Bill Gates’ Education and own Software

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One of the richest people in the world is bill gates as he is owns many thing such as the popular computer company. Gates was born on October 28 in 1955, his passion for technology began when he was just at the age of eight years old, not only was he really young but at the age of thirteen he built his very own computer program called tic tac toe.

The program is simple just play a game of tic tac toe with a friend on a computer screen. His love for computers would continue to grow as some of his peers would say he would sneak out to the computer lab. As he eventually turned 13 bill started working on more computer programs. At the age of 13 bill attended lakeside school a school located in Seattle Washington. There would continue his love for computer and programing. Although he didn’t always like the school he had no choice but to go in order to continue his journey. Later on as bill evolved into an adult he enrolled in Harvard university.

There he would continue his work and create software called traf of data.
Two years later he continued on his work of software and began to start his on his own company. In just two weeks bill created his first computer This later on changing their company giving it a name and a purpose, the company would be called Microsoft it got its name from bills micro processors.
Once the ball started rolling, Gates realized that the technologies used in his computers, specifically the microprocessor, could be used in other items than a computer. For example, elevator controls, traffic lights, automobiles, heating and air conditioning systems, stereos, televisions, etc had now become more technologically advanced, saving manufacturers a great deal of money.

Bill dropped out of Harvard university later on to continue on Microsoft and it was going well too Microsoft was able to accomplish many things and make more money into bill’s pocket.
Many of these accomplishments included Microsoft creating the popular windows and windows 95 these computers software were so advanced that they sold over 7 million copies and that’s just the start of Microsoft they also ended making another computer called windows 7 and has only doubled in sales than windows 95 selling over 14 million copies. Bill was making bank and is only getting started with future releases such as windows 8, xbox consoles, software, mobile phones, windows 9, and windows 10.
Microsoft is one of bills biggest success he has enough money to keep his family wealthy for years and his wife and children are on a path their own with bill’s wife passing the BGMA foundation becoming one of the biggest foundations in the world.

Bill Gates is more than just a philanthropist and a leader in technologies. He is more of a revolution or a pioneer than anything else. He invented his own programming language, operating system and even computers and didn’t even graduate from college. He stepped down from his own billion dollar company Microsoft to form the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and help millions and to this day Bill is alive and breathing ready for any more Inventions ready for use and more challenges that may face Microsoft. And as the company moves on forward possibly without bill he will leave an incredible impact on the world.
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