Cheating in College as a Big Problem on College Campuses Nowadays

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Cheating in college is a big problem on college campuses nowadays. College kids think they do not have to study for test or quizzes or even write their own paper. Nowadays you can pay kids to write papers, do homework, and even act as the other kid to take the SAT, ACT, and entrance exam for college. All of those things are consider cheating. Most kids do not think they will ever get caught cheating but most cheating start in high school. Which everybody have cheated before even when they was a little kid. Cheating in college can have a big effect on your academic profile and or your future career. There are different forms a of cheating such as copying someone’s else’s work, letting a student copy your work, plagiarizing a paper, turning in another student work that is not yours, and or adjusting a graded paper. There are different consequences for cheating in college. Some penalties are losing your internship, jobs, and scholarship. Cheating in college goes in your student file, academic probation, and suspension. Cheating in college can ruin your future career and embarrass you for the rest of your life.

Cheating in College

College cheating is a crime in education. It can affect your academic and career reputation. Kids do not like to do their own work so they pay other kids to do it for them because they rather go to parties, games, or hang out with friends. Going to college is for you to get a degree in your field you cannot mess that up by cheating on a test or homework that you could have tried to do yourself.

Cheating in college is in many different forms. Every college institution have its own academic policy or and honor code that states what is cheating. The most popular cheating method in college is plagiarizing someone paper or copying answers to a test. According to eCollegefinder most common forms of cheating is copying from another student homework, allowing a student to copy your homework, using different sources on a take home exam, and not reporting the kids that are cheating.

The consequences for cheating in college the professor has to report it. Once it has been reported the school’s dean of students will review what happen. They will determine if the student is guilty or not and what punishment the student will receive. Cheating in college you will no longer be able to get FASFA if you are caught. According to eCollegeFinder’s Series on Cheating says “know that no matter the specific offense, when you get caught cheating, the relationship you have with your professor will deteriorate.” When caught cheating you will receive a zero for the class and you will lose academic connection for an internship, job, scholarships, and your transcript will reflect cheating on your permanent record. Cheating in college can ruin your life when all you have to do is study!

Cheating is not fair to other students. According to Professor Michael Bishop Chair of the Iowa State University Department of Philosophy and Religion says, “Cheating cheapens the diploma”. Academic dishonesty is in all colleges across the United Sates. Attending college is for you to learn and get an education. When students are cheating in college, they are basically cheating themselves out of an education. Cheating is for dishonest students but in the ends, it affect the honest students in many ways. There are ways cheating can be stopped for example professors can hold study halls, or do cheat sheets, or even let the students look over study material before taking the test or homework.

Stats on Academic Cheating.

According to 60.8% admitted to cheating in college. The same poll revealed that 16.5% did not regret cheating in college. Also according to the students says cheaters have higher GPAs. 85% of the students says they find cheating essential. According to the Ad Council 95% of students say they do not get caught cheating in college. Donald McCabe conducted an survery at Rutgers University between graduates and undergradutes. For as graduates students 17,000 responsed to the survey, 17% admits to cheating on test, 40% admits to cheating on written assignments, and a total admit to cheating on both written and test is 43%. The difference between the two is that 71,300 undergraduates responsed but the stats stayed the same.

Conclude cheating in college.

Cheating in college is something you do not want to experience. Cheating in college can end students up jobless, no degree, or career. Getting caught cheating can ruin your reputation in life no one will ever wan to hire you on a job because they feel as if you work cheating doing your job work. Cheating is wrong. It is not worth you education and your ability to learn new things. Cheating on any thing just cheapens your degree or diploma. Don’t make the stats for cheating get higher help lower them by studying and doing your own work. (Gordon,2019)

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