Mechanic Organic Debate

MECHANIC-ORGANIC DEBATE Since the 1960’s , much of the organization theory writing is a never – ending debate between the machine / organ analogies , and attempts to develop growth models of how simple mechanistic forms can grow into the more complex organic forms . This study approaches this mechanistic – organic duality from a storryelling perspective : Example in manegement . The manegement literature and example are resources for better understanding what passes for acceptable dialogue within modern organisation . Example are a potential source for further research because they reveal what ideologically acceptable on the one hand and what one the other is considered by managers as acceptable terrain for contestation . Studying the exemplum might prove to be an efficient means of better understanding how maneragial capitalism is changing because analysis reveals the ideological limits of what can be told with culturel authority to groups of managers . From Mechanical Managament to Organic Managament Managament ; is a job that everyone desires . There are some people they have the idea that managament is only power and authority . This people wants to reach their targets and goals . They are capable to do everything for example to kill someone for just reaching their targets . Sometimes millions of people have suffered from the governments just because of their ambitions . Or maybe they were just the victim of their ignorence or their devotion to the government . Nowadays , knowledge has become more important than power.Different types of communication between countries are unlimited . That’s why the logic and system of managament has changed . Managament has changed from mechanic to organic . What is the Mechanic Managament ? Mechanic sytsems are stable . Mostly they fit to an constant area.Mechanic managament looks like the bureaucratic structure . The features of the Mechanic managament is as following ; – There are specialized tasks – There are strictly defined duties , tasks and technic methods – There is a strictly hierarchical structure – All the informations are collected in the senior managamnet – There is vertical communication ORGANIC SYSTEM OrganA„A±c system has more flexible structure than others . It can be coherent with changing situation . This system apply for new and unexpected working group . This system is using by company which can not work in hierarchical . We can put in order organic system’s function . 1) It can provide contribution , experience , information to mission in the organization . 2) Redefine mission and regulation 3) Supervision , authorithy , organization in communication 4) Information which has to be expansion all acto r. Such as emplooyer , manager . 5) Valid for horizontal communication . 6) Communication , instruction , bases on information instead of decision . Organic system is not hierarchical if we compare organic system and mechanic system . Manager have a say in the system . Manager say to workers : ‘ You have to work so hard .’ Workers can be motivated by money . Workers prevent from take a responsibility . Workers enjoy the holiday . Workers can shirk every time . Manager has to control them . At least it looks like from outside . Money is the most important thing for the workers . Because all decisions are taking by manager . There is no cooperation . Today mechanic management is decreasing . Because this method is not available for this period . The people want to give an opinion . In thA„A±s system , just manager can give an opinion . Workers just do routin things . Workers just fill work-time . They don’t like work . Generally , they do not work so much . They do not want to work so much . They prevent from work . They always think the holiday . Because there is no responsibility for workers . Workers should be controlled by managers . There is vertical communication . Manager and workers never meet . Manager give order to workers thanks to chief . Manager can collect to the information . Workers just do their jobs . But in some working group , the mechanic system can be work . Some working groups need the hierarchial structure . Organic system does not work for those groups . Because it needs more dicipline and less managers . Organizations can be in a mechanic or in a organic way . Or some tasks could be types of mechanic or organic . -In mechanical structures every position on the firm is defined very detailed , cleary and technicaly . The connections in the organization are vertically . -In organic structures the definition of the job is flexible and short.Duties , functions , methods and authorities can change all the time . Relations and communications are in a horizontal way and constantly in discussion . – Mechanic Organizations ; – Enviromental conditions are still and balanced – The speed of change should be vary slow – Organic Organizations – Enviromental conditions are changing very fast and continious . 1.CHANGE IN THE EXECUTIVE’S PERSPECTIVE A change in a system does not mean anything without a logical change . So , it has to be a change in executive’s perspective . In this change the system has to gain some new meanings . The executive manager has to accept his workers as a teammate to carry out a purpose . Not to see them as a tool or a machine . In old and mechanic apprehension , the executive tries to do all works and give all decisions by himself . Workers have right to speak about trivial details when the executive does not have enough time . Worker is seen as somebody who likes money , holidays and who afraids of responsibility . Worker must been followed for every moment because he can easily sneak out from the work . In organic apprehension , executive-worker relationship is based on mutual trust . Worker is been accepted a person who does his work in pleasure . Worker spends effort to be a professional in bussines . The executive respects his idea . His fertility grows up when worker get a chance . In executive – worker relationship , mechanic system causes a vicious cycle but organic system causes a productive cycle . If the executive manager does not trust the worker and sees him as a machine , the worker loses his self confidence . And worker thinks that he has to obey his executive . But in new system , worker has right to speak so he tries to be a part of bussines and deserves executive’s trust . He thinks that contributes to every success . And this is very important motivation for worker . Another benefit of the system is , if a project become unsuccessful , worker can not blame anybody because he has an idea in that project too . Even in our politic life senators do not have right to speak at all . However in Matsu Sita company ( owns panasonic, national.. ) in 1975 63.000 worker produced 663.475 ideas . In 1991 95000 worker produced 4 million ideas . If we want to protect our national worths and if we want to keep up with the world , we have consider more and we have to get rid of being unresponsive bulks . Its a sad situation , because the western world have reached our worths by trial and error methods but we can not reach our own methods for centuries . But it is a fact … 2. CHANGE IN THE