Psychology and Psychological Theories

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Psychology plays a fundamental role in human life. Notably, various psychological concepts can be applied to everyday life for decision making and to aid in other crucial areas. The use of psychology to make daily life decisions can either be accomplished consciously and unconsciously. For instance, advertising companies apply psychological tactics as a mean of persuading potential clients to purchase their products or services (Cherry, 2018). Certain adverts are tailored to explore the psychology of users and draw them to whatever is being advertised. For example, an advertisement can be made in a way that makes consumers to cry and drive them to donate a certain amount (Cherry, 2018). Such techniques use emotional and psychological appeals to convince consumers and make them give in to the demands. Therefore, the three psychological concepts that apply to daily life include the self-efficacy theory, behavioral, and developmental theory.

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“Psychology and Psychological Theories”

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Behavioral Theory

Behavioral psychology refers to a learning theory that suggests that human beings and animas acquire certain behavior through conditioning. Behavioral techniques are widely used in therapeutic settings to assist clients with certain disabilities learn new skills and desirable behaviors that can impact their recovery positively (Cherry, 2018). Behaviorism assumes that human beings and certain animals acquire behaviors as a result of reflexes which are produced in response to stimuli in the external environment (Hayes & Hofmann, 2017). Likewise, I believe that I have acquired some of my behaviors from my friends and family members with whom I share an environment with. This response to stimuli can impact the person either negatively or positively depending on the type of behavior one has been conditioned to acquire.

Developmental Theories

Developmental theories provide a framework upon which human growth, development and learning can be studied. The perspective I necessary for understanding the motivating factors that drive human thought and behavior (Cherry, 2018). In particular, developmental theories study the changes that human beings undergo over a certain period and why they occur. They are also concerned with the process by which the human body changes in form and structure from the time a person is born to the moment he or she becomes an adult (Cherry, 2018). This theory is necessary for understanding the various physical changes that people see every day as well as the accompanying changes in behavior.


Self-efficacy theory offers a framework upon which a person’s belief in his or her ability to become successful and achieve certain goals is discussed. Self-efficacy also defines how individuals perform the activities or courses of action necessary to deal with certain situations. Nevertheless, the concept is based on a person’s confidence in being able to perform a behavior that can lead to the accomplishment of certain objectives (“Teaching tip sheet: Self-efficacy.” 2018). Self-efficacy theory has influence in a variety of fields including education, research and clinical practice. This concept also applies to everyday life because it is necessary in the management of a wide variety of issues including chronic illnesses, alcohol and substance abuse, eating, and exercise.

Psychology is a broad field that has a variety of concepts, theories, and research findings applicable to daily life. These concepts include development theory which focuses on the growth and development of human beings, behavioral theory which is concerned with how certain behaviors are acquired through conditioning, and self-efficacy theory which is based on a person’s ability to believe in himself and execute actions to accomplish certain goals. 

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