Business Resources – Centre of Advertising and Publishing Company

BUSINESS RESOURCES Centre of Advertising and Publishing Company (CAPC) This is a small business where by books, magazines, newspaper etcetera are published or produced, in order to entertain and attract people who like to read such as children, teenagers, old people, this company needs to produce books and other readings that are educational and meaningful to the society and it will need educated employees that can do well in advertising and publishing all these kinds of published documents. When starting a business of publishing there many thing that are needed to be considered first the main physical resources secondly the main technological resources In physical resources location is the important thing that is needed to start thinking about. As a consultant I advise to start up a business at Alwadilkabir because it is in town near Indian school, factories, parks which is very busy area and it is the town that is known because it has many newspaper working places. Nevertheless this area will be easy in to get services quickly example when we order things, distributing our goods also easy to get consumers who would like to have our services. The other physical resources is building. In building I prefer to buy a land of 150 square meter rather than ranting because of skipping from monthly payment and it will not consists of how many rooms are needed. If its build, it can be designed accordingly to how many rooms we want. It will have eight(8) rooms these rooms will consist of CEO, Human resources (HR), Editor and Publishing department, IT department, Sale, marketing and advertising department, Administration department, two toilets, an office, praying room and the external area will have small parking area. The physical resources that are needed in each rooms includes stationaries for example special papers, 2 boxes ofink for printers, files, pens, 6 calculators, high lighters. There are different stationaries where you can buy the resources in Oman first in art of living Oman stationary secondly in Muscat stationary, thirdly online eBay, but I advise to choose eBay because it has many quality brands example stabile, steadler also it cheaper, it has free delivering and it does not take time to deliver. Not only stationary but also furniture in offices and toilets such as tables and chairs for offices, office cabinets, dustbins, washing basins these can be ordered from Fahmi furniture and center point but these two place takes a lot of time to deliver. However, Royal furniture is better because it has high standard of furniture and a lot of promotions. In stores the resources are first aid kit from pharmacies and fire extinguisher from amazon. (Google, papers, printer, ink for publisher 2014) (Google, Muscat stationary 2014) (Google, art of living Oman stationary 2014) (Google, royal furniture 2014) The main physical resources that are needed in advertising and publishing company are 8 computers we can buy these computers at Apple, Samsung or Lenovo however I convince to buy computers from apple it is a little expensive compared to others but is has high quality products and can stay for more than 5 years nevertheless they provide warrantee of one and half year and it has its shop in Oman at shattilqorum so it will take only 3 days to get them, also 5 telephones from Philips or Panasonic but because many of the companies are using Panasonic and they are happy with its quality, so I also prefer to with it and we can get it in any shop of technological resources in Oman. Lastly you need 2 laminating machine, 2 binding machine and 5 printing machinethis will get them when can get them from hp or from benefit horizonbut I prefer benefit horizon from UK because they are providing advanced resources and excellent quality which can stay for a long time and they produce one machine which contains printing, binding and laminating all together and it price not be high and they have free delivering. All these technological resources will need people to fix them, these people needs to be professional such as from TMTEC. In conclusion, physical resources such as stationary and furniture also technological resources includes computers, printers are very important in starting advertising and publishing without these resources the company will not function. Management of human, physical and technological resources “Management is an art of getting things done through and with the people in formally organized groups. It is an art of creating an environment in which people can perform and individuals and can co-operate towards attainment of group goals”.(Harold Koontz, management study guide, 2014). This is the way of how to have relationship with in a company so as to create good working place for all the employees. Human resources (HR) is responsible in recruiting, selecting and reviewing the works of the employees and listening to their problems in the company. HR needs to select employees who has the required skills in a particular departments. In advertising and publishing company, there are different employees departments such as Employees in IT department, they are dealing with designing fliers, company’s websites, holding data and information of all department also they are responsible in all technological issue such as computer system, software problems etcetera. Nevertheless, it produces report from financial department and block company’s data and information to those who are not supposed to see. Lastly, they are taking the work from editor and publisher for printing and binding into different kinds of covers. Workers in editorial and publishing department, editor work together with author in correcting grammar, spelling and re-write the work in a good style and choose a good tittle in order for the book or magazine to the published.