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BUSINESS RESOURCES ASSIGNMENT TASK 1. Abraj Energy Service SAOC started off as having a structure called Limited Liability Company (LLC) and it was then changed to an S.A.O.C because the shares kept in public were less than 40%. Lilly (2008), “If minimum 40 % of a company’s shares are issued for public subscription it is considered as a general joint stock company (SAOG). The minimum capital required in RO 2 million ( US $ 5.2 million) ; Otherwise it is considered as closed joint stock company (SAOC) and the minimum capital required is RO 500,000 ( US $ 1.3 million).” This company was established in the year 2006 by Oman Oil Company SAOC to provide services in oilfields. The Oman government then gave support to this company by providing capital since they saw that the company is doing well. The Oman government now owns approximately 70% of the shares of this company and the rest of the shares is owned by different shareholders.

Abraj Energy Services SAOC grew in a way that it controls 7 rigs and has more than 600 employees working for the company. As the attached job description. A Drilling Engineer is responsible for mechanical input to another employee that works with him known as a Tool Pusher and he has to communicate with the operator concerning Drilling engineering. A Drilling Engineer depends from company to company. Some companies have Drilling Engineers working on fields and some companies have them working on offices. Those working on fields are there due to the contract given to the company by the clients and the drilling engineers need to be there to make sure every single thing goes smoothly as how the client wants it. Anytime and anyplace, it is important for a drilling engineer to do whatever the supervisor says as long as it is safe to do it. The company didn’t provide person specifications in the job description attached. In this certain job, there are specifications on which people should have before applying for a job. These specifications are commonly known as person specifications. The company needs a person to be confident, creative and reliable, able to solve problem and cooperative with others.

Suitable candidates who can fit to this job are the confident ones. Being confident is important since when drilling, a person has to be sure that what he is doing is right and people are going to respect that person for that just because of the confidence he puts in his/her job.

For instance, a drilling engineer isn’t sure of what he is doing and at the end he can’t do the job. This means that he lost several years studying getting that job and at the end he can’t do his/her work efficiently and other people do his/her work meanwhile he gets paid for nothing and delays the production of that certain company. Creative and reliable. A drilling engineer has to have the ability to be creative in his work. Drilling doesn’t work one way but also it needs creativity in bringing new ideas and methods used to drill.

This new method might be much easier and cheaper so it will not cost the company much money in its production. This drilling engineer has to be reliable at all times since at any time he is to be called by the supervisor so as for him to work at a certain job. Reliability makes the production much efficient since the drilling engineer is available at all times. Solving problems. Working in fields, there is always a problem taking place especially when they are drilling. As for a drilling engineer, he has to have the ability to solve problems concerning his area and also concerning areas that are almost related to his incase of any emergency.

Cooperative with others. A drilling engineer has to have good communication skills that leads to having a good relationship between him and the supervisor and also between him and the operator. They need to cooperate with each other so as for the job they have to do goes smoothly. According to Al Khaifi, I, from an interview, the company’s structure and department details is really unorganized since it chances every single time they recruit a new employee in the company, especially the senior employees and the others with high posts in the company. The company is run by the C.E.O. Below the C.E.O there are different general managers and QHSE managers that report directly to him.

These general managers are: General Manager in Business, General Manager of Operations, General Manager of Finance and General Manager of Human Resources. Under each general managers and QHSE Managers, there are other departments that report to them. Under QHSE Manager, there is HSE Assistant Manager (well service), Quality manager, HSE Manager (Drilling). HSE Assistant Manager has three Senior HSE under him and they all handle three units each. Quality Manager has two department under him which are two Senior Quality. HSE Manager has six senior HSE in which each handles three units. In General Manager of Operations, a Drilling manager is under him and he gets his reports from two Drilling operation Managers. There are at least four Drilling supervisors who are under each Drilling operation Managers that controls two units each. In General Manager of Human Resources, there are Human Resource Manager and Training Manager under him.

Human Resource Assistant Managers report directly to the Human Resource Manager. Other department always change, some other report directly to the C.E.O even though their department is low and others report to whoever they are told to report to at that time meaning they have no specific person to report to. The company needs to figure out a way to make their structure and department details organized so as for people to know who reports to who and who is under who.

Abraj Energy Services has very high expectations in the future since they are wells based type of services, their vision is to increase and bring up all sorts of well engineering services to develop the company. Service, A.E (n.d), “To be a Company of excellence providing regional and international Well Engineering Design Consultancy, Well Construction & Well Services; devoting all efforts to ensure safe, incident-free operations and customer satisfaction, by utilizing talented and motivated staff, highly experienced manpower, finest equipment and innovative technology.” This company also has a mission of ensuring safe provision of well engineering services. Service, A.E (n.d), “To provide a safe, efficient and effective Well Engineering Services guided by prudents international business principles in a professional and customer-focused manner, pledging to deliver sustainable growth and social prosperity.” According to Al Khaifi, I, from an interview, the selection process is easy in this company, a person is to provide the Human Resource department with his CV and he will be given a medical paper for him to do his medical tests. After passing the medical test, he will be called for an interview after the interview, he will attend a certain course of two weeks. If he passes the course, this is when he is called in the offices for the discussion of the salary and job description.

Although the company is developing fast, it needs to consider the ways that they operate their work and organize their department details and structures well. The recruitment method they use is quite good since a person has to pass the course given so as to be recruited. They make sure that the person they are recruiting knows what his job is in the company and he won’t bring any loss to the company. The person specifications are fair enough since as a drilling engineer, a person needs to have all the specifications there. Their vision and mission statement are interesting since they are determined in the development of the company. TASK 2. An auditor is an employee in a company recruited for the purpose of controlling accounting records and checking the balance sheets of the company from the junior auditors that are under him/her. A senior auditor is the head of all other auditors in the organization.

