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The Hip Hop Community

Just recently the online community of rap artists lost a few of great contributors like XXXTentacion and Mac Miller. In recent years XXXTentacion, who’s real name is Jaseh, spoke up about anxiety depression and suicide telling all how he felt in “17” released August 25th 2017. He didn’t rap about the typical topics like Money […]

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Impact of Rap Music in Cultivating being

What is Hip Hop: To understand the impact of rap music in cultivating an urban black identity and possible being adopted by non-back groups you must understand Hip Hop. It is imperative to realize that to Hip-hop is not just about music. It is a special era of culture where fashion, art, music and language. […]

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Rap Music and a Young African American Males

Rap Music’s Positive Effects on the Young African American Male This study is going to include research into the positive effects and influence that rap music has on the young African American male. As well as the differences on how uptempo and downtempo music effect on the brain. We will also examine the social effects […]

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History of Rap Music

Rap music is an important part of hip-hop culture. This music features vocalists, also called MC’s, that recite lyrics over instrumental beats. Although many Americans do not view rap as an art form it was a way for people especially minorities, such as black and latinx youth, to spark conversation about their lives and struggles. […]

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Effect of Rap Music in a Teens Life

Have you ever thought about how the music you listen to affect you? There have been many studies done on how music, especially rap music, affects people. Rap music affects teens lives through increased violence, poor life choices, and causes negative emotions. The sheer popularity of rap music makes it nearly impossible for it influences […]

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A Song for Assata by Common and CeeLo Green

Throughout the world history, music has contributed many important parts to human’s culture and politics. Especially, during the darkest times in the American history, music has become the tool that strengthen the spirit that is so influential and expresses the ideas of all the times. During the era of slavery, music has changed due to […]

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The Influence of Rap Music

Rap music may not only potentially ruin the futures of the children listening, but also the future of America. It is safe to say that rap and hip hop is taking over the music industry, especially with the younger generations as the main audience. The problem with this is the content of the music and […]

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About Rap Music

Women were always a great source of inspiration, especially in Art. We can see portraits of glamorous women on walls, paintings, clothing, or in tattoos on people’s bodies. Also, women have been inspiring the music world since the very beginning, and more than that, they are active as performers on big stages where they sing, […]

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The Effects of the Rap Music on Young Adults

Rap music and artists have been blamed widely in the media for spurring violence. Music is said to have a great influence on individuals, specifically adolescents who are learning and finding their way through life looking to the people they see on television and listen to on the radio, as role models. Over the years […]

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The 90’s Rap Culture

The golden age. Rap music. Hip-hop. Gangster rap. These are just some of the few terms that people call the 90’s era of music. Many people in the United States view the 1990’s music as the start of rap culture. From Compton, California all the way to Brooklyn, New York. This was a way that […]

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Craziest Rap

The most interesting part of this whole feud was that 50 Cent and The Game were actually friends, and worked at G-Unit together. The two were set up to meet and make songs together before Game’s debut album, The Documentary. Dr. Dre was the one who set it up, and the main purpose of the […]

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The Genre of Hip-Hop Rap Music

What’s your favorite genre of music? Me, personally, I like Hip-Hop/Rap music. Yes, I did say Hip-Hop/Rap music. Although they hip-hop and rap aren’t the same thing, they still go hand in hand with each other. Rap music is basically just a huge part of the Hip-Hop community. A long time ago the word rap […]

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