Analysis of the Carl Jung’s Theory (essay)

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Carl Jung is oppositional to Christianity ideology and the views of God. They are not compatible with with Christianity, because he delved into the occults and practiced necromancy. He quoted that all religions are imaginary but good, this proves that Christianity is like a human addiction, it makes us humans feel good, believing in an imaginary God that we don’t see and us having faith in God is practically foolish. Christianity is deemed a mythology just like just Zeus, Odin and Thor of mythology.

Jung's legacy to 'Christian psychology' is both direct and indirect. Some professing Christians, who have been influenced by Jung's teachings, integrate aspects of Jungian theory into their own practice of psychotherapy. They may incorporate his notions regarding personality types, the personal unconscious, dream analysis, and various archetypes in their own attempt to understand and counsel their clients. Other Christians have been influenced more indirectly as they have engaged in inner healing, followed 12-step programs, or taken the MBTI, which is based on Jung's personality types and incorporates his theories of introversion and extroversion.

I believe Carl Jung theories fits no where is Christianity because he obviously criticized / dismissed the whole notion of Christianity by saying “Why, that is not religion at all,' I thought. 'It is the absence of God; the church is a place I should not go to. It is not life which is there, but death.” To me this means that the only reason a church exists is for funerals and ritualistic acts occurs while we think it helps keep us sane from our day to day lives.

He reasons why Jung left room for Christianity is mainly because he had a Christian upbringing, which his father was a protestant minister. the ritualistic aspect of the service made him come to the conclusion that Christianity is a myth, because of some of the ritualistic aspects such as holy communion which is sharing of holy bread and wine share. In Jung's view religions are indispensable spiritual supports this is one of the reasons why Christians accepts some of the ideas of lungs theory, because of the idea of a support system which aids the personality develop within moral regards. Jung’s view of psychoanalysis was to be greater/superior to Christianity reducing its truth to myth and transmogrifying Christ into a 'soothsaying god of the vine.” So the idea of it stipulates that Christianity is worthless and can easily be disregarded. Christians should not dabble in Jung’s theories where is has to do especially with the occult, humans beings becoming deities, their own self proclaimed Gods. All this view of inner healing and dream analysis, what strikes me odd is that if we analysis a dream was are dabbling with the occult, but Daniel interpreted a dream for Nebuchadnezzar is it not the same dream analysis.

His theories encompass most religions with certain practices: Buddhism core is meditation and the word Buddhist is linked to the word meditation by definitions. They meditate as a path to liberation, awakening and nirvana. On the other hand, Hinduism is deeply rooted in cosmology, mythology, agamic rituals and yoga all these are closes related to Carl Jung analytical theory. Because Jung turned psychoanalysis into a type of religion, he is also considered to be a transpersonal psychologist as well as a psychoanalytical theorist. He delved deeply into the occult, practiced necromancy, and had daily contact with disembodied spirits, which he called archetypes. Much of what he wrote was inspired by such entities. Jung had his own familiar spirit whom he called Philemon. At first he thought Philemon was part of his own psyche, but later on he found that Philemon was more than an expression of his own inner self.

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