A Problem of Ebola Virus

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Ebola comes from the Filoviridae family that has an adverse sense of RNA. The illness affects both humans and primates by causing severe hemorrhagic fever thus having a mortality rate of approximately 90 % (Dessen et al., 2000). Up to today, no vaccines have proven to prevent or cure the Ebola virus. When the infection is absent, specific antivirals and vaccines that concern the filo-viruses have been known to have helpful bioterrorism agents. To understand this better, the aspect of the Ebola virus molecule, pathogenesis and replication must be present for effective antivirals or medicine.

The virus-encoded polypeptides (seven) derived from the RNA of the ca. 19.0 kb like nucleoprotein (NP), glycoprotein (GP), VP24, VP40, VP30, and VP35 (Pleko & Podlipnik, 2016). The primary role of the viral proteins is to elucidate or investigate the functions of the Ebola proteins have never been achieved. For instance, the surface VP40 and GP matrix protein in the virus are shown and characterized to the features of the virus entry and attachment in budding and assembly (Pleko & Podlipnik, 2016). In contrast, no evidence shows the function and structure of Ebola's virus VP24 matrix protein.

The matrix contained in Ebola's proteins can associate with the self-interacting and lipid bilayers to develop the homo-oligomers. Such elements are vital for the matrix proteins when they function with the virion budding and assembly. For instance a VP40 protein is a virion protein that functions in budding when constructing the Ebola virus. There was recent research that discovered that VP40's C-terminal region is vital for associating with the Lipid Bilayers (Bornholdt,  Ableson, & Saphire, 2013). The N-terminals, on the other hand, was crucial for subsequent assembly and Oligomerization of the progeny virions.

Moreover, the VP40 can individually bud like the filamentous virus-like elements in the presence of the mammalian cells. The release of the VP40 therefore into the VLP's not only does it depend on the late-budding domain but also on the membrane binding. The L-domains, in this case, are known to have the presence of the VP40 N-terminus for a rational function because it mediates its interaction with the cellular proteins while budding.

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