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Completing a project successfully is the main goal and duty of a leader or a project manager. And it can be extremely stressful while taking the right decisions for achieving the same. The leader should be able to adapt to any style for achieving the best and making his team work happily on every ground.

The leader should always have a clear vision and should be able to motivate others. An inspiring leader can make any detached worker to be enthusiastic. He should be the problem solver of the team and an excellent decision maker. Decision making is very crucial when it comes to the leader. The Leader can have his own style of managing his team, which can be natural or adapted. It isnt mandatory that the leader should possess a certain type of style but can be a blend of many styles which would lead to the successful completion of the project.

We know, according to DSCS, the major leadership styles are "DIRECT, SPIRITED. CONSIDERATE, AND SYSTEMATIC". And the leader has to go through various situations where he should be able to adapt to each style whereever necessary for the victorious ending of the project. The leader should really be good at establishing a great vision and outlining an appealing picture of where we are heading to, which is one of the main traits of a Dominant leader. Mean while, a motivating leader can only lead the members effectively towards that set goal and that's what we call Spirited Leader or Inspirational Leader. And then the leader should act as a Coach and help people to find their own solutions to problems, may be by listening or by asking.

Also can look for suggestions that could find the missing element of the project success by discussing with the group members, usually following the Considerate leadership style. And it is very important that the management should be Systematic and planning, though in between you can communicate well and take suggestions from the team members. So in total, all the styles are needed at some point of management. There are many key style and presence issues a Program Manager should consider when he/she wishes to function as an optimum leader.

VISION: The foremost quality a Project manager should possess is to have a great Vision and to try hard to reach that successfully.

DECISION MAKING: A great leader has the capability of making the right choice and to take the appropriate decision. He knows to assign the tasks properly among the members. Always right decisions lead to the success of the project.

COMMUNICATION: The leader who maintains good communication skills would be able to clearly articulate his vision, instructions and expectations to others. He should always be willing to interact and listen to his team mates and take feedbacks which would enable him to work in all environments.

ADAPTABLE: The best leader has the ability to adjust and adapt to every working environment. Every time it isn't mandatory, that we get the best team members. But a leader becomes a great leader when he is able to mold the team in the right way.

KNOWLEDGE: The leader should be qualified enough to guide his members with enough knowledge. The team should always feel confident about their manager who would be in charge of them.

ATTITUDE: An optimal leader will always have a positive attitude through out his journey. Only happy people can make others happy.

INTEGRITY: The leader should be able to gain the trust of the members and have to maintain it. PROBLEM SOLVING: The project manager should be capable of making right solutions at the right time. Only an optimum leader would be able to figure out the quick fix for any obstacle that come along the way. And never panic at any time when faced with a hurdle, which can lead to the failure of the leader.

MOTIVATION: The leader should always be self motivated and should be ready to motivate his team members as well. Only through continuous inspiration, he can build a great team that would work diligently. So, as a bottom line, we could say that the leadership styles have to be used accordingly at various situations. It can be either self developed or learned through experiences. A leader can be a mix-up of all the styles. At the end, all that matters is the successful completion of the project. The leader can hence be consistent with successful project management.


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