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Bill Gates is an entrepreneur, business magnate, author and the man who has positively affected America’s generation with his creative thought. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates promised to give away more than half of his fortune to a charitable organization. Bill’s Foundation has given away over $14.3 billion to various international schools, as well as, helped society by creating many job opportunities for those people who are interested in technology, people who don’t know where to go with a bachelor’s degree, or for the ones who have a high school diploma. He wants everyone to have a career and have some type of income while they are in the business. He’s working on making the world a better place than it already is he wants the world to be more advanced than it already is. Bill Gates has created a lot of access for people with his advanced technology so that people can take their minds off stress or use the software for entertainment purposes. Bill Gates has positively affected America's society with his wealth. His critical thinking is positively affecting the world with advanced technology, jobs, and education.

To begin, it’s not a mystery that Bill Gates is a world-known billionaire. He developed Microsoft so that people can enjoy his software, like for instance, the windows computer software. Windows gave people the opportunity to think outside the box. Bill Gates has given his computers to over 10,000 public libraries so that anyone could have better access to resources.

He has created a solution to work from home with computer software Microsoft Word, etc. He created this so that people could find their career path. Microsoft is the main key to help people when their working at home or, in an office or, on the go. Additionally, it gave everyone a chance to explore the internet to find resources, articles, biographies, etc. To further explain his love for technology, Bill Gates has teamed up with plenty of CPU companies to create Microsoft’s very own first gaming console called the “Xbox”. It is one of the top three gaming consoles all over the world with its aesthetic features, and fascinating overlook of technology. In the early 2000’s, the Xbox was there for people to discover their imagination on a totally different level. It’s impressive features of different graphics made the “Xbox” one of the best consoles to ever be enjoyable, with its features of playing online with your friends in different cities, states, and even countries. It was created for people who wanted to take their excitement to a different level. His craft was to take his technology to a whole different level, so he decided to take his money somewhere else.

He wanted to create innovative toilets for the third world countries because of all the diseases and germs. There are many innocent adults and children dying from the diseases contracted from bacteria in small poverty cities. The newly innovated toilets can prevent germs with its fascinating features. Its useful function is to take human waste and refurnish it into clean refreshed water. With the help of his wife Bill’s foundation which would save the innocent people around the world, especially in third world countries. He partnered with Gavi for vaccines, and teamed with the global fund for HIV, TB, and Malaria. His foundation fund and basic vaccines packages, and contraception in developing countries. His goal is to reduce the numerous sepsis cases and premature deaths of babies when women give birth. Furthermore, the foundation is trying to help improve the dieting system in the third world countries to prevent the continual growth of malnutrition.

Bill Gates wanted to start a foundation for people who can’t get an education because of the schools closing in the local poverty-stricken areas. With the help of his wife Melinda Gates he has helped poor schools around the world so that the youth could have a bright and better future. Bill and Melinda Gates put over 1.7 billion dollars total for schools all around the world. According to Bloomberg politics, "We're not inventing anything in this strategy. We're taking what we learned from research and experience," said Bob Hughes, who leads Gates' K-12 education program. Gates agreed to give over 460 million dollars over the next five years for network supplies school programs.

By the end of 2018, the program was left with over 280 million dollars. The Gates family believed that any and everyone deserves an education no matter their circumstances. He put 280 million dollars to use for the low-income schools in need. Bill and Melinda Gates made it their top priority in the U.S. help the border of education, and it has been completed with their curiosity and courage to advance, the education program. They’ve gotten over 20,000 scholarships total from colleges all over the world for students who can’t afford college. Bill and Melinda’s foundation believed k-12 students should have an education to increase their tests scores, like for example math and English, and should receive an opportunity to understand their academics. Bill and Melinda Gates have taken their fortune and put it to use for educational purposes so that students have a bright future ahead of them

Microsoft has been a tremendous success for Bill Gates, but he wants to help everyone who are inspired with his success. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the program to find jobs that are available for the ones in need. The foundation is there for people finding careers like public health, legal, public policy and global communication. According to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website “We believe that energized people work well together” stated on their fueled by great leadership, in an environment in which they thrive on doing phenomenal things. This foundation is here to guide adult students who didn’t have an idea on what they’ve wanted to do with their life. This foundation brought life to the world with its interest in jobs, and for those in need of either full- time management, accounting or financing. Bill and Melinda wanted to take things to the next level for people in need of a career. This foundation has Est. to 4.8 billion dollars for employers. In the article “Melinda Gates Quotes,” according to Melinda Gates, “If you are successful, it is because somewhere, sometime, someone gave you a life or an idea that started you in the right direction. Remember also that you are indebted to life until you help some less fortunate person, just as you were helped.” To sum up Bill Gates has positively affected Americas society

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