Free Colleges could

Every year people are required to have more than a highschool diploma to ensure they have all the necessary skills needed for a good-paying career however rising tuition costs are making it harder and harder for students to attend college. The cost of college is too high that there are many students who choose to not pursue a higher education. Even for those students who do go to college many are left with several debts. There are many pros and cons of making college free.

Free colleges could ensure an educated population which would be really helpful in political population. People voting and even the people in the government or any job for that matter would be more educated. Another reason is that free college is just a natural extension of free elementary and high school. Also many more jobs today are knowledge-based or require advanced technical skills than in the past, to the extent that there are sometimes not enough qualified people to fill in those positions. Lastly, students should be more focused on studying and doing good in school rather than be worrying about how they are going to come up with enough funds for each school term.
Even though there are so many pros there are also many cons.

For example what will happen to private colleges? Certainly students will want to go to a free college rather than pay tuition at a private school. Another con to free college would be that free college could result in waiting lists. With so many people trying to get in, there’s going to have to be waiting lists in order to handle the number of students or it could also result in current waiting lists becoming longer. In an article I read it said, If government funds become spread too thin, the quality of college may suffer. This could express itself in any number of ways including a decrease in available programs.

If more students start enrolling in college because it’s free, costs will escalate. Unless more money is allocated by the public, the quality of the education will suffer. This could end up decreasing access to higher education rather than increasing it, say those who argue why college should not be free. Finally another con to free college would be that if college is free students will just take it for granted. Some students will just not study as hard and not make the most out of that education opportunity or they will only put in the bare minimum which won’t really prepare them for their careers after college.

In my opinion I think colleges should not exactly be free but I also disagree with the amount of money it costs to go to college. I believe that colleges shouldn’t be free because students will no longer have access to higher education and also because it will no longer be such a challenge to get into a college, people won’t have to work as hard because it will be free. There would also be many students who would take it for granted and not do their best. I disagree with the amount of money it costs to go to college because there are many students with hard-working parents that just can’t afford it. There are really smart people who can’t reach their full potential by getting a higher education just because the price is too high.

There are many different opinions on whether college should be free or not. There are also strong arguments for either side. It just depends on what each person thinks. Free college would be a great opportunity for those who want to go to college but just can’t afford it but free colleges has many disadvantages to both the school and the education the students will receive.

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