Fast and Quick Advertising & Publishing Company

Fast and Quick Advertising & Publishing Company. An advertising and publishing company is the company that is dealing with preparing and producing of magazines, newspapers and other types of books for the purpose of earning money. They can sell their published products in many places such as libraries, bookstores, through online like Amazon and so on. Their target market if for everyone who is interested in reading. For a person who wants to set up advertising and publishing company, he needs to know all the physical and technological resources required in the operation of this type of smallbusiness. The first thing to consider about physical resources is a location. The company should be in Ghubra, Oman near to “al Huda Real Estate”. The location is good because it is in the center of the city where offices, schools, stationaries, book stores like Al Najda Book store are located. The location will be near to the main road so as to get easy supplying of products and also attracting people who are passing that road and see the name of our company. Secondly, the building. The best thing to do is buying an average size building rather thanbuying a land,and start constructing the plan or renting the property. This will save a lot of time and once a person buys the building it will belong to him, also there will be no rent payment. The building will be approximately 400 square meters. It will consist of six main rooms. One CEO office, HR department, finance department, editorial department, marketing and sales department, IT and production department. There will also be four small toilets, two for ladies and two for gents. One big store, and small canteen. Outside the building there will be a security room and parking area for ten cars. Each department room will need office chairs, tables, and book shelves. In general, we need 20 chairs, 6 tables, 8 computer desks and ten book shelves, four of them will be in the store. We can order online all the furniture at“Modish Home 2014” in China or at “MEGAMAX World Furniture Outlet” from Japan. They have latest furniture designs and the quality is very good, but the best option is to go with is MEGAMAX because of the delivering express. You can get all the ordered furniture from Japan to Oman within ten days compare with Modish. Advertising and publishing company needs a lot of stationary materials such as correct types of papers for printing, ink, glues, pens and pencils, files, barcode sheets and many more. We can get them from “Farooq Internationalstationary” in Dubai. They sell their stationaries in a wholesale and cheaper compare to “Omani Stationary LLC” in Wadi al Kabir. The company will also need to have T-shirts for their employees which have its logo at the front. We can get best quality t-shirts at “T Shirt Oman” We can order them online. Also there is another company called “Print Fiction” in Qatar that produce the same quality. It is better to order here in Oman because of saving the cost of transportation and we can get them within a week because we will order approximately 20 T-shirts. The company will also need cleaning materials such as brooms, mops, soaps etc. We can buy them from Care fore in Muscat grand Mall. There are many technological Resources that are required for the advertising and publishing company such as Air conditioners that are required to be in each room. We can order seven AC at TMTEC or Lamina Company both are located in Oman.Although TMTEC provides the best services they can fix the AC for you and if there is any problem with them, they will come any time. Never the less, they give one year warranteeIn addition, we will need 3 land telephones. We can get Panasonic long life land phone for good price at W Souq in Dubai. We can order them online and they will take only one day to be delivered in Oman. The advertising and Publishing Company require to have Wi-Fi for thewhole building so as to perform their work effectively. As here in Oman there are two main Wi-Fi Network which have faster connection. The Fist is from Oman Tel. and the other is Oredoo. Although Oman Tel is better due to the less payment and they provide good internet packages. Computer publishing software is required such as page maker, QuarkXPress, Bookmaking software and many more. (Wikipedia, 2014) The easy way to get them by buying and download online at “dmoz” or at Adobe PageMaker. Both of them are good and can get a license of using them. We also need to have two binding machines from Office machine accessories shop, 10 desktops and 3 laptops either from Lenovo or Canon. They both have good Quality but Lenovo last longer than Canon. So it is better to go with Lenovo.2 big printers are also needed. Better printers from HP with good quality and can print directly from computers and USB drives and have scanner on the top. We can order them directly from HP websites because it will take two weeks to be delivered compare with or Roland website. In conclusion, before staring advertising and publishing company. It is important to note down all the physical and technological resources that will be needed in the company and compare the qualities and time of delivering. Management of Human, Physical and Technological Resources. Good management in advertising and publishing company can lead better performance of the business. Managing human resources means managing all the employees in an organization so as to bring the development of the company. HR department is responsible in recruiting and selecting qualified employees and sometimes it is better if they have good working experience. This is because most of the time qualified people can do their jobs effectively without wasting of time by using their knowledge they have. In Easy & Fast Advertising and Publishing Company they have editor who is in charge in editing of what to be published starting from manuscript, finding the title, using computer in checking grammar, spelling mistakes, coherence, choosing the cover design and inside pages. There is also IT and production person who is responsible in technological services in computer, internet, and printing of published books or magazines, binding, web designing and other technological works. Never the less, there are employees who are qualified in sales and marketing. They are dealing with adverting their published materials, attracts customers, compete with their competitors as well as building awareness to the public. They can market their products through brochures, business cards, as well as through website. Financers and accountant are also important people in the company. They should be very good in their job so as to know the budget of the company. How much is needed for publishing and advertising and how much the company produces every month and annually. It is also important for them to calculate how many published books or magazines that are profitable for the company. In addition, they are responsible in giving out the salaries for all the employees. Not only HR is responsible in selecting employees with good qualification, but also is responsible to select employees with good communication and team work. Because advertising and publishing company all the works depend in all departments. Therefore there is liaison with all departments. Employees are needed to be managed well. This can be done through monitoring them the way they do their jobs, by making sure that the work is done as required. Also by looking at the punctuality and time management, and solving any employee’s problem that might appear by coming up with a good solution. Furthermore, the management should provide employees with good working conditions