College Tuition should be more Affordable

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College tuition costs in the United States keep increasing every year. In my opinion, college tuition rates should drop in price. When I was seventeen, I had the fortune of meeting several college students that were enrolled in various institutions. I was curious about continuing my education, and I asked them what the worst part of college was? Their response was the high tuition costs and the student loans with ten percent or more interest rates on top of their already ten to fifteen thousand dollar a semester college tuition. I believe college tuition rates should lower in order to decrease the stress on the student, ease the financial burden on the parent, and help a student finish college in hopes of obtaining a career.

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“College Tuition should be more Affordable”

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Stress on college students can be overwhelming and stressful. Many of them are away from home for the first time, unaware of the copious hours of studying, and hard work college classes require compared to high school, and are starting in a new area with unfamiliar surroundings. What many are unaware of however is the financial stress that comes with procuring a college degree. It costs on average of $9,410 a year for in state students in tuition at a public four year college (College Costs FAQ’s). That is $37,640 over a four year span! Due to the high cost of education, many turn to grants and scholarships to avoid paying outrageous interest fees that come with student loans. Unfortunately, grants and scholarships are both forms of unguaranteed funds.

Anyone can apply, but not everyone receives money. Due to this many opt to accept student loans. The average student loan interest rate is 3.76% (Interest Rates and Fees). So when all is said and done, the total cost for a student using nothing but student loans to pay for education. Student loans coupled with college tuition is $39,055.26, almost $40,000 dollars. Knowing these facts, I believe college tuition rates should be more affordable, so that students do not have to incur a massive amount of debt before they have a chance to graduate.

Parents of college students sometimes pay their college tuition. Many even put money aside from the student’s birth till they graduate high school in order to pay some or all of the tuition. The average cost of raising a child from birth to age of eighteen is $233,610 (Gajanan). So on top of the costly amount it takes to raise a child, a parent must also worry about setting their child up with money for tuition, so that they may continue their education and have a chance at a better future. By lowering the cost of tuition nationwide would help ease the financial burden on the parent of sending their child to college.

Some students do not finish college and drop out due to the financial strain college tuition puts on them. Only 46% of college students complete school once starting it (Waldren). The cost of tuition in 1985 for tuition and fees at a four year institution per year was $2,784. Fast forward to 2007 and the cost has skyrocketed to $10,913 (U.S. Department of Education), almost five times the original amount! A student dropping out of college because of not being able to afford it is a travesty. It is expected by 2020 that 65% of America’s workforce will need either a bachelors or an associate’s degree (Carnavale 5). However if education becomes better funded and tuition rates drop due to it, then it is logical to believe that college dropout rates will decrease as well. As a result, more students will have a better chance of finishing their degree plan, have better odds of competing, and making a living wage in the career of their choosing.

In conclusion, high tuition fees are negatively affecting students and their families. If fees were to drop, making education more affordable and accessible, not only would students stress levels be lowered, but their families would also reap the positive effects of not being financially burdened, while trying to ensure that students receive education. This would also give the student a better chance at accessing a higher paying career, rather than a lower paying job. For the student and the parent, there is nothing to lose by lowering college tuition, rather both gain peace of mind instead.

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