Carlee Bollig : Distracted Driving

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Carlee Bollig is being charged with criminal vehicular homicide because she used a phone while operating a motor vehicle and drove without a valid license. She ran a red light at an intersection and smashed into Charles and Cassy Mauer, taking their life. Carlee’s behavior caused so much trauma for the Mauer family. It takes just a few seconds to get distracted, and in that time one can change the lives of other people Many people are killed every year because of one small decision that they make. Although they are warned to keep their eyes on the road, it is an unconscious adrenaline rush to answer a quick text message. Texting and driving is still a huge conflict in all states because of highly reported, but with harsher punishments and stronger prevention methods, this can decrease the rates of car accidents, fatalities, injuries, criminal rates and driving while under other influences.

With the rise of technology, people would rather communicate via cell phones which in turn has increased car accidents, injuries and fatalities by causing a distraction. Texting and driving is more of a problem now than it has ever been. 69 percent of U.S drivers have admitted to and are guilty of texting while driving(DMV). A young driver may think “it will cause no harm,it will only take two or three seconds to send a message. Although it takes five seconds on average to send a text message, it only takes three seconds for a crash to occur (CDC). According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, there are at least nine people killed and one thousand injured everyday. Cell phones are involved in at least 1.6 million accidents. Texting and driving is the leading cause of death in teens (DMV). If it is the leading cause of death in teens, why continue to do it? The likelihood of a crash happening while texting and driving is multiplied by twenty three times. Texting while driving is more dangerous than someone who is driving while intoxicated. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, texting and driving is six times more likely to cause a crash than being under the influence of alcohol(don't text & drive). In the five seconds that people get distracted or take their eyes off the road, they have traveled the length of a football field. According to these statistics, the other person would understand if the message went unanswered. With this in mind, texting and driving is dangerous. With harsher punishments, the likelihood of a crash occurring while texting and driving may be decreased.

The punishments and penalties for texting while driving are not harsh or diligent enough. This is why texting and driving continues to cause an increased rate of injuries, accidents and deaths. People continue to text and drive because the penalties are too minor. When others text and drive, they put their life and the lives of others at risk and all they receive are fines, rise in auto insurance, license suspension or limited prison time. These penalties are not enough to impose on the ones that partake in this crime. The consequences are not strong enough to warn people on the danger and trauma that they put other people in. John Carson, a republican state representative from Georgia proposed a law for those who are caught texting and driving should earn points added to their driving record. He also said the penalty should rise from $150 to $900 (Dunning). Government authorities are trying to create laws for cell phones to be illegal while in a motor vehicle. There are 47 states that have texting and driving as illegal, but it’s still not enough to curb the problem. In addition to harsher punishments that need to be put in place, we can also change the rates by having better prevention methods.

If the U.S had better prevention methods, people could save the lives of many. The world wide issue would not be a problem anymore. When people want to get a driver’s license or renewal, each state should initiate a course teaching the public about the dangers of texting while driving with a test that must be passed. Another preventative measure could be that all mobile devices should be manufactured with a software or the TeenSafe app that disables their device at a certain speed so that no communication can occur. The software will render the device useless. In addition to, parents could play a role in decreasing rates by talking to their children and setting a good example by not texting themselves but unfortunately these people will still text if someone is not with them.

The opposition may believe the answer to texting while driving is to use hands free devices, but this is a beneficial option and may be better than tradition hands on texting. Unfortunately, the driver is still suffering from the cognitive distraction of performing any other tasks while driving. Thousands of people know texting while driving is very dangerous, but they continue to do it. Everyone can text while they drive, but how can they concentrate? 77 percent of young adults are very or somewhat confident that they can safely text while driving and 55 percent of young drivers say that it’s easy to text while driving (“DWI”)

Texting and driving is the most dangerous activity people can do on the road. There are careless drivers that are injuring or killing innocent people. There has to be people who want to make a difference. let’s take a pledge to end distracted driving. Do not hesitate to make the roads safer and a distracted free environment. Every American has the ability to vote to change things. Yet, the conclusion may be that there could be reduced statistics,better preventative measures and stricter punishments.Everyone has the responsibility to put down the phone, keep their eyes on the road, and drive safely to reduce the world wide issues of texting and driving

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