including good environment, working hours, holidays, sick leaves and presence of all necessary equipment and facilities that will be used during working. Employees should also be paid good salaries according to the law of the country or after the agreement between the employee and employer, and should be paid on time. Moreover, the management should motivate their employees by rewarding or promoting them when they do well in their work. Managing physical resources is also a very important thing in a company. This can be done through planning on what items a company needs and for what purpose. Then deciding the quality of the physical resources and price on how much it will cost and if the budget of the company is enough to buy. Planning when to order plus the process of getting them for example if it is three weeks or a month.Looking at the time of receiving resources and if there will be warrantee for how long it is going to take. In addition, good managing in maintaining the building by painting and use the facilities well. Employees should know how to use the resources properly and they should be responsible to any equipment that are using. The management have to make sure that their no wasting of any resources such as papers, ink and so on. Technological resources are also managed through various ways. First by having skilled and experienced employees who know how to use and deal with all technological resources such as computers, printers, fax and so on. Second, maintaining and servicing them after certain period so as to clean and allow them to function affectively such resources are air conditioners, printers and Computers by refreshing them and remove all the viruses. Thirdly, using of the office phones and Wi-Fi for the purpose of the advertising and publishing company only not for personal using, because this will increase the bills and reduce the profit of the company. Last but not the least, is having a software licenses. It allows the software to install in all computers and laptops and this will show that the company is legally using the software. Also copyright should be use to prove that all the published books belongs to the company legally. In conclusion, in an advertising and publishing company managing human, physical and technological resource is very important for the development of the company. “Managing resources and controlling budget cost can improve the performance of business” I agree with above statement. In any business managing resources and the budget of there is very important. Starting with management of Human Resources they should consider the way of recruiting and selecting employees to work in advertising and publishing company. The number of employees should be enough to complete the task. Recruiting many staffs can cost the company because every employee have to be paid the salary. Not only that, but recruiting less number of staffs, the work will not be able to finish in a required time, and the employees will be overloaded. Good management in recruitment can result to better performance in a business. The management must watch and monitor staffs on how they perform their duties. If not, they should be given a warning. Still if they are doing the same thing, they must be fired and replaced by other employees who can take their responsibility well and bring the benefit of the company. HR department must also provide training for employees and award or promote them when they do well. According to management of Penguin published Company “people are empowered to do things,” said Paige McInerney, vice president of human resources at Penguin Group USA. “It’s the best place in the world to work. I’ve been here 20 years and there’s a reason for that.” (Jeremy Greenfield, 7 February, 2012).This explains how Human Resources department in Penguin is treating their employees well and this bring the development of the company. A company needs to know how they manage their physical and technological resources. This can be done by maintaining well and servicing the resources at the required time. Presence of efficient resources helps in time consuming and the job can be done well. If the management is ignoring in maintaining and wait for the resources to get old and not functioning anymore, it will cost the company more than servicing. This will reduce the production of publishing books. Copyright of the company published book is also very useful. The company must manage this this things so that they will have right to own their published books and no one can copy from them. It is also very important for the company to manage the budget well. First by planning how many employees they need to recruit and how much is their salaries. For the physical and technological resources they need to look at the company’s budget if it has got enough money to order and buy enough resources. Apart from that, they need to know how much profit they produce every day and if they have a loan, they need to plan how they will be able to pay it on time. Never the less, a company needs to pay their normal bills for example electricity, water, telephone, internet, government tax and so on so that they won’t affect the business.“Houghton Mifflin field for bankruptcy earlier this week. If successful, it will wipe out $3 billion in debt. But that means someone will lose a lot of money. Perhaps it is an unpaid vendor, such as a printer or shipper, that is absorbing big losses. Maybe the employees are taking it on the chin…”(Book Marketing Bog, May 24, 2012). This shows if there is no good management the company, it can easily go bankrupt. The management of the company must able to save their budgets in a proper way so as to be used as a memory in future. Account and finance department needs save all the receipt in files and in computer system. This will help them to know how many resources they have been ordered or how much they spent etcetera. Example if the employee claims that he/she was not paid the system will show everything. Budgeting is also important because its helps the company to know how much profit they get monthly and annually so that they can expand their business by increasing the building and providing more services, or by open new branches. In my opinion, if there is no good management of resources and budgeting in Advertising and publishing company can cause a big risk of the company, many problems of employees might occur and wasting of resources that will cost a lot of money from the company. In conclusion, good management is really important in any business success. REFRENCES Book Marketing Blog (05/24/2012). Major Publisher Goes Bankrupt. Retrieved 11/28/2014 from Greenfield Jeremy (02/ 07/2012).Penguin Publishing Company. Retrieved 11/28/2014 from HP printers (2014). Ordering latest printers from HP. Retrieved 30/11/2014 from Laminar Group. (2014) Ordering Air conditions. Retrieved 27/11/2014 from Lenovo Computers. (2014). Ordering Lenovo desktop and laptops. Retrieved 30/11/2014 from MEGAMAX World Furniture (2014). Ordering furniture from Japan. Retrieved 26/11/201 from . Modish Home Furniture (2014). Ordering Furniture in China. Retrieved 26/11/2014 fro Office Work Machines (2014.) Ordering Binding Machines. Retrieved 30/11/2014 from Oman Tel (2014). Wi-Fi Connection. Retrieved 28/11/2014 from Oredoo (2014) Wi-Fi Connection. Retrieved 28/11/2014 from Shirt Oman Company (2014). Printing T-shirt. Retrieved 11/26/2014 from TMTEC (2012) Ordering Air conditions. Retrieved 27/11/2014 from Wikipedia (2014). Desktop publishing software. Retrieved 30/11/2014 from W Souq (2014). Ordering Panasonic land phone in Dubai. Retrieved 28/11/2014 from

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