Being a Journalist is my Dream Job

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Tokyo, Japan- Population: 37,126,000. Delhi, India- Population: 22,547,000. New York, U.S.A.- Population: 20,464,000. Just 3 of over 300,000 cities in this massive world. Every single person has a story. And every single one is worthy of writing down. Unlike some, I love being surrounded by strangers. Something about it gives the feeling of almost... freedom. So, the thought of being a journalist on Wanderers absolutely intrigues me because it would allow me to travel, it would suffice my love for writing, and it would let me interact with strangers.

To begin with, journaling other adventurers would serve my dreams to travel. For example, I could travel to a big city and work for a journalism company. Being able to experience the "big city" like New York or Boston would be so amazing, because in comparison to living just outside of a small town, it would be a remarkably drastic change. Another example is I could travel to a very rural community in say, Africa. It would be such an eye opening experience to be able to journal about life in a desolate area. It would also be a major difference from life here in New Prague, which is exactly what I'm looking for.

The second reason why recording stranger's stories captivates me is because it would satisfy my love to write. For instance, I would be able to share other people's stories through my writing. Having this dream job would give my writing purpose. It would give it emotion whilst opening reader's eyes on what goes on in the lives of those around them. Also, I would get to learn more about the world around me through writing. Journaling other's stories would not only open other's eyes, but mine as well. It would give me a chance to write about what we are blindsided to in the now. It would give me the chance to have my words be read, and to do it in a way of telling about other's endurance would be so incredible.

Finally, within this job I would have the opportunity of connecting with strangers. First off, I could be giving the opportunity to engage in a conversation with a destituted person. In a city with millions of inhabitants, there is bound to be many homeless people. Those of that population have stories that we couldn't even begin to imagine. And to be able to write those down and share with those around me to realize the hardships that destituted people endure, we would stop and think before we give them a dirty look. Another example is that I could connect with people who have experienced similar things that I have.

There are so many people in the world that have gone through the same things that I have, I just know it. It would be really cool to converse with them and listen to how they adjusted to it. It would also give others the chance to read my writing and see that they are not alone. Manila, Philippines- Population: 20,767,000. Mumbai, India- Population: 16,910,000. Los Angeles, U.S.A.- Population: 14,900,00. We can't even begin to realize how many people there really are in this world, and to be able to talk to so many and hear their stories? To be a journalist? It really is the dream job. Life would be sufficient for me in this job because I could travel, write, and connect with strangers. We often take for granted what we have. This job what not only be an eye opener for me but for others as well. It would everyone know what goes on around them. This job is easily THE dream job.

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