ORGANIZATION SYSTEM At first , this change is going to be seen like the rights the executive give the workers , but over time this change will be systematical and going to be perceived as normal . In this change , planning is going to be a teamwork . In this new system attendance will take place of the obedience and workers will control each other . Human relationship will be more popular , the executive managers will persuade the workers , they are not going to give them orders . A person who works in organic system , tries to do a work in best way and tries to do the best work that he can do . In mechanic system the second one is not important so much . New system makes it possible to give decisions in application area but in old system the workers wait orders from the center and this is waste of time . In the new system the attendence of workers and the brainstorms are going to help to find the best . One of the important benefits of organic system is that the executive manager can give some extremely important opportunities to workers like general coordination , strategic planning … We can not say that the humans and organizations can use mechanic or organic system 100% . Even this proportion could change under some factors like quality of executive-worker , their ages and some other reasons . With widespreading of the organic system mastership gets out from being a power source . While communication networks decreases the importance of the borders , the organic system reduces the authority of being an executive on humans . In the new system , the people could be an executive with their knowledges , experiences and self abandonments . The workers who thinks like ‘’ I do my job and i gain my money’’ will be eleminated in this system . Local governances will rise up and bureaucracy will loose power . So the democratic worths will spread over the society . We are so far behind the western about the mastership and consultation . – Grouping these activities meaningful and effective – Staging these groups by specific organization and positions and – Assign the employees to these pozitions These codes included to title In other words organizing means , differentiation of the vertical , horizontal and spatial by the realize the aim for Works to do. 3.At the end of that differentation coordination will be happen . So we can understand that organizing is differatation and creating the coordination . In coordination distrubition of the authority is effective . Foundation Stone of the organization is specify of organization positions . Namely gathering the Works to do creates positions . basic step of that work : Specify of the Works to do Specify of the authority that future employee has . Specify of the which abilities , knowledge and skills that employee should has . Thus you’ll appear “ forma l” organizationa pozition none related with person . Later departments will be appear by relating these positions by themselves . And then organization structure can be Express by schema . Actually design of the organization has same meaning with organizing . But sometimes we can see that usage of design of the organization and organization have same meaning . Mainly organiaztion elements that will be design are : In recent years , lean and simple network management practices is seen as one of the organizations , new developments such as new organizational hierarchy and self-governing , with decision-making basis did not reduce the importance of the relationship between levels of the organization . These developments in our view , bearing the characteristics of the different stages of the employees before the decision to be faced with situations caused . So for example , a self-governing within the team a person sometimes recruited directly facing , sometimes strategic property overriding , sometimes completely under conditions of uncertainty to make a choice decisions requiring states . in the way of a ‘cross functional team’ working in a person , for example , more before the mid-level features of the decisions adopted decisions will be faced with situations involved . Organizing or organizing community activities related to the creation of organizational structure , a process refers . This process ; – It significantly and effectively to group activities – These groups and positions to make certain organizational levels and positions (positions) to assign that work includes the stages . In other words , to organize work to be done to accomplish the goal of the vertical , horizontal and spatially differentiated .Therefore referred to the end of a differentiation with it will be because of to organize coordination , differentiation and ensuring coordination can understand . Relates to the coordination devolution . Conclusion Mechanistic and organic organizations are opposite ends of a continuum of organizational structure possibilities . They represent pure types not necessarily found in real life . Mechanistic organizations are efficient , rigid , predictable , and standardized organizations . In particular , mechanistic organizations are characterized by a rigid hierarchy ; high levels of formalization ; a heavy reliance on rules , policies , and procedures ; vertical specialization ; centralized decision making ; downward communication flows ; and narrowly defined tasks . In contrast , organic organizations are flexible , adaptable , and team directed . Specifically , organic organizations are characterized by weak or multiple hierarchies ; low levels of formalization ; loose rules , policies , and procedures ; horizontal specialization ; decentralized decision making ; communication flows in all directions ; and fluidity of tasks adaptable to changing conditions . The most distinct difference between the two organizational structures is based on the effectiveness criteria of each model . Whereas mechanistic organizations seek to maximize efficiency and standardization , organic organizations seek to maximize satisfaction and development . References Hugh J. Arnold – Daniel C. Feldman , Organizational Behaviour , ( McGraw – Hill Series in Management ) Phillip K. Duncan , Current Topics in Organizational Behavior Managemenet , ( 1982 , United States of America ) Henry Tosi , Massimo Pilati – Managing Organizational Behavior , Individuals , Teams , Organization and Management ( 2011 , United Kingdom ) Kae H. Chung , Leon C. Megginson – Organizational Behavior , Developing Managerial Skills , Harper & Row ( 1981 ) Rae Andre – Organizational Behavior , An Introduction to Your Life in Organizations , Pearson International Edition , Business And Economics ( 2008 ) Colquitt / LePine / Wesson , Organizational Behavior – Essentials for Improving Performance and Commitment , McGraw-Hill International Edition ( United States of America ) Robert E. Callahan , C. Patrick Fleenor , Harry R. Knudson , Understanding Organizational Behavior – A Managerial Viewpoint Donald D. White , David A. Bednar , Organizational Behavior , Understanding and Managing People at Work ( United States of America ) Jennifer M. George , Gareth R. Jones – Organizational Behavior , Understanding and Managing

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