Texting and Driving : Roads Accidents

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In a normal day basis everyone drives everywhere. Sometimes we even get on our phones without even realizing how dangerious it is. We have all seen our parents texting and driving,and wanted to say something about it. We never do because we are scared. It's about time we do because "More than 7,000 Americans had died from texting and driving.",as stated in the passage Spreading the Message that Texting While Driving can Kill You. Because at anymoment you could die from someone texing and driving. It's scary to think,but people die regurlary from people texting and driving. People get so atticed to their phones;they don't even see the harm that they are doing. There is a company called Text Kills that is trying to change all of that. They have visited more than 30 high schools. "What they do is the organization plans to gather several thousand signatures fron drivers who pledge to aviod texting in vechicles for the next twelve months.",as stated in Speading the Message that Texting While Driving can Kill You. People think that is a great way to spread the message about texting and driving. "At least twelve states ban the use of hand-hold cellphones while driving and 41 ban text messaging. All cellphone use is banned by thirty-seven states for novice or teen drivers.",says National Conference of State Legislatures citing information from the Governor's highway safety Administration.

Texting and driving is not a habtit we want. We all just feel the need to be on our phones all the time. When it really does nobody good. Many people have their own storys to tell about family members getting killed from texting and driving. So why do we keep on texting and driving. Everyday we have a choice to get on our phones that means everyday we have a choice to save a life. “According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, 11 percent of all drives under age 20 who are involved in fatal crashes were distracted at the time, whether by texting, phone calls or listening to the radio. This was the largest percentage of any group. Of those teenage drivers, 21 percent were distracted by cellphones.”,as stated in Spreading the Message that Texting and Driving can Kill You. People tend to get very distracted to their phones and get in crashes. The sad part is this happens a lot. It needs to stop. So many people are trying to prevent it from happening,but it’s not working.

“We make them drive in a race car situation around the track and pick up a card that looks like a phone and read it out loud. They read it, and their eyes aren’t on the road. Everybody else is watching them veer off the track and hit a wall, and their car is spinning around. It’s a nice eye- opener,” Ryan Foland, executive producer of Text Kills, said.“,as stated in Spreading the Message that Texting and Driving can Kill You. People think use this method is a great way for kids to realise how easy it is to get distracted by looking at someone only for a couple second. It also teaches them not to look at something even if it is really hard too. “Another simulator has drivers attempt to keep a remotely controlled toy car on a track while blindfolded for five seconds---about the time it typically takes to send a text. Five seconds is longer than it seems: At 55 miles per hour (mph), 4.6 seconds is all it takes to drive the length of an entire football field.”,as stated in Spreading the Message that Texting and Driving can Kill You. This is also another great way to teach the kids how easy it is to get in crash from looking at your phone for 5 seconds.

“And even though talking doesn't require drivers to take their eyes off the road, it's hard to talk on a phone without first reaching for it or dialing a number — that raise the risk of a crash.”,as stated in Texting, Dialing While Driving Raise Crash Risk,Study Comfirms. Even calling someone for 10 min can cause a car crash. “Texting and bEarlier work with simulators, test-tracks and cellphone records suggests that risky driving increases when people are on cellphones, especially teens. The 15-to-20-year-old age group accounts for 6 per cent of all drivers but 10 per cent of traffic deaths and 14 per cent of police- reported crashes with injuries.e might be worse,but calling someone while your in the car does not really mix.“,as stated in Texting,Dialong While Driving While Driving Crash Risk,Study Comfirms. So many 15-to-20-year-olds are getting so many injuries from calling someone. “For the new study, researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute installed video cameras, global positioning systems, lane trackers, gadgets to measure speed and acceleration, and other sensors in the cars of 42 newly licensed drivers 16 or 17 years old, and 109 adults with an average of 20 years behind the wheel.”,as stated in Texting,Dialong While Driving Crash Risk,Study Comfirms.

The conclusion is don‘t get on your phone while your driving. It does nobody good. It actually only does harm. So next you,family member,or friend get in a car. Remember do not text,drive,or even call. Stay safe and put your phone away next time you get in a car and your driving. Next you see your parents get on the phones tell them to get off.

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