( google, Wikipedia 2014) The work of employees in sells and marketing department is to sell the books magazines which has completed in every step of the production example rights of the book, license and copyrights. Not only that but also to attract the customers by advertising in the social media, in marketing it can also be online such as in eBay, amazon where we can build customers awareness. Never the less they are keeping records of everything that they sell, how many they sold and how many are left. Accountant in financial department works with an auditor in writing financial reports, giving salaries to the employees and also to see the company’s economy growth is whether developing or decreasing, how many products do they sell and how much they get for profit per annual. Nevertheless they dealing with the budget of the company. Management in human resources in the company also involves managing employees such as precaution or expelling employees who are not doing their work well and not managing time wisely example in submitting their reports. Secondly, giving high salary, bonus, promotions, holidays to those who are working so hard and they have good working performance. Nevertheless holidays and health insurance should be provided to all employees in the company. Not only to have that but also providing safe environment example giving advanced tools and equipment such as computers, special printers for publishing. Moreover, monitoring employees in every work they do in order to know the improvement of the company and proving training whether inside the company or outside. In managing human resources the company will have skilled employees and the workers who can stay for a long time and to bring success in the company. Physical resources can be managed in different ways such as planning how many physical resources required, which place to order by considering the quality and affordable because of the income of the company and how long it will take to deliver and survive in the company. Secondly, preparing of the building and maintain because if the building is not attractive the consumer will not want our services which will lead to reduction of the economy of the company. Nevertheless educating the employees on how to use the physical resources in good ways example wasting of glue, wasting laminating papers and to be careful when using the furniture. Moreover, providing safety physical resources such as fire extinguisher so that it can protect the building and also first aid kit for the employees in case if there is any emergency happened. Technological resources can be managed by providing protection in computers such as anti-virus, cleaning printers, repairing of technological resources which are not working such as broken printer, laminating machine, binding machine, A/C’s, also proving fast internet because most of the work in all departments are done by using internet. Not only to have that but also giving employees computers will which contain all the systems required for their work such as Microsoft offices, e-book etcetera and monitoring them by using cctv cameras on how they do their work and the most important technological resource is managing intellectual property such as license from the government on what business that you want to start, also copyrights this will give the author the rights of his/her work also he or she can supply the copy of the books or magazine to the society, also in the company copy rights needs to be used because of other programs have it and the company needs to have the account for it . Trade mark such as to make people stop copying what u have done and use one symbol that will recognize person’s work. In conclusion, managing human, physical and technological resources is very hard work and it needs a person is have strong personality and can handle all trouble that occurs in the company nevertheless needs to have good relationship with the employees o as to keep them foe a long time and can make the company to develop. “Managing resources and controlling budget costs can improve the performance of a business” Advertising and publishing business, managing resources and budget costis most important in developing the company in managing resources there is negative and positive management in the company which includes Managing physical and technological resources by educating employees on how to use the resources example sing printers, laminating machines and not to waste ink papers, also not to keep the resources on for a long time especially when there is no one using it such as a/c’s which will not last for long. Nevertheless managing the cost on the resources and services, time to time example servicing and cleaning printer, A/C’s and many more in order to stay for a long time. Moreover the company needs to change its physical and technological that have been used for more than 7 years such as furniture, computers to make the company with good reputation so when the consumers such as authors comes they will continue having the service from the company. However managing technological resources such as copyrights people cannot afford to take the original copy of the product also license of from the government so that the company will have its rights when it comes to any problems Managing human resources, the first thing is recruiting and selecting employees who have different skilled such as communicational skills, team work, educational skillsthat are required from job description and personal specification for particular department, also need managing employees by motivating them in different ways such as giving high salaries, promotion and bonus to those who are working hard, giving holidays and health insurance, providing safe and good working environment example first aid kit, fire extinguisher, advanced resources so that the employees can stay for long time in the same company. Nevertheless employees are needed to be monitored by using CCTV cameras to know the performance of the workers in time management also providing different training for example in education on how to use the physical resources and to increase their skills to do well in their jobs and to increase the development of the company and firing those who not doing their jobs well example when british airways started to see that its company meaningful resources so it fired many of the employee who are responsible for this. (mistyfaucheux, april24,2013) Controlling and managing of budgets is most important thing that is needed to be considered in starting advertising and publishing business. Managing budgets starts with planning the cost of the physical and technological resources, when buying the building, how much will be paid the employees, cost of the services of the resources example how much is cost to make services. Moreover the company needs to pay pension to the retired people and paying taxes to the government, after finishing buying all resources and pay the dept., company needs to know the profit of every month and annual profit also to keep money. If the company does not control its budgets it’s going to be bankrupt example in Hostess company had bad budget menagemnet and they had dept of more the 2 million dollars for the pension of people “during the first bankruptcy, Hostess was almost sold. In 2007 it warded a $580 million from its big competitor, Bimbo Bakeries USA” (David A. Kaplan, July26, 2012) In my opinion managing all resources and budgets will lead to the successfulness and development of the company’s economy. Failure in managing will cause the downfall of the company’sprofit, and decrease of large quantity of production and finally will lead to close up of the business. (Carol Deeb, Demand Media) REFERNCES Carol Deeb, 2014. Demand Media. 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