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Bill Gates is known to be one of the richest entrepreneurs around the world due to his impactful technological advances with his famously known creation named Microsoft. Gates and his team have largely changed how people navigate in a more easy and enjoyable matter. Bill Gates Microsoft Corporation continues to grow over the years by developing higher computer software that maintains to progress over time. Due to his insane success, he has been able to contribute in many charity organizations. Billions have been helped through global health, education and poverty organizations. Bill Gates has not only made a massive difference in technology, but has also became a successful leader of the largest charitable foundations. William Henry Gates III (known as Bill Gates) was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle Washington. Bill Gates attended to Harvard University, best known as one of the most prestige universities around the world. During his junior year, Gates decided to drop out of school looking to create a type of software with a friend. In 1975, Gates and his partner, Paul Allen, founded and built the world’s largest software business, Microsoft. Built through technological innovation, keen business strategy and aggressive business tactics, Microsoft became the world’s software empire. It wasn’t until March 1986, Bill Gates took Microsoft public with the initial offering of $21 per share, and it only made him an instant millionaire at age 31. “Gates held 45 percent of the company’s 24.7 million shares, making his stake at that time $234 million of Microsoft’s $520 million” (Biography). Over time, the company’s stock increased in value and split various times. In 1987, Bill Gates became a fast-growing billionaire when his stock hit $90.75 per share. By 1999, Gates topped the $101 billion with an all-time stock splitting eight-fold. For all his accomplishments and success, he had the strongly desire to give back to the ones in need. Gates led the Microsoft Corporation until January 2000, where he decided to step down and establish working part-time in Microsoft and full-time in charitable foundations. In 1994 Bill and Melinda Gates established for first time the William H. Gates Foundation. This foundation was dedicated to support world health, education and low-income communities. After giving back to the ones in need, Bill thought it wasn’t enough yet. Bill and Melinda Gates decided to give more of their wealth to charity, so in 2000 “the couple combined several family foundations and made a $28 billion contribution to form the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” (Gates Foundation). The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has focused on improving people’s health and giving them a chance to lift themselves from extreme poverty and hunger. Their goal is to ensure everyone has equal access and opportunities in order to succeed in school and in life. According to an interview in the UK Bill Gates mentioned “My wife and I had a long dialogue about how we were going to take the wealth that we’re lucky enough to have and give it back in a way that’s most impactful to the world” (The Telegraph). Throughout this foundation, Gates and his wife have donated more than $36 billion to charitable causes inside their foundation. The massive amount of help he has done in charities and technology have come down to the conclusion of building a monument in regards to his success, creativity and humbleness. Bill Gates monument should be built in his hometown, Seattle Washington. What another better place than to resemble where it all started. In Seattle, some of the country’s top fortune companies are located around the area and Microsoft, being one of them, resembles Bill Gates. Bill Gates has qualities of a positive influencer and creator that inspires many people to work towards their goals. Not only that, but he’s the head leader of one of the biggest charity organizations that has helped many people in need. I believe this monument should be made in the Chihuly Garden and Glass. The Chihuly Garden and Glass is an art museum and sculpture garden. This place is more than perfect to have Bill Gates face viewed by people from the city or any incoming tourist. Due to this man’s immense work and talent I strongly believe he has influenced many people to never give up on what they aspire in life. As once, a normal human being with big dreams, came up with his own program that made a huge advancement in the technology world. Once becoming the richest man in the world, he didn’t hesitate on giving back to the ones in need. This man is truly a leader for many people out there with big dreams. Creativity and humbleness can get you far as you wish. Everyone can accomplish their goals with dedication, therefore a monument is needed as a daily reminder to everyone that if he did it, you can as well.
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