Carl Jung and his Theory

Carl Jung’s levels of the psche

Carl Jung’s levels of the psyche were to focus on conscious and unconscious of the brain. Jung and Freud were similar they both build theories on a guess. The importance of Jung’s unconscious didn’t come from his own experience of human living this is called a concept of collective unconscious. There were two things that Jung didn’t focus a lot on in his theory. Jung studied that conscious images are recognized by ego but unconscious doesn’t have any link to the ego of an individual. He had a vision about ego as the focus of more conscious of becoming someone else. I do agree that we are physically fit humans that communicate with the conscious of the whole world.

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“Carl Jung and his Theory”

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Personal unconscious is where people can be influence and given the wrong impression by an individual. The complexes of a individual for example is a childhood memory that involves a young girl at the age of five years old that was abuse by her aunt on several occasions. So whenever the child gets dropped off at her aunt’s house she becomes very emotional. Now that the she’s a teenager she tries to block the memories that she has but it becomes emerged into unconscious when she sees her aunt house. Collective unconscious is inherited from unconscious that is passing on from one family to the next. A collective unconscious deals with human’s feelings, thinking and behavior.

Carl Jung’s notion of Extraversion and Introversion

The extraversion of Jung’s has a more effect on their environment than the people on the earth. He focuses more on human’s point of view while preventing the subjective of individuals. Jung research showing that Alder’s theory is untrue. He feels that each individual has extraversion and introversion. For example, I’m involved in a Young Adult Ministry group which evolves getting interacting with community.

The introversion is concerned with what a person is thinking and believes. For example I have seen a lot of people that don’t communicate at all with individual and stay to themselves. For example my husband loves to have his me time as he calls it. Where he goes to his man cave all day and isolates himself from everyone. He has always been an individual who likes to stay to himself. He isn’t much of a people person.

Opinion on Jung’s theory

I feel that Jung’ theory has a great concept of personalities and human behavior. I do agree that people do have a complex. The personal unconscious is so true about things that happen in the past can bring back memories if you see a picture hear a name or song. The extraversion and introversion I feel we are have our moments when we want to be around certain individuals. We all have moments when we just want to be left alone and have sometime to ourselves.                       

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