Communication and Collaboration Strategies for Different Learning Styles and Personality Types

Communication and collaboration Strategies for Different learning styles and personality Types Gen/200 Even though most people do not understand learning and intelligence well enough, it is proven that people have different learning style and personality type based on multiple pathways to learning and personality spectrum. People have different learning style and personality type and based on my findings from the multiple pathways to learning assessment, three learning styles were identified.

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“Communication and Collaboration Strategies for Different Learning Styles and Personality Types”

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The three leaning styles identified were: musical, naturalistic and bodily/kinesthetic. The musical learning style was the first finding in my assessment and based on Howard Gardner, the musical learner “creates rhythms out of words, beat out of rhythms with hand or stick, play instrumental Music/write raps, put new material to songs you already know and take music breaks”. (eBook collection, keys to college studying: become an active thinker).

The strategy that I would use for effective communication and collaboration in this learning style would be to make up lyrics with the study material, link the lyrics to a well known song and rehearse it a few times with the learner because that way the musical learner would have an easier time remembering the material needed. The second learning style is the naturalistic learner.

This type of learner likes to have a profound understanding of nature and has appreciation for it so the strategy I would use for this type of learner would be to form a learning group with the same interest and study outside instead of inside, that way the learner would be more interested in the study material which makes it easier to remember what was thought. The third leaning style is bodily-kinesthetic.

The bodily-kinesthetic learns better by body movements so the strategy that I would use for this would be to make up a play with the learning material and recite that play a few times with the learner until the learner had the play all memorized, that way he or she would remember the material when needed. The personality spectrum is a way to find out the type of personality a person has allowing that person to find ways to learn better and interact with others.

The three personality spectrum I found based on the assessment were: organizer, adventurer and giver. The organizer is responsible, likes organization, always wants material to be explained in detail and completes tasks on time. The strategy that I would use for this personality type would be to make flash cards containing the material needed to be learned, make the organizer study the flash cards and test the organizer on the material from the flash cards.

The adventurer is the second personality type on the spectrum assessment and one of the characteristic for the adventurer is to learn by hands-on so that would be the strategy I would use with the adventurer. I would take the material needed to be learned and make the adventurer create something based on that. The third type of personality on the spectrum assessment is the giver. The giver tends to be honest, enjoys staying close to other people, likes to communicate and help others.

One strategy I would use with the giver would be to allow the giver to prepare the material and teach it to a group of people, by teaching the giver would process the learning material faster and keep that material in his brain for when needed. In conclusion, Understanding the different learning styles and personality types is very helpful when trying to learn something and interact with others. Reference page university of phoenix, . (2010, September 1). keys to college studying: Becoming an active thinker [2e]. Message posted to https://ecampus. phoenix. edu/content/eBookLibrary2/content/eReader. aspx

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