Students Adapting to a New Way of Learning

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Everything is moving online these days due to the COVID-19 contingency. Even our education was transferred to the Internet, but how would it do you to organize your own time to carry out your assigned activities? The way you learn by line is more accessible, more comfortable, and the learning pace is managed by the student. However, there are many elements that overwhelm students at the moment, the changes are not easy, but they are very good over time, in my opinion this is one more way to learn by other means, to evolve into the future.

Comfort is very important for many students. Countless students choose online education to avoid wasting time moving from home to school or vice versa. It gives them peace of mind that they don't need a uniform to attend some kind, they don't even need formal clothes, I believe this for women is a big advantage, because we continually struggle with the sad decision not to know how to dress, an example of this is that you can introduce yourself to some kind even though they are in their pajamas, because usually the classes are not by video call and of course they will not see you. .

I think it's easier for many students to just listen to lectures or classes and complete the tasks that are sent to them electronically, without the need to fight traffic, leave work early for class or miss something important with the family. Instead of missing important class sessions (due to weather conditions), students in online courses can always 'assist' by participating in discussion boards or chat sessions, delivering their work on time, and watching lectures or reading materials. In other words, being an online student inhibits many of the problems that regular students experience on a daily basis.

Another reason students benefit from studying online is that the cost of getting an online education is cheaper on average than receiving a traditional education. For example, there are no transfer costs, and sometimes the required course materials, such as textbooks, are available online at no cost.

As illustrated in the following figure, the region's participation in Internet use in 2020 has been increasing and thus improving the quality of these media, probably on the subject of COVID-19, but this will help create new and better ways to learn.

In conclusion it is clear that there are benefits to replacing physical classes with online classes, even for a season. In addition to having more independence and organization as students, we will be able to improve our learning with less investment and more satisfaction.

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