Craziest Rap

The most interesting part of this whole feud was that 50 Cent and The Game were actually friends, and worked at G-Unit together. The two were set up to meet and make songs together before Game’s debut album, The Documentary. Dr.

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Dre was the one who set it up, and the main purpose of the two meeting was to create buzz for Game’s album because 50 was already well established and could help get his name hot. The two hit it off and had good chemistry together, proven by 50 being on 3 songs on the album. All of that was to end, and the great chemistry that the two had quickly turned into animosity and anger. The beef would last multiple years and both artists would release diss, after diss, after diss aimed at each other.

By the time that the Game’s first album was ready to have a date set up, so was 50 Cent’s second album, The Massacre. Since they were from the same record labels, the executives didn’t want the albums to compete against each other for sales. Due to this, one album had to be pushed back from the original release dates, and the label chose 50’s to be delayed. 50 Cent being put second caused a rift between the two and the head of Interscope Records, Jimmy Lovine. The Game and 50 Cent went from being really good friends and almost like a duo to not speaking or even making music together. None of this was seen by the public eye, it was behind closed doors. Eventually though, the beef would be exposed to the general public.

Evidence of a beef would become easy to see when in the video for their song, Hate it or Love it, came out in early February. The two looked distant as 50 was in the back seat of the car for the video especially when he was supposed to be sitting right next to Game. This became crystal clear when 50 Cent went on Hot 97 radio show on February 28th, 2005. He would say, he’s gone, and for Game to stop using G-Unit because of all the tension. That same day would turn violent quickly as later on in the day, as the two’s entourages would clash outside of the building. The scuffle would ultimately end with gunfire, and one person ended up being injured in the shooting. The one person was Kevin Reed from Compton, who was in the Game’s entourage. G-Unit managed to get 50 out of the radio station safely, and untouched. This one event would start a decade long beef between the two, and more physical altercations.

This back and forth beef went on for pretty much a whole decade, as they finally resolved the tension in 2016. Their animosity towards each other led to over 100 songs that contain a diss towards the other. That’s nearly 10 disses a year, so you can tell their problem was that neither of them could let anything go even though it was started for nothing either of them could control. The record label started this whole thing just because of business reasons. This beef should show people to let things go, especially when you can’t change what happened. Two seemingly best friends and music partners broke up because one’s album date got rescheduled to a later time. After 10 years they finally bury the hatchet, and it shouldn’t have been a big problem in the first place. They have yet to make a track together again, but who knows what could happen? They probably talk about how dumb the whole thing was and how they both almost got shot over words. Yet it will go down as one of the most notorious rap beefs for the sheer volume of the beef. These dudes hated each other so much that they made 100 diss songs in 10 years, just let that sink in.

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