The following are the skills needed by a senior auditor: A senior auditor has to know how to deal in a team. Team work is a very essential factor in this field of work since when working, a person needs to consult with other senior auditors and get feed backs on what the situation is so far. Knowing how to communicate with people leads to having more customers and good relationship with stockholders in general. Smooth talking provides a person with trust of with he/she is going to deal with that person for a while since he/she has communication skills which not only brings out results at work, but also socially outside work places.

Negotiation skills in a senior auditor is needed. Since a senior auditor deals with accounting records, he/she has to have the negotiation skills to convince clients and his/her employees in wanting to do something for the company that would help it. A senior auditor has to have knowledge in using a computer. Due to technology upraise, most records are kept computerized so a senior auditor needs to have the knowledge of how to input records and know what program to use. In general, he/she needs to be updated in terms of technology. Honesty. A senior auditor has to be honest since he/she holds all the accounting records of the company and if one of the records goes missing, he/she has to report it and not be kept quiet so as to resolve the problem. TASK 3. It is true that all that matters for a computer programmer is his/her technical knowledge of computer and programming but it also is true that he/she should have more skills than only that. Employability, personal and communication skills all have to come with his knowledge of computer programming. A computer programmer with computer and programming knowledge can work in any company but most probably won’t be able to cope with other employees if he/she has no personal or communication skills. It is way too costly for a company to hire a person without the skills required for the job.

This happens when the employee can’t do a job required very well and end up making mistakes at the end. The job he/she does requires great skills to the company since he/she is the only one there to do it and when the company hires a person without the skills needed, he/she ends up making the company bankrupt.

The loss of that money due to the employee’s mistakes can lead to the company’s fall and the loss of their clients too. Holmes, R (July 16, 2013), “One subpar employee can throw an entire department into disarray. Team members end up investing their own time into training someone who has no future with the company.” A company should ensure that the recruited staffs are well skilled so as for the company to not go bankrupt due to faults happening in the production of goods. Conflicts between co-workers and customers.

Having no required skills for a job leads to having misunderstandings between each other and sometimes with customers. For instance, a person with no skills doing a certain job. He/she will be required to do a very good job at the end and meet a deadline given to him. But instead he/she will not be able to do as instructed because he has no such skills. In results, the job done might be unfinished in the deadline given and also it will have a lot of errors. Due to these mistakes, the fellow employees will have to correct the mistakes and end up doing his/ her job. This will go on more than once and at the end, the fellow employees will be fed up and start an argument and having misunderstandings that he/ she isn’t doing his/ her work in a correct way he/ she isn’t serious in doing work.

Sometimes a client provides a deadline and the person can’t make it. The company is the one that will be in trouble since they are the ones who are dealing with the client. After happening several times, the client will change his/ her contract and deal with another company and the company will lose a customer. Losing a customer is a very big deal since that customer is likely to spread the information of what has happened to him/her and the people who heard about that wouldn’t want to deal with that company due to that one person with no skills that ruined a company’s reputation. Customer relation plays a very large role in conducting business because when an employee has a good relationship with the customer, it is difficult for the customer to change his/her choice of getting his/her products elsewhere and also brings more customers due to the information given out by the other customer.

Impact on employee’s morale. As the employee does a lot of mistakes in doing his/her work, other employees won’t be motivated in working harder since they see that all they do is correcting mistakes of what the other employee did because he/she has no skills on doing it. The fellow employee loses interest in working in one project with him/her because he/she will only pull the employee down and fail to cooperative with what he/she wants to achieve at the end. This can lead to the other employee resigning from that company due to that certain person who has no skills in doing his/her job. Motivation is important because an employee needs to get the vision that he/she has to become a better person in the future but with the presence of the unskilled employee pulling him/her down by doing all the work for him/her, he/she will never get motivated since he/she won’t be doing something useful rather than doing someone else’s work. Low productivity. In doing business, there is always the production process of either goods or services. When this employee is responsible for the production in the business, the production will always be late since his/her skills are too low.

The production deadline won’t be met and clients won’t get there goods or services on time. Sometimes these production of goods or services go wrong.

For instance, an employee recruited in the provision of services in a barber shop, due to not having skills in shaving a person he/she will ruin the customer’s hair in a way that the customer won’t return and shave in that barber shop. Low production leads to less products and less products leads to less demand from the customers in which the business will lose its market. Time and money consumption. A company loses money and also wastes time when recruiting a new employee. After recruiting it turns out that the person they recruited doesn’t fit for the job because he/she has no skills for that certain part of the work place. A company should consider getting recruitment agencies that can help them in recruiting new employees.

Half, R (n.d), “Hiring new employees is time consuming and expensive. These costs increase if you make a hiring mistake. Skilled and professional recruitment agencies can save you time and money in the long run. They can also increase your chances of getting the right employee on the first try.” A company should be more careful in recruiting process since the wastage of time and money can also be used in other activities than getting lost in recruiting the wrong person for the job. REFERENCES. Al Khaifi, I., (2014), Discussion on department details and selection method [Interview] (Personal communication, October 27, 2014) Half, R (n.d), Save Money and Time by Using Recruitment Agencies. Retrieved on October 29, 2014. Retrieved from Holmes, R (July 16, 2013), The Unexpectedly High Cost of a Bad Hire.

Retrieved on October 27, 2014. Retrieved from Lilly (2008), what is the difference between SAOG and SAOC in Oman companies and its expansion? Retrieved on October 29, 2014. Retrieved from Service, A.E (n.d), Mission Statement. Retrieved on October 29, 2014. Retrieved from Service, A.E (n.d), Vision Statement. Retrieved on October 29, 2014. Retrieved from

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