Micheal Jackson – the King of Pop

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Early life

Do you know the king of pop? Well his name is Michael jackson. So Michael did not get a lot of time to do stuff like play. He was busy working for a band at the age of 5. Ironically the band he was working for called the “Jackson 5” In this band he was one of the singers. The band was a group of 5 brothers. They made a lot of songs you might know about the most popular ones are “ABC” and “I Want You Back” those ones you might have heard. I personally am a big fan of Michael Jackson, he is a good singer, I would recomend him to any person. Ok back to facts. He was very young when he and his band got a record for most sold music records. The members of the Jackson 5 were the brothers of Michael there names were Tito, Toriano, Jermaine, Marlon, Sigmund.

Middle Life

A little later in his life Michael decided that he wanted to be a singer by himself. Then he made many songs such as “Thriller”, “Beat It”, and “Billy Jean” Oh but who could forget “Smooth Criminal” that one is one of my favorites. Michael was becoming very famous. Micheal had a disabillity and it is insomnia. Insomnia gives you the inabillity to sleep. Thriller is a Michael Jackson album, it was the best selling album until 2018 the Eagles passed Michael Jackson, the master of the ye he.


Michael Jacksons death was pretty sad/scary sad because well, he died. Scary because the way he died is because something was wrong with his insomnia pills. And this was not a accident, it was murder. His doctor messed up the pill on purpose. Some people say this was not the persons first murder, but still its sad. He died on 2009. At least Michael will still be remembered as the king of pop.


I hope you learned about Michaels Early life, middle life, and end. I hope you learned just as much about Michael Jackson life as I had. For the past 5 years i learned about him. This is just some of the stuff learned you can learn to! And a way how is to check the credit zone.

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