster and cheaper way to make products, which in effect, would drop the car's price because the car was now cheaper to produce. So the prices would fall down and end up being cheaper for the consumers. This implementation helped him achieve his goal of having cheap and affordable cars for everybody.

His assembly line would become an efficient way to produce products for a variety of companies. In 1964, Ford's plans to create affordable cars for all markets became a reality when Ford Motor Company introduced one of their most popular vehicles ever, the Ford Mustang, which was an affordable car that anyone could afford. One of the Ford Mustang's biggest competitors was the Chevy Corvette, which was a sports car for rich people, costing about five thousand dollars apiece. Mustang was a sports car that everybody could afford because it was cheaper to produce. Because they used the frames for their Ford Falcons, which were not doing so well in the automobile market.

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