Carl Jung and his Analytical Psychological Approach

After expressing his challenges with agreeing on Sigmund Freud’s personality theories, Carl Jung soon developed his own explanation on what aids and develops a human’s personality, called analytical psychology(Schultz & Schultz, Ninth Addition, 2009). He stressed on his difference of opinion that the future also plays as an important factor when compared to past on the impact it has on a person. The emphasizes of the unconscious mind became his primary focus and separated his study to that of his former colleague, Freud. Personality, also described by him as psyche, is systemized into different functions that influence conscious and unconscious behavior and makes of variety of psychological types. Although Jung’s theory was widely intuitive, relate to his discussion on his view on the extravert and introvert mental attitudes.

Part of the Jung’s psyche theory was that of the conscious perspective and interaction to the environment. Our energy can build relationships with the world around us, as well as the world within us. Now I have always believed that I can very much hold characteristics of a person who is both emotionally driven but also outgoing and adaptable. Jung made it clear that one can hold room for both attitudes, but one will remain the dominant figure. The details in how the different functions; the non-rational functions and the rational. Non-rational explains our senses and intuition as the function who accepts and bases the opinions by what is clear to see or feel. Rational combines our thinking and feeling and functions as the part that will question and find reason for the experience. These functions and attitudes develop the Jung’s psychological types, where I compare my characteristics to the introverted sensing type but also the extraverted feeling type. I mention both because Hung’s believes the crisis of our experiences does occur until a little later in my life, therefore I cannot conclude what my type may be. The introverted sensing type is described as a passive, calm, and detached from the everyday world (Schultz & Schultz, Ninth Addition, Pg. 108, 2009). Now although I feel I am more present in my everyday life, there was a time where I struggled with detachment of the external world. Behaviors and how everyone else communicated interests me, and I also choose to express my emotions on paper or in colors while I painted. Questions would surface as to why certain people and thoughts came up in my head, searching for a deeper meaning and reason behind what I was experiencing. My personality has been described by other’s in the past as calm, level-headed, and sensible. The extraverted sensing type comes in to play also because I do agree that I enjoy talking to people and like the introvert type I talked about, people intrigue me. This category type still describes a person as sensitive, whether to themselves or by expectations of others.

Carl Jung assessed different techniques into his personality theory. One of the commonly known personality type assessments, the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, is related to Jung’s platform. The creator of the test, Katherine Briggs, read one of Jung’s books on the psychological types which motivated her to also incorporate a way to categorize personality differences. This supported his study on the introversion and extroversion factors of personality by asking questions that would relate to either attitude. I did take this test and my results came back as ISFJ- introverted, sensing, feeling, and judging.

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