Brief Biography of Bill Gates

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Bill Gates Early Childhood

Bill Gates parents met in college while attending class for their future careers. His father was William H. and his mother Mary Maxwell. She was a student at the University of Washington along with her future husband. William was a law student and went on to earn a bachelors and the master's degree. She was involved in a group that would better the climate and community of their school. Bill was raised in a competitive family with two other siblings. His older sister Kristianne Gates and his younger sister Libby Gates. Bill would organize family game nights and competitions between him and his siblings. Him and his family would also play board games and compete. Bill gates was close with his whole family but mostly his mother. She was first teaching and then quit to raise her children this made him and his mom closer. His mom volunteered her free time to charities and served on corporate boards. She would take Bill to the places that she volunteered at. They would spend a lot of time together making Bill cling to his mother the most.

Early Adulthood

Bill Gates was an intellectual young man as college boards saw this along with Lakeside school. This is where he attended high school. On his SAT test he scored a 1590 out of 1600. Achieving such a high score Bill Gates decided to attend college. In 1973 h .///e went to Hartford University. While he was good with computers, he first wanted to have a career in law just like his father. However within two years of attending college bill dropped out. The year is now 1975 and he wanted to pursue a business career. This is where him and his partner Paul Allen came up with Microsoft. They both shared a love for computers and became great friends. These two had been partners for a while. In 1970 they decided to start a business together. They made a computer program that monitor traffic patterns. This program was called Traf-o-Data. The two were only 15 yet, made $20,000 with this program. They wanted to start a new company hence Microsoft.


From a young age Bill Gates love to design things. From games to computer programs. When he met his friend Paul Allen who also had a love for computers and programming they wanted to make a business. The two of them were great partners and did very well together with their first business idea. Later on they decided to develop the company Microsoft.

Building Upon Success

Building upon the success of their first company, Gates and Alan increased their profit with the company Microsoft. They had brought in 2.5 million dollars with in the first four years of business. Over the course of the next few years Bill reworked some of the coding for the company to help fix any problems that were occurring. Over the next three years staff increased along with intake. They now had up to 128 people working at the company with an intake of $16 million in the year 1981. By 1983 Microsoft had been known globally with offices in Britain and Japan.

Philanthropic Deeds

Some people may say that Bill Gates is one of the most philanthropic people out there. Billions of his dollars have be donated to these charities; ALS Association, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Children's Vaccine Program, Children with AIDS, Comic Relief, Earth Institute, Estamos.

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