Texting and Driving the 9th Main Reason for Car Crashes!

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Texting and driving the 9th main reason for car crashes! About 390,00 injuries occur every year from texting and driving. Driving and texting are two things that should be done at the same time considering it is the second leading cause of death with distracted driving. Texting and driving unfortunately something that almost everyone does which might not be a big deal until there is an accident because of the action that someone was doing when they shouldn’t.

Nearly 330,000 car accidents were reported in the year 2017, all being the cause of texting and driving. It is one of the most common reason for car accidents in the US. There is better chance of being in an accident due to texting and driving the being in one due to driving under the influence. Everyone depends on their phone in one way or another, they can be used for so many different reasons now days like: entertainment, contacting people, information etc. It’s not just texting that is the problem people can be checking their emails, looking something up, trying to call someone looking for their contact and more. Having your phone out while driving is a big distraction as it is because it can be a temptation.

Being on the phone might not always be because of no reason sometimes it can be an emergence and it needs to be answered but, if there is an emergency it is much safer to pull over and talk because if given bad news it is possible for the driver to start freaking out and to get distressed. If the person is pulled over, they aren’t driving they can figure it out and not have to worry about increasing speed or to hit someone because of the news and have been distracted. Teens are one of the main age groups who text in drive because now days teens are so obsessed with phones that it can become a priority to answer the text no matter who it is from.

Everyone has some sort of problem, but no problem is bad enough to where you can’t pull over to figure it out and talk on the phone, so that way a bigger problem is caused for multiple people because of a choice someone made to not pay enough attention to the road or got to scared and hit the gas. Texting/ calling people wile driving is dangerous yes there is built in Bluetooth in most cars now but that doesn’t mean it is still not a distraction to the driver.

Texting and driving are against the law is 46 states in fact some states have it that having your phone out while driving is illegal. It is a very serious problem that practically everyone does whether it is against the law or not. It can turn from a calm, harmless drive to work to a whole interstate shutdown because someone was on their phone causing a huge collision. Blocking other cars on the interstate and harming some as well. Texting and driving is very dangerous and very problematic with is why it should never bee done.

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