Collaboration and Research Misconduct

The Review committee’s  chaired by Malcolm Beasley from Stanford University decision to exonerate Schon’s co-authors S. Berg; Ch. Kloc; B. Batlogg does not seem the most appropriate decision they should have made though different dimensions can be taken while dealing with such a case (Gross, 2016). Co-authors have a responsibility to ensure that the results submitted from any scientific findings are correct and free from fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism. According to the review conducted, these three co-authors did not raise any conjunction which can either prove their ignorance or gross misconduct whereby Schon could have corrupted them (Gross, 2016).

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“Collaboration and Research Misconduct”

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The principal investigators should conduct settings with their researchers to discuss the ongoing work, data interpretation, issues that may arise among others so as to ensure that data is not manipulated due to issues that may arise during the progress .Data management and ownership. Raw data should be preserved well for future review (Hartgerink, & Wicherts, 2016). External data storage devices should be made available so as to ensure that the researcher does not blame missing or deleted data on storage availability. The authors with their co-authors should be fully made aware that the data they fill in can be used against them if any misconduct is found during future reviews (Smith, Hunt, & Master, 2014).

Misconduct on the institution where it happened has proved to have a negative effect that is detrimental on the institution in question. For instance, in the case where Bell Lab was the institution, further and future research finding from that institution remains questionable and is subjected to scrutiny and investigations may be opened for other researcher work conducted by that institution (Ludvigsson et al, 2015).

The impact of research misconduct in today’s society varies based on the level of fraud or misconduct committed. The cost can go high up to US$ 525,000 for a single investigation (Skerritt, & Hall, 2015). Currently, with the high-level of technological advancement, any fraud can cause much hard within a short period due to issues like globalization where information follow fast and majority adapt quickly.

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