Enterprising Person – Bill Gates

Claim to Fame and major accomplishment: Bill Gates claim to fame is that he is one of the trailblazer. Gates was a pioneer in the development of microcomputers operating system and programming software. There are four major main accomplishments that Bill Gates has made in his carrier. Firstly, he became one of the wealthiest men in the world. He has built his empire from scratch and worked his way out to the success. In 1986 bill became the youngest 31st year old richest entrepreneur in the world. Secondly, Bill has been Generous Philanthropist. Bill Gates has donated billions of dollars to the Charity, World health care, Education and other stuff. Bill Gates said in an interview with Time Magazine that “This is not about pity. It’s more about passion. Pity sees suffering and wants to ease the pain; passion sees injustice and wants to settle the score.” Thirdly, Bill has created his own software known as Windows. Windows is the most famous operating system in the world. In his childhood, Bill learned basic programming and used to sell his programs. Lastly, most famous accomplishment Bill have dreamed and made is Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft develops, manufactures, supports and sells computer software. Today Microsoft is a home to 91,005 workers around the world. What motivated the individual to succeed? Bill Gates was introduce to computer when he attended Lakeside School in Seattle. He was motivated to learned basic programming in the school. At the age of seven, World fair in 1962 exited bill by the computer Exhibit. Bill motivates in computer started to increase. H e learned basic programming at lakeside school. Lakeside school had to pay for the computer time its student used. Bill and his friends were so influenced by technology ,that they decided to raised 3000$ which they thought will last for one year for the computer time they use but, obsessed with using computer that they spent whole year’s budget in few weeks. At the age of 15 Bill and his friend Paul interest brought them to create a program name Traf-O-Data which senses the traffic control in the area. Bill and his friend motivation soon formed Lakeside programmers club. They developed payroll system for the business and private compute classes. Bill was talking to his friend and said “don’t you think that someday everybody will have one of this things? And if they did, couldn’t you deliver magazines and newspaper and stuff through them?” those remarkable world were predicting future of 20th century. His love, attitude and influence open the gated to the Harvard for Programming. A Magazine add brought Bill to see new opportunity in New Mexico to develop an interpreter of the BASIC programming language for the new Altai microcomputer and, he dropped out from Harvard. This opportunity gave birth to Microsoft. Microsoft first mission was to design and build an operating system for IBM. They named it Windows. Soon Microsoft and their fellow workers started to design operating system for other companies as well. Bill interest and opportunity open the door to the success. Throughout life bill was motivated by many things. Describe the business or economic environment that influenced the entrepreneur (trends, consumer demand, needs, technology, demographics, and competition) In 1962, Bill was influenced by the world fair that was held in his town. The fair talked about sending seven astronauts to the space. IBM explained how technology could help calculate the satellite and flight paths. The fair also talked about the computers being slow and what they’re looking forward to do. Bases of Large screen television and other home appliance were taking place. New ideas building new technology were in demand. Bill passion and the touch of technology influenced him to move to create something in field of tech. While growing up United States was facing many problems. One of the challenges was facing cold war. Government spent billions of dollars in space, defense industry, and computer and networking technology. Rocket and new weapon scientific discoveries in many technological and military fields was in need. The economy during the Cold War period was doing well for the bulk of it. The 70s saw a downturn, but things picked back up in the 1980s. At the start of the Cold War, the unemployment rate was below 4%. Competition of buildup of nuclear-powered submarines by both sides illustrates a key component. Thousand of computers were sold in early 80s.

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What roadblocks have they encountered and how were they overcome?

Bill Gates has faced much challenge throughout his currier. One of the major problems was convincing his parents to start his own business after dropping out from university. At first his parents were not happy about it and it took almost one year to get convince them. Bill’s elementary school did not had money to rent the computer time for very long and he and his friend started fundraisers to help the school to provide them with more computer time. During his school years he hacked into the security system of the computer center corporation. Gates was banned from using computer for some week, when the band was over the CCC was still have difficulties, Bill and his friends solved the problem and the got free computer time for few days. In his early days Bill was a gambler he loved playing card and one day his dad said gambling is waste of time, and for his enjoyment he design games like Tic-Tac-Toe. In 1982 Visicorp design mouse-driven computer system with a user interface based on graphics rather than the keyboard-based and text-driven system of MS-DOS. Bills announcement was a bluff Microsoft was no near to developing new software. Microsoft started losing money. In few week Microsoft advertizes that windows is updating, so the people who were going to buy new computer waited for the new windows to come rather than spending money on a new computer. Describe and provide an example of the individuals attitude toward their work and life: In Bill childhood school mates and friends use to call him “nard” because, all day he use to sit on computer for hours. Bill was all ways confident toward his work and decision. He never looks back upon his decision. He dropped out from university not worrying about job; or what is going to happen if he didn’t graduate. Bill was all ways focused on his work, he all ways kept himself updated in field of technology. He did want to create competition; he just wanted to make his own product. He knew what he was doing he was just waiting for opportunity and that opportunity came in form of magazine add. Bill was creative; he made a club and opened his own business classes for people to learn. Bill’s Emotional intelligence brought him to come up with new challenge almost every day. He is one of the well-known examples of Optimism. He donates his money towards uplifting the society. Bill didn’t work for money, he all ways wanted to learn thinks about new technology. Bill was curious toward his profession. His attitude managed to learn a lot about microprocessors and related fields in his young days such that he was able to develop software to operate. He respects his fellow workers. According to him no employee is below him as they all have a right to voice their opinions and ideas. Bill interest and his love for passion made his achieve his confident resolution. Describe and provide examples of 3 Entrepreneurial characteristics: Bill Gates showed many character traits. Bill was ambitious,intelligentandcompetitive. Bill Gates was very smart. He was accepted in the University of Harvard. Harvard named him a nation scholar. He skipped some of the easy courses and rarely showed up for class and worked feverishly in the end. He had a photographic memory. He cared more about computers then His appearance. He used to talk in binary languages. Bill gates had lot of courage toward his work. He never gave up even when he was about to lose a lot of profit from Microsoft but Bill Gates went to court and won against IBM. Bill Gates is a very Philanthropist, whenever Bill Gates donates money he feels like he just saved someone life and he just loves the feeling of that, he also thinks that the money is going toward someone who does not have enough money to learn. He has a very energetic and passionate, his broad vision since the first day he found out about his future work with computer, Bill has dreamed about having a personal computer in every desk andMicrosoft softwarefor each and every computer. He took lots of rick to work with MITS. He said “if you are intelligent and know how to apply ourintelligence,youcanachieveanything.” He uses to skip meals, works with fair pace around the clock, Used Heaved computer with anyone permission. There are many more characteristic that Bill Gates has. Describe and provide examples of 3 Entrepreneurial Skills: Bill Gates had lots skills. One the skill that he has and made him become successful toward his work was writing programs in very short period of time. Time is money as we say everyday but, bill worked day and night to meet the deadline. He rarely slept and eat meals. His rooms were full of pizza crust. Bill had really good managing skills. After building Microsoft his company started design game, Networking sites and many more things. Bill stated investing his money into space and other intuited of technology. Bill hacked many computers. He mind was on the screen solving problems. Bill had really good communication skills. He expressed his ideas very well and became a business man, where you need communication to get work orders and maintain relationship with clients. Write your own research question and answer related to Entrepreneurship curriculum: The coming century is said to be the information communications revolution era. How will Microsoft be involved in this era? What will the role of Microsoft be? APA Bibliography: (Must include at least one book and two other sources)

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