The Beatles Influence

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In 1964 a band named the Beatles arose to fame and they were the first British band to come to America during the 60’s and have more than one hit in America. After their success, in the same year more British Bands came to America to have success. The Beatles started doing new things that would inspire other bands to do similar song to the Beatles. The Beatles are the most influential band of rock and roll history. The Beatles were the first British band to come to America and have a successful hit there and make other British bands come. In the text states, With the Beatles, other exuberant male quartets such as the Searchers, the Fourmost, and Gerry and the Pacemakersplus the quintet Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotaslaunched ‘Merseybeat,’ (Ira Robbins, 2017, Encyclop?¦dia Britannica, inc.). The Beatles were the first British band to come over to America and have a successful appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. This influenced other British Bands to come to America.

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This was the start to the British Invasion, a period in time when British bands came over to America for a hit in America. The Beatles influenced a whole generation of bands, and more, to play rock and roll like them. They set the standard for a rock and roll group. The Beatles changed a lot for instance, the Beatles influenced album covers and how they looked. Before The Beatles album Sgt. pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, album covers were just the Band name and the picture of the band. They had no meaning to them but in the year 1967 when Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, came out the cover had vibrant colours and and meaning to it all. They were putting the old Beatles to rest and making a new name for themselves. The Beatles were leaders in expanding an album cover’s function from a marketing tool, to a work of art in its own right.

The Beatles started changing their album covers to more artsy around 1966 with the release of Revolver, an album which the cover resembles Aubrey Beardsley’s Victorian Black Paintings. But when other bands saw Sgt Pepper’s album cover they tried things similar to that. In the text states, With Sgt. Pepper, The Beatles were in a posture of challenge, challenging everything they’ve been up to that point, challenging the highbrow art critics to abandon their exclusion of popular culture, challenging the listening public to engage with something other than love songs in the same four chords. 

The Beatles wanted to create music that would challenge the art critics to include their pop culture into their reviews and to make songs that were more than simple love songs with the same four chords. The Beatles influenced most bands in 1967 and challenged them to make better songs. The Rolling Stones were wizards and their background had very similar vibrant colours to The Beatles Sgt. Peppers. Paragraph 4- Body 3 The Beatles were a big fan of American rock and roll so, the Beatles influenced Britain to play rock and roll. After their success on the Ed Sullivan Show, Britain had seen that American style Rock and Roll was the way to be successful in a music career. This was the mindset of most bands simply because The Beatles had done it. In the text states, Rock swept Britain. By 1964 Greater London could claim the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, the Who, the Kinks, the Pretty Things, Dusty Springfield, the Dave Clark Five, Peter and Gordon, Chad and Jeremy, and Manfred Mann. 

In 1964 Rock was more popular than Skiffle, British country style music, just because the Beatles did it. Even London a more high-class type town was dressing like lower-class citizens and playing like the Beatles which were full of working-class citizens who were looked down upon by Londoners. The Beatles influenced a whole nation into playing American style rock and roll. The Beatles influenced how other bands should be in their eyes. Before the Beatles there was Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. These two musicians were both impactful on The Beatles in different ways. Elvis didn’t write his own songs but The Beatles admired his appearance and they wanted to act like him on stage. Buddy Holly wrote his own songs and played guitar, The Beatles admired him because playing and singing songs is one thing but writing and singing and playing your own songs is even better so they wanted to be like him too. The Beatles invented the self-contained rock and roll band, playing their own instruments and writing their own hits.

The Beatles didn’t start invent the self-contained rock and roll band, but they did promote the idea and influenced more bands after them to do the same and write their own songs and play them. People were so infatuated with The Beatles and, The Beatles influenced people to think that they were Beethoven’s of their day. Music critics loved the Beatles and said that the Beatles music was brilliant and new similar to Beethoven in his day as he was brilliant and new. Enthusiasts even claimed the Beatles were the Beethovens of their day. Thirty years even 130 years after his death, people listened to Beethoven’s works with greater enthusiasm than they had when he was alive. Brahms despaired of writing symphonies because it was believed that Ludwig van had exhausted the genre. Nobody has ever claimed that the Fab Four exhausted the pop song. 

The Beatles created complex and meaningful music similar to Beethoven. Although Ludwig ruined the genre of music, The Beatles only grew rock and roll and arguably created it. They grew a genre of music that was called brilliant and amazing which was what they said about Beethoven’s type of music. The Beatles influenced people to think of them as brilliant musicians like Beethoven. The Beatles were an amazing band and they still influence bands today. The Beatles made a name for themselves in 1964 when they went on the Ed Sullivan Show, influencing other British Bands to come over to America. They then changed the way how album covers looked with Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band had very vibrant colours which other bands copied them like The Rolling Stones. They also influenced bands that play, write, and sing their own music. All of the evidence has come to one conclusion about The Beatles and that’s that they were the most influential rock band of all